The Killing Fields ­ At Home
When Pol Pot stole Cambodia and emptied all the cities, he made captives of everyone not within his inner circle. The population was scattered to the countryside to sweat and die from overwork and from the utter lack of sustenance. Mountains of human skulls now mark that crime for all to see. But here at home we've embarked upon a US version of this heinous crime, without the formal declarations of intent, but with the exact same outcome as the goal.
This government, your government is stealing the United States of America blind. Every bureaucratic measure has been used, and the policies as well, to pervert the funds from everything we thought we'd put aside against disaster.
This began with the dismantling of the Anti-Trust laws that has led to a feeding frenzy the like of which we've never seen before. Companies buying companies, mergers and acquisitions have become a way of life within a nation that used to be known for invention and creativity. Now all we do is buy up everything that shows the slightest profit ­ fire those who made it happen, suck out all the assets and leave the carcass to die an ugly death, that no one ever comes to mark.
What have we lost? Only the control of our natural resources, our infrastructure maintenance capabilities, our public utilities, social security, the rail yards, and the shipyards, and the trucking system that transports all that moves on both. We've also lost much of our retirement assets, our insurance and the trust funds that go with those services we've paid into for all those years. Those are some of the outright theft categories.
Then there are the policy thefts, in medicine, in education, in housing, in fraud protection, in social security, in police and fire and public health, as well as public safety. And all of this after Bush created HOMELAND security, not to protect us, but to protect them from us, once we really begin to learn the truth.
There are the scandalous communications mergers, the welding together of nationwide systems that crush local resistance, and kill any real news of whatever is taking place. One result is to make all politics regional, by removing all opinion that is local. Here the goal is to terminate with extreme prejudice the public's ability to resist any changes they decide to make, to anything. The public that is without a voice is no longer a free people but a controlled and endangered herd of outright slaves.
Look around your office, read the memos carefully. Every aspect of your life is being targeted for behavior modification. In this political system there are no victims, there are only targets: What you eat, drink or chose to do outside the office (demonstrate against the government on company time and your job is gone) ­ even what you think, can be used to alter your career. How free are you really: Not very, if you're honest.
Who are the culprits? The government at all levels, Carlyle Group, Halliburton & all their subsidiaries, Bechtel, the owners of the media at all levels, radio, television, magazines, newspapers, the whole boatload of bullshit that makes any claim to journalistic integrity; those are at very near the top.
So the American Killing Fields will not be as dramatic as were those of Pol Pot in Cambodia, but they are the Killing Fields now, for anyone who writes, or reads or thinks! However, these people are not gods, and their policies need not succeed, it all really does depend on each of us. If we believe that we can do nothing then that will be a self-fulfilling fact. If on the other hand we begin to question, to laugh occasionally at the outrageously ridiculous paranoia of these people who would enslave us all, then the tide will begin to turn against every one of them!
Iraq is known around the world as The Cradle of Civilization. But America had its own version of that cradle too. That was the vast expanse of this once rich continent, before we embraced "Manifest Destiny," and all the illusions that came with that idea. What we did in pursuit of that 'national dream of destiny' can be looked on as the American version of those Killing Fields, as well. Maybe we have earned the coming demise for what we've done to so many millions over the lifetime of this nation. Or, maybe there might be another way. We cannot change the past, but we could begin again today, to try and live the way we said was "ours" ­ that's a long way short of paying for our crimes, but it beats the hell out of blindly continuing to grovel at the troughs provided for us by thugs and thieves.
One hundred and fourteen years ago, a defiant Lakota chief was murdered, out of fear of his words. His name was Sitting Bull. And in 1925 John Neihardt, in "The Twilight of the Sioux" put the thoughts of Sitting Bull on paper. In this except, Neihardt seems to capture what's happening to us today.
"Have I not seen the only mother, Earth,
Full-breasted with the mercy of her Springs,
Rejoicing in her multitude of wings
And clinging roots and legs that leapt and ran?
And whether winged or rooted, beast or man,
We, all of us were little ones at nurse.
And I have seen her stricken with a curse
Of fools, who build their lodges up so high
They lose their mother, and the father sky
Is hidden in the darkness that they build;
And with their trader's babble they have killed
The ancient voices that could make them wise.
Their mightiest in trickery and lies
Are chiefs among them. It shall come to pass
When these at last have stolen all the grass
And all the wood, the water and the meat,
And there's no more to burn and drink and eat
Than all could use in many moons of feast,
The starving people shall become a beast,
Denied the very grasses of the chief.
But dreaming each to be the bigger thief
They toil and swarm, not knowing how their sweat
Shall turn to blood upon them.
Who forget their mother are forgotten at the last.
Already I have seen it in the past
Of spirit vision."
The Americans of that day and time used the natives for target practice, and we slaughtered their herds in the billions of Buffalo, just to deny them food. This was an American Killing Field and we killed millions and millions of native people then. The American bald eagle was there as well; on the brass of the uniforms of American soldiers but what we did then was not something that we have ever come face to face with - even now.
So is it now our turn to fulfill the prophecy foretold, or will it be something more this time? If we don't change course soon, Sitting Bull's words may become far more than spirit visions. It is clear we've earned the wrath of many nations for our actions. What remains is how we will address these things for future generations.



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