Santiago Yturria Statement
On Mexican UFO Case

From Santiago Yturria
Dear Jeff,
Seeing the negative articles published recently in the Internet regarding the Mexican Air Force UFO case, we feel that we have a right and responsibility to reply.
Dear friends,
The case of the Mexican Air Force UFO incident has gone beyond all expectations in our Ufology experience.
We ufologists here in Mexico see with excitement how positive has been the reactions of so many friends researchers and collagues from around the world to this breaking story, and how virtually everyone has forgotten our diferences to join this case and to research it with mutual interest in our work of promoting the UFO phenomenon.
However, the attempts to descredit and minimize the potential of this case by the skeptics and debunkers are clearly going to increase now. We have to be alert to repel these naive theories and debunking statements from those people who still can't accept the fact that the Secretary of Defense in Mexico has come forward, opening this case to all the people, and giving Mexican UFO research the official recognition and support it deserves in this investigation.
The few attempts to debunk this story at this time have been, so far, very weak and mediocre (laughable -ed) by the skeptics and quickly disqualified by the UFO community.
Failed attempts like the improvised news conference by some scientists from the Mexican university UNAM which saw them contradicting themselves and declaring ridiculous things like "light sparks in the high atmosphere" - as Rafael Navarro dared to state in his effort to dismiss as competent the advanced tecnology of Flir Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:FLIR) of Portland, OR.
Navarro implied that the FLIR devices from this multimillion defense industry company of Portland, Oregon and its great product the FLIR STAR SAFIRE II are not reliable! Flir Systems, Inc. is one of the world's most honored companies in designing the best airborne imaging systems, perimeter security systems and reconnaissance and surveillance systems.
The mexican Air Force UFO incident is certainly a high level case of trascendental proportions in Ufology and one of the world's most important breaking news events in recent times. The efforts of debunkers and other skeptics to disqualify the case and discredit Secretary of Defense General Vega's trying to change the course of history. There's no way back and history has been written.
I had the privilege of knowing this investigation since it's beginning back in April, 2004, thanks to the confidence of Jaime Maussan. For us, and all top Mexican researchers, Secretary of Defense General Clemente Vega is our champion, a true hero of democracy, who opened the military UFO files to the Mexican people and established a direct communication and colaboration with the civilian UFO research community. That changed history, indeed.
We will continue supporting our Secretary of Defense as part as our compromise corresponding to his confidence as well as the armed forces in our country. Our communication is stronger than ever and the future is very promising. We will continue rejecting the ridiculous claims of those common debunkers that offer nothing serious and dedicate ourselves fully to a legitimate investigation of this undeniable and irrefutable phenomena.
Santiago Yturria MEXICO
From L. Rubim
Dear Jeff,
It is with great frustration that we presence another blatant cover up right before our eyes.
It is blatantly obvious that the people who accuse the true UFO investigators of denying facts are themselves doing so and always have done. This time in front of millions who have seen the footage with their own eyes.
Some of them deny that it was not only one Infrared imaging being used, as this article
so arrogantly does.
Why? So, it makes it easier for people to swallow the gas or the ballon story.
If one looks at the original footage, it is obvious that the last 5 or so objects were made visible ONLY AFTER the IR imaging equipment was put into action. Of course, they "forgot" the fact that there was a consistent radar return.
And then, there are the so-called 'scientific' analysts who basically doubt the words and the knowledge of pilots and traffic controllers, who say they have never come across any such phenomena. I would expect that a pilot after years of training and flight experience would have at least heard about such phenomena such as gas and ball lightning and be able to fit any occurring anomalies that are at least indicative of such phenomena, into a category....which doesn't happen in this case. The pilots say they have never come across such thing. All I can say is that maybe we should have these 'science analysts' flying the aircraft up there, so they stop alarming people or at least the dark ops that cover up these happenings. Now there's an idea.
As a last resort, the pseudo-skeptis and debunkers blame the "unreliable equipment". It is funny how everything is reliable and everybody is an expert until a UFO comes into play....
Kind Regards,
L. Rubim



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