More Chemtrails in
New York State
The series of photos below were taken as I made my tour of three counties above New York City, mapping the communications spectrum for various police, fire, emergency and Amateur radio operations, which include RACES and AREC. The data is needed in the event of a wide area state of emergency.
During my tour of duty, the following pictures were taken. The photos provide proof that something is being done to our skies. Something about which we know nothing. Whatever the purpose, this writer is accumulating proof that whatever the purpose of this spraying, radio communications is affected. In some cases adversely and in others, positively. The most positive effect appears to be on VERY LOW FREQUENCY radio bands. Go figure.
29 May, 2004 In the afternoon
It began as a gorgeous day in Westchester County, New York, about a one hour drive north of New York City.  In this picture, it is about 2 in the afternoon. I am about to begin my tour.
At about the same time, a small front begins to approach from the South. This view is in Northern Westchester County at the beginning of I 684 which cuts the County in half. I am now about 30 minutes South of my starting point in the above photo.
The plot thickens. One lone aircraft begins the spraying. This view is nearly at zenith, taken about ten minutes South of the picture above and at about 2:45 PM.
Note the slight change in the trails. They are now a little thinner than when they first appeared some years back. As you can see, the trail above the thicker  one is a bit thin and does not blossom out with thick, white clouds ...
It now takes longer to blossom out and at first, the cloud is rather tenuous.
Exactly two hours later, this is the view from zenith. A thick, white layer of cloud, being reinforced by yet another spraying. The entire sky is now looking like this picture, which was taken in the Southern portion of Westchester County. I am about two hours south of my starting point. Here, the spraying is thickest. Coincidentally, this is very close to New York City. Perhaps about 30 minutes north of NYC. To me, it looks much like the view from an airliner above the clouds rather than below them.
This photo is near my home, taken from headquarters in Putnam County. Apparently the spraying was concentrated to the West, Southwest of my own area which would place it above New York City and Northern New Jersey. Connecticut was apparently not covered, as my route took me into the Western part of lower Connecticut with no visible spraying from the Western portion of Connecticut.
Whatever this spraying is, it is unconscionable that no one, not one person or entity is saying anything about it. Even NASA, with their high altitude space photos refers to these as "aircraft contrails." They must think we are as spaced out as NASA to believe that contrails cover hundreds of miles in length.
Weather men, NOAA and the mainstream media, the FAA and other entities give no answer as to what these trails are. Except to say, "Jet contrails."
Right. What's an Ark, Lord?
If this keeps up, if the weather continues to change, if there really is no longer a Spring or Fall, just Winter and Summer, then Howdy Doody's main squeeze, Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring, will have to change her name to Princess Summer Winter. Or Winter Summer. This is a bummer.
Jim Mortellaro, Ph.D.



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