Multicolored UFO
Photographed Over Hugo, OK

From Darnette & Larry Taylor
Image copyright© Darnette Taylor
I sit out on my deck at night sometimes and I had my digital camera (FUJI A201) taking pictures of the night sky. I herd a loud noise earlier and saw some orange flash but did not get a picture of object as the trees covered it. Then about 30 minutes later I was sitting out on the deck and looked towards Hugo and saw something around or above the town, I thought it could be some sort of plane or helicopter so I thought I will take a picture of moving lights and see what happened. This is what i got on the picture. I work an evening shift then when i get home after 11:30 I like to sit outside and unwind. So I made me a cup of hot tea and went out to the deck to relax I usually take the digital camera with me just in case i see something in the night sky. It was around 1 am in the morning when this shot was taken just in case you want to know the time frame. Hope this all helps you.
Darnette Taylor
Below is the original resolution image of what Darnette captured on her digital camera, followed by a super-enlargement. What strikes us is that whatever this is, it appears to be self-luminated, unless it's hauling a pretty elaborate lighting scheme the likes of which we've never seen -- certainly uncommon to jets, planes or helicopters. It also has a strong impact against the night sky, which is unusual unless an object is very bright.



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