Mexican UFO - Meteors,
Balls, Gas And Balloons

Dear Jeff,
As always thanks for your continued commitment to quality journalism - you are one of a very few. I saw the links to the Mexican UFO incident today (Sat May 15th) and a thought struck me - They can no longer say that this object is "identified" for the following reason: -
If one scientist is sure it is one thing, and another is sure it is another, and another - another, and so on, it just goes to show that it is not sufficiently like any possible "known" (read acceptable) phenomena.
So, we are left with OBJECTS that are FLYING across the sky, and by virtue of the lack of consensus in the scientific community, they are UNIDENTIFIED. Arranged according to the grammatical standards in English we are get - UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS -
Quad Erat Demonstrandum ! (As the scientists like to say)
By showing all points of view without bias, the truth really has shone through. Congratulations to you, your web master and all the people involved in this story. If there is any justice there should be a Nobel Prize waiting for you guys !
Best Wishes
Paul Ryder (UK)



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