Kudos To The Whistleblowers
By Ted Twietmeyer
We The not speak with an english accent.
We The People....don't bow down to a queen or king.
We The People....believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH
We The People....are a nation created UNDER GOD and stated as such in our founding documents.
We The People....have the Bill of Rights which we cherish and hold in highest regard.
We The People....believe in GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY.
Indeed, We The People are all citizens that are commanded to watch the government by our Founding Fathers. Government is now out of control, not getting out of control. To state "its getting out of control" is ludicrous. In this essay, I'll attempt to embody what the power of a whistleblower means, and its great importance as America nears the 11th hour.
A few whistleblower examples- the eyewitness testimony of hundreds of empty trucks crossing Iraq. Sexual perverts in Iraq that give all of America a bad name. Halliburton food problems brought to public light by a dietician. Depleted uranium, again brought to light by those service people poisoned by the very government they defended and trusted. Don't lie to yourself- would we have ever heard about any of this from government auditors ?
Are the independent contractors for Halliburton and its subsidiaries allowed to carry a pocket Geiger counter ? Just imagine if a boxful of those instruments were to be distributed in Iraq- the prison scandal would suddenly be minor as hundreds of thousands of people were suddenly faced with radioactive poisoning. I'm amazed no one has yet talked about doing this. The word about the poisoning is worldwide- now what will be done about it ? This brings to mind a biblical verse- that describes a great war and states that the bodies will be marked, and not touched. How many soldiers died over in Iraq with DU levels so high, they are buried in an unmarked grave beside radioactive tanks, trucks and cars ? No one thinks about the BIG problems of sending a dead radioactive soldier home. This would require a lead casket. Not likely the government will buy those, considering the cost of lead per pound is almost like that of silver. Then the families at home are notified with the line "missing in action." We will never know how many. Subsidiaries of KBR - Halliburton (with whom the administration is connected) do the "war cleanup" over there. A backhoe makes quick work of a deep unmarked grave.
I suggest that any family member who has a dead soldier returned to them- to use a Geiger counter. DU emits gamma waves that will pass straight through an ordinary casket. I'd also use a Geiger counter on living returned soldiers, as well as giving them a DU urine test. Forget about government issued urine test results - they will lie to you.
Those megalomaniacs in power believe the unwashed masses don't need to know about massive waste. First principle of government: Lie. And when that lie gets uncovered- tell another lie and have a lackey say you "mis-spoke." Few people remember the words of Tricky-Dick Cheney in 2001- when in a press conference he stated "from time to time, it will be necessary to lie to the American people." He then went on to justify this madness in his following comments. Should this not be a concern to all of us ?
If god plans to give the world an enema, the nozzle should be inserted where the chronic constipation of truth originates from - in WA, DC.
Give Kudos to the whistleblowers ! It is they who bring out the filth and lies of secret combinations of night, into the disinfecting sunlight of day. To me these are true, great Americans who are not afraid like others. Such as those that cower in corners like wimps when the name "uncle sam" is uttered (no-caps intentional.) The globalists really cannot stop them from talking. There are just too many people involved. And the power of camcorders and digital cameras far exceeds that of any 100 megaton nuclear weapon.
There have been numerous times in America's history, where the safeguards the Founding Fathers put in place have been circumvented by those in power. Those that are working to tear down America are using this method. Executive Orders (or Acts) are a perfect example of abuse of power. This privilege (and I do mean privilege) was bestowed upon the president by an act of Congress, for the purpose of issuing minor directives that wouldn't require the time of Congress, such as declaring national holidays, issuing pardons and other smaller matters of state.
Yet over the past several decades, we have seen more and more pseudo-laws passed by abusing this privilege. The construction of hundreds of concentration camps on American soil still taking place today, with confiscation of all food, property, energy, fuel, etc... when a "national state of emergency" has been declared- all have been done by abusing the power of executive orders. In fact, a state of emergency was signed into law the first Saturday morning following 9-11 by Mr. Bush. And Bush can continue to extend that emergency in secret after its normal 6 month expiration, ad infinitum.
There have been many abuses of executive orders power. One such executive order almost completely silenced FOIA to prevent the public from knowing what's going on. In the past, you could log on to a government website and see ALL the past executive orders. Not any more. Back in the late 90's that openness was shut up. Any orders more than a few months old have been moved to the National Archives.
Does this mean these orders are no longer valid ? NO. Instead, those in power want to make it as hard as possible for anyone to access them. If you read some of them as I have, you actually get visions of a fascist/USSR state coming into power, because many of them really are that bad. And these are the UNclassified orders- so you can imagine what the secret orders must have. And then there is the executive order that was declared in the summer of 2001- that exempts members of the executive branch from conflict of interest regulations. When I heard that, I got sick because something very, very bad was in the works. Just a few months later, the world found out what that would be.
So when DO people get sick of these megalomaniacs ?
By now you're asking what all this has to do with whistleblowers. The point here is a simple one- IT IS our duty as citizens to watch government. Most of what you were reading up above, would never have reached the light of day without whistleblowers. There should never be a reason to fear government. In truth, everyone should be a whistleblower. Including you. Not just others out there with extra courage.
Fear of the government is a warning sign, just as a lump in a breast is. Government whistleblowers are the watchmen on the wall.
No law has any power unless it can be enforced. Without enforcement, laws are just meaningless words on paper. Whistleblowers have the power to bring illegitamate laws and actions out into the light of day. And without people watching the government, all the blood shed and lives lost over more than 200 years in the name of freedom is wasted.
And because of their actions and ability to stop illegal government and contractor operations, those in power will always fear whistle blowers. If you are someone working for the government and are privy to something you flat-out know is wrong, please remember the words you have read here. It IS YOUR DUTY to speak up. You know deep in your heart that the day will indeed come, when an accounting must be made.
So which side of "right and wrong" do you wish to be found on ? Do you think it's someone else's duty to speak up ? Ask yourself much does your family, your children and your grandchildren mean to you ?
Perhaps what you know seems minor and irrelevant. But you may not be able to see how it fits into the picture of future events- today, tomorrow or next year. No one can. Bring the lies and illegal actions out into the light of day NOW- while you still can and "let the cards fall where they may." Its your family, your future and your country.
To quote one of the finest Americans that ever lived- "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU- ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY."
Dying in an engineered, fake war on terror and bringing DU, biological and chemical poisoning home, is not helping America. Bringing truth out, no matter how trivial it may seem, IS.



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