Memorial Day Monstrosity
By William Thomas
For many who serve and have served America in uniform, the pious cant of GW Bush at today's Memorial Day ceremonies in Washington DC is a nauseating affront to the very veterans this presidential pretender and wartime deserter was supposedly "honoring".
In praising America's aging heroes for sacrifices made during what Bush called their country's "greatest mission," the leader of the world's sole superpower became, as usual, most animated when speaking of death and violence and war.
During an earlier radio address, Bush compared America's blood soaked "mission against the present and future generations of a shattered, radioactive Iraq to the defeat of Adolf Hitler. But during today's outdoor ceremonies, the man who last year stuffed a sock into a borrowed flight suit to replace the cojones he lacks, neglected to mention the current deceitful debacle over which he truly presides.
Instead, as global climate change gathers forces for an assault beyond imagining, today's festivities celebrated last century's second calamitous world war with patriotic songs and speeches and a military fly-over, while dancers jitterbugged to 1940s swing music.
The grand occasion in Washington unveiled yet another multi-million dollar monument to mass murder and senseless destruction brought to cities like Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while America remained unscathed. Instead of using the occasion to speak of past political mistakes and deceptions and the folly of endless war, Bush praised the slaughter of countless young men on the beaches of Normandy, whose supreme courage and horrific losses finally defeated a Nazi menace that threatened the world.
Those soldiers should be praised. And remembered with compassion and gratitude.
So too, should it be recalled on his special day that such terrible destruction would never have happened if GW's granddad hadn't financed a failed German house painter's political comeback to absolute power.
It was Prescott Bush, through his Harriman bank, who financed Adolf Hitler.
Other American industrialists - including the directors of Standard Oil who sold Hitler the essential fuel additives needed to power his Panzers and planes throughout the war, Alcoa, which supplied the Japanese with the special alloy needed for its "Zero" fighters, and IBM, whose newfangled punch-cards enabled the SS to "efficiently round up and murder millions of gypsies, gays and Jews also profited hugely by selling essential materials of slaughter to both axis and allies throughout WWII.
Bush Jr. mentioned none of this today. Or the fact that granddad Bush was later convicted of war profiteering in a US court, stripped of his bank and his reputation.
Instead, in today's lapdog press coverage of Washington's latest hypocrisy, Reuters respectfully remarked on the exploits of Bush's father, who was shot down during a bombing raid on a Japanese base in the Pacific during WWII.
Unfortunately omitted in this latest press paean to murder and mayhem was mention of how Bush Sr.'s supposed "heroism crashed and burned last year, after the pilot flying directly behind him in the attacking formation of medium bombers described to reporters how he watched Bush's Marauder hit by flack. The twin-engine plane, said this eyewitness, was in no immediate danger of going down. But instead of adhering to regulations and personal honor by holding the bomber steady while his crew bailed out, Bush Sr. immediately "hit the silk - saving his own skin while condemning his crew to fiery deaths in the crash of their pilotless plane.
During effusive praise of so many patriotic Americans who gave their lives dealing with a madman largely financed by Prescott Bush, his grandson also failed to mention another White House-created monster named Saddam Hussein. It was Washington and the CIA who anointed, supported and profited from this murderous thug for nearly 30 years. And it was Bush Sr. who sent Saddam the chemical and biological weapons later hurled into the faces of America's sons and daughters during Desert Storm - before betraying a nearly successful nationwide uprising that saw hundreds of thousands more Iraqis murdered in the Butcher of Baghdad's savage reprisals.
More than 200,000 severely sickened Gulf War veterans and more than 20,000 of their dead comrades killed by Bush Sr.'s treason went unsung today. One million Iraqi dead - mostly children under the age of 15 - also went unmentioned.
Also omitted from today's celebrations of world-staggering duplicity, carnage and industrial profiteering was GW's own war record. The bogus "Commander In Thief" (as one Senator referred to Bush Jr.), never referred to his own cowardly desertion from the stateside Air National Guard, immediately after the introduction of mandatory drug testing for military pilots during the Vietnam War.
How Americans can keep swallowing the Bush family's bloody lies and hypocrisy beggars belief. Prescott Bush's Nazi connections were detailed in US newspapers earlier this year. The report by his father's WWII squadron mate was also published here, as was Bush Jr.'s personal wartime cowardice and disgrace.
But in a nation mired in decadence and distraction, it seems that in their mindless piggish pursuits, Americans simply don't care that they are being so blatantly used by callous men (and at least one dangerously dishonest and incompetent woman) who are perverting cherished American values by extolling torture, lies, humiliation and betrayal while remaining fanatically focused on furthering their own personal, political and financial ends.
Wake up America! Too many have died for corporate coffers and presidential lies. On this Memorial Day, remember who profits and who loses from your country's endless wars.
After entering Reserve Officer flight training to defend his country during the Vietnam War, William Thomas resigned his US Navy commission over atrocities committed against families no different in their aspirations and love of their children than his own. Along with tens of thousands of former Americans, he currently gratefully resides in a country committed to peace and conflict resolution instead of endless war.



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