Many Of Us -
Are About To Die!

By Kirwan
Don't be surprised, they've told us many times. It's their job to warn us, and they have! Maybe we just don't want to hear it? Still, even though it came in fifty different pieces, they tried to warn us. People will die, the only questions are who and how many?
On April 19, 2004, ABC's Nightline was predicting Marshall Law by June.
In April of 2004 Rice Warns of Terror Before the Election:
May 25, 2004 Ashcroft conveyed that an Al Qaeda spokesman said that 90% of the arrangements for an attack on the US were complete.
In May of 2002, Cheney said:
Yesterday, Rumsfeld warned us that our war has only just begun.
Memorial Day weekend we the launched seven of our fourteen nuclear Carrier Strike Groups from the Atlantic fleet in Norfolk: Classified and non-specific, as to destination, but scheduled to last two months, this cruise was billed as an exercise.
This was followed, by adding another Carrier from San Diego. This is being called a drill but the number of ships and personnel is unprecedented.
The Bush re-election campaign, being run by Karen Hughes has not only pulled out of 18 states, but they have now begun to close down offices in some of the larger states -- like Florida, California and New York, It's difficult to win an election without those states.
Homeland security is doing a great job they even covered all their bases at a special dinner for the media to decide the best way to handle the upcoming terrorist attacks.
Above all else the money supply has just been raised by crisis proportions, up another $46.8 billion, to maintain a stable currency. "The Fed's actions mean they know what is about to happen. They are aware of a terrible, horrific imminent event." What could it be?



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