Before the recent wars, Cheney designed US energy policy to create oil shortages and to boost domestic Oil profits per gallon. That was always part of his plan in designing US policy. Then the Bandits went into the war business. This became a colossal windfall for energy companies, and the oil industry in particular. Think about the quantities of oil related products that it takes to fight a war-now double that! Then add the increased demand for oil worldwide: Thanks to our outsourcing policies, the same policies that sent the jobs overseas, also created a new demand for all the toys we used to worship here. The difference is that the demand now comes from other countries. This was a win-win situation for Big Oil, for Cheney, and for all his enterprises. It was a total loss for us!
The side benefits of war-for-profit, for reconstruction, and for new factories; when you have the no-bid contracts is unreal. But with rigged domestic oil prices at home, tied directly to the success of outsourcing, as well as to the length of the "unending "wars-then oil profits approach the unimaginable.
Many here still don't understood the way the third world works. Americans are about to find out, because that all begins with destabilizing prices especially the price of all the key things that are needed to live. Oil and water are huge, when it comes to the necessities of life, and that's where US energy policies are now focused. Not to insure that the public has them, or can afford them, because it's not about taking care of the public. It's now about fleecing the public and making it easy for transnational corporations to do whatever they want, because of Cheney's secret talks, that led directly to existing US policy.
This is usually a third world practice. Developed nations depend on stable costs of fuel and transportation, as that improves their ability to deliver goods and services. But Cheney and his Bandits want no part of that; they love what they're doing to the price of oil-each and every day. That's changing and you're paying for it! How do you like his policies?
An overlooked fact is that transnational corporations don't give a damn about nations or states. The lines on any globe are meaningless to them. Their only interest is in profits, and by bringing this nation's standard of living down to that of the third world, they are making us much easier targets for them to control. All these wars and racist divisions between people are just distractions for the fascists to use along with fear and manufactured terror, to reach their goal of one world in abject poverty, for all except themselves of course. So, what's next for you-do you want to live in the third world, or would you rather not?
Most people have little use for politics. Maybe it's because it's all just talk, "it's all corrupt and that'll never change!" Maybe it's because now the events and amounts of money in the news are just inconceivable to ordinary people. But there's now a place where everyone can finally see what politics is all about. That someplace is the local gas pump, and the price you'll have to pay for what you need to get around.
This began in California. Three years ago there was a problem with the electric grid. Because of it, the going price for electricity went through the roof. This was one of the first acts committed by the new robber barons and it was underwritten by the Tarnished House that has fought so hard to keep this secret all this time; are you surprised?
In California, de-regulators privatized the electrical grid. The new owners sub-contracted power to Enron and others, who created the shortages that caused price spikes that nearly killed the state. There were $18 billion in overcharges that the Bandits stole from the people of California: That theft was planned and kept in place by the lack of new generating plants, new transmission lines, and a whole set of backroom deals that keep California under Cheney's thumb for far too long. This new price shock in gasoline and oil is only the latest wrinkle in the same old scheme. How many times must they screw us, before we say enough!
Many will say "that's all just politics-what can I do about it?" There are several things you can do about this. Given that this affects the entire country, you can write, call, or fax the White House. Cheney is Number Two, but actually he's Number One you know. He makes the rules, he has the meetings, the legislation gets written and the plans get drawn up, like the most recent two wars. You're paying him his profits, his bonuses, his incentives to do more-are you thrilled yet?
If you doubt the facts, why not look up what happened in California under Enron and the others? See for yourself what Cheney did. Check out the whole sordid mess. Think about where this will be going for everyone who drives, or flies, or buys anything that involves transportation of any kind. Because these record prices at the pump are just the beginning!
Talk to your friends, the people you know and work with, show them what you find. See what really happened in California during the fake energy crisis. Then get in touch with Dick and tell him what you think about his brand new perks and his outrageous thievery. Tell him to take an immediate cut in profits, very soon. Next time someone asks you what you think-tell them! If it doesn't change, then you didn't reach enough people. The White House is one small spot upon the globe, and their mailroom is not that large ­ a postcard would do, letters would be better, but phone calls can plug up the switchboards and that always gets their attention. Just tell them - HEY!
"He's in bed with corporate crime,
Cheney should be doin time!
Drop the price and do it now,
Or face the wrath that's sure to follow!"
Try it, it's pure politics, but it's your money and you're pouring it right into Cheney's pockets every time you fill your tank! You decide what needs to happen-next! Who knows, this "political thing" might catch on yet. It's good, but only when everyone's involved!



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