Is Mossad Threatening
Americans On American
Soil - Again?

By John Anast
There is a current theory, which is making some sense to investigators with regard to operations by Mossad and its operatives living in the United States, conducted against American citizens some of whom are critical of Israeli policies.
Mossad, its criminal elements, other Israeli operatives, and Zionists living in America are known to engage in criminal activities many of which target unsuspecting Jewish Americans. Agents of Mossad then make direct or indirect contact with the victim of the crime and offer assistance suggesting that using the Israeli intelligence apparatus will assist the victim beyond what local US or Federal law enforcement are capable of. In some instances there is a cost to the service, including travel expenses et cetera.
Once the level of trust or kinship is established with the victim of a crime, Mossad then identifies a person or persons critical of Israeli policy as the suspected perpetrator of that particular crime. It should come as no shock that Mossad and in fact members of the Israeli Government are involved in any number of criminal activities not the least of which being the designer drug trade. This form of trade craft goes much further however, as it seeks to defame and impugn Americans who view the systematic murder of Palestinians and the siege of Palestine by Israel as immoral and a crime against humanity.
The informational requirement for Mossad to operate in the United States is significant and essential not only to its espionage activities but in its criminal activities as well. For its purposes, Mossad relies upon Zionist Americans living in proximity to a particular target to play a role. In many instances these are rather insignificant people desiring to be part of something they might perceive as more important than their otherwise insignificant lives. Some of the people are older Zionist Americans who in the twilight of their years feel some nostalgia for the notion of assisting the Zionist enterprise having been fed holocaust propaganda for decades. Most if not all of these individuals choose Florida over Israel, however, to call their home, but are reminded by Israelis and Zionist Jews to remember distorted terms like - terrorism, which is really a euphemism, a code if you will, for a danger almost exclusively to Jews.
In the same way the tragedy of September 11th has been used dishonorably by the Zionist enterprise to elicit emotions amongst the average American and foster the false notion that somehow their holy war against Arabs is our war -- when clearly it is not. Albeit one would be hard pressed to find an Iraqi to dispute that notion. As Americans continue to die in Iraq and as your tax dollars are being siphoned off to fund the Iraq war and its collateral costs the reality is no benefit accrues to the United States, its economy or its people. US major media plays its role too, whereas, Zionist editors working at cable and network media do not allow criticism of Israel, Israeli policies, or Israeli crimes to be aired. In fact these same editors do not allow any meaningful debate regarding Israel. It might surprise many Americans to learn that the major ?exstasy? drug dealers in the world today and the largest suppliers of the so-called designer drug to America are Israelis. Some of the profits from that illegal drug trade, which are not sent to the Greek Islands to fund gaming, are funneled into Israeli operations including operations in the United States against American citizens.
Much of the information, which is required, compiled and used by the Israelis in their various nefarious plots, is obtained and supplied by various Zionist organizations and Zionists working for US law enforcement. Currently Zionist organizations not only maintain files on Americans, which are routinely exchanged with the Israeli Government, but are actively involved as accessories after the fact in criminal activity perpetrated against Americans. The files include pictures, purported statements, personal information as well as other information pertaining to travel patterns and local markets, churches and shopping malls frequented. Mossad has also been known to set up surveillance near the homes of people critical of Israeli policies and use electronic equipment to gain access to private conversations, as well as use tracking devices placed on vehicles.
In most cases the targets of the false accusations are unaware as to what is transpiring. Yet the harassment includes not only surveillance but also a tactic of advising the victim of the criminal act perpetrated by the Israelis themselves, to harass the suspect falsely identified by the Israeli agents as the perpetrator. In rare instances merely identifying someone, as anti-Israel is sufficient to elicit hate amongst a sub-culture of American Jews seemingly left out of the American dream.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is receiving some information with regard to these activities by the Israelis and their US accomplices. Local law enforcement agencies in conjunction with the Office of Homeland Security need to begin to ferret out the Israeli criminal enterprise rooted in suburbia and responsible not only for drug traffic but other crimes as well -- in order to identify, arrest and charge the Israelis and their accomplices. It would be a travesty for the US Government to merely deport these Israeli criminals as they deported many suspected Israeli terrorists after September 11th.
The first place US law enforcement must look is within its own organizations as it is more than likely that Israeli agents and their accomplices have infiltrated and maintained surveillance and monitor Federal and local police agencies in order to avoid detection.
First published April 27, 2004



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