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By Texe Marrs
Preface Note -
In 2003, The Boston Globe ran a lengthy article detailing the newspaper's "discovery" that Senator John Kerry was not of Irish heritage, but, instead, was Jewish. In fact, insiders believe that Kerry's camp actually "planted" the story, it having been decided by the Illuminati that "it was time" for Kerry and a select, few other "Jews-in-hiding" to come out of the closet. -Texe Marrs
In 1965, John Kerry, Jewish son of a wealthy Wall Street family, the Kohns of New York and Boston, was "tapped" (i.e. chosen) for big things. Kerry was one of only 15 elite young men, all seniors at Yale University, initiated into the satanic secret society, Order of Skull & Bones.
Graduating from Yale in 1966, young Kerry was promptly recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency to be one of their chosen. His appointment to the spy agency was kept a guarded secret. In fact, the CIA has long been known as a harbor, or preserve, of the Bonesmen.
Kerry's Life Carefully Scheduled and Managed
Kerry's career and life path were selected for him by his Illuminati superiors. He has had his wives (yes-wives, plural) picked by them in arranged marriages. He was required by his superiors to enter the U.S. military and serve on a gunboat during the Vietnam conflict. Retired Naval officers seriously question whether Kerry really deserved the Silver Star and other decorations he was given for his brief stint in combat service. They believe he was given "Favorite Son" treatment.
The Illuminati's personnel directors carefully groomed young John Kerry from the start. First, they changed his family name to Kerry, from Kohn. Kohn, of course, shows Kerry's true heritage as a Jew. His superiors gave him a fictitious Irish name, great for political effect because Massachusetts has a strongly Irish population.
His full name, John Forbes Kerry, was chosen for him so his initials would be "JFK," to subconsiously implant in people's minds the Kennedy mystique.
Kerry also was instructed to join the Catholic Church, again a strong suit in the heavily Catholic state of Massachusetts.
Building on that, the young Illuminist trainee was sent off to prep schools in Europe, brought back to Yale to graduate from college, and given a valuable "gift," of "heroic military service." In fact, Kerry was a devout, pro-Communist anti-war protester while at Yale (before military service) and became active in the pro-Communist anti-Vietnam War movement immediately following his military discharge.
Kerry is a Communist
Covert CIA operative John Kerry joined with thousands of other pro-Mao Communists in an anti-U.S.A. demonstration in Washington, D.C. in April, 1971. Today, political insiders rank left-winger Senator Kerry as the "most liberal member" of the entire U.S. Senate. He has consistently voted for the gay agenda, for same sex marriages, for environmental surcharge taxes on gasoline, and for unbridled abortion. Kerry is also a promoter of a New World Order and for surrendering U.S. sovereignty to the U.N. and other international organizations.
The Heinz corporation, the majority of which is owned by Kerry's Jewish wife, Teresa, has located 55 of its 67 plants overseas, resulting in tens of thousands of Americans losing their jobs. Kerry not only supports job outsourcing but warmly embraces illegal immigration and welfare, medical and other benefits for illegals.
For almost two decades, John Kerry (John Kohn) has been a U.S. Senator, a post he was "awarded" by Democratic party politicians and did not merit. As a Senator, Kerry has never distinguished himself. Not even one significant piece of legislation has his name on it. What has Senator Kerry accomplished in the U.S. Senate these 19+ years?
A "Fireman" For The Illuminati
Kerry's major role as a Senator has been to slavishly serve the Illuminati by promoting its New World Order objectives. Often seen on TV as a talking head for liberal causes, inside the Senate, Kerry is known as the "Fireman." He quells and puts out the fires, suppressing controversies and scandals that arise from time to time which involve the CIA, the Illuminati, and its minions. When an Illuminati or CIA project is in jeopardy, or its personnel are in the dock, it's Fireman Kerry to the rescue!
Covering Up The BCCI Banking Scandal
The tall, liberal Democrat, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, is considered a "publicity hound" by his Senate colleagues. However, having a penchant for getting one's face frequently on television does not a hero make. Although a junior Senator at the time, Kerry was "surprisingly" given the delicate job by his Senate colleagues in 1989 of looking into a slew of allegations that an international bank owned by the Illuminati named "BCCI" was heavily involved in racketeering, money laundering, bribery, terrorism, and a variety of other crimes.
When his Skull & Bones elders and their pals in the Senate, including Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, told him to quietly put the lid on these unsavory allegations and to meekly absolve the bank of wrongdoing, Kerry, always quick to please, complied without a murmur.
Two years later, the lid blew off the BCCI case when the bank went under, filed bankruptcy, and left the taxpayers and unwitting investors holding the bag for some $500 million in losses.
The big boys of the Brotherhood, of course, had already cleared out their accounts, having received a few years advance notice from their front man and good buddy, Senator John Kerry. Then, in 1991, in a weird and surrealistic public relations ploy, the bonesman from New England suddenly announced that his Senate committee would reopen its hearings on the failed bank. Sorry, John, but the horses were already out of the barn. Indeed, shortly afterward, Kerry quietly closed shop on his committee's renewed "investigation."
The Tragic Case of the Missing POW/MIAs
The BCCI scandal is not the only shady deal in which John Kerry's tap dancing and coverup talents have come in handy for the Skull & Bones and other Illuminati hierarchy. When U.S. Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) and a few others in Congress came out with revelations that some POW/MIAs may still be alive somewhere in Vietnam, the Bush, Sr. administration, embarrassed over accusations that its officials had sat on their hands and done little to resolve the POW/MIA issue, quickly called on fellow bonesman John Kerry. To the rescue he came, "boldly" announcing in front of the news cameras that his committee would launch a "full-scale investigation."
Kerry's assigned role, obviously, was to take the heat off the President and the Pentagon and to help the Illuminist Brotherhood in the process. Seems that the Brotherhood had a fond desire and longing to open up the oil and mineral-rich lands of Communist Vietnam and its neighbors, Cambodia and Laos, to commercial exploitation.
Senator Kerry and his committee quickly went into operation, actively debunking confirmed POW sightings in Vietnam and downplaying the POW/MIA issue. Then came the clincher: In late 1991 Senator Kerry personally flew to Vietnam on a "fact-finding" tour.
The upshot: the photogenic Kerry assured us (on television naturally!) that there were no more POWs being held and that there were no reliable accounts as to what had happened to the missing POW/MIAs. This, even though a Soviet KGB General had openly admitted that during the Vietnam war years, the KGB had callously shipped many of the American servicemen in bondage in Vietnam off to Soviet KGB prisons to be interrogated about their high-tech intelligence and military know-how.
At his news conference, once he had shunted aside the issue of missing POW/MIAs, John Kerry went right to the heart of this real purpose in volunteering his committee's time and energy to "resolve" the Vietnam POW/MIA issue. The bonesman Senator recommended that trade links, then prohibited, be immediately opened between the U.S. and Vietnam and that the U.S. diplomatically recognize the communist Saigon government as legitimate. That recognition, and acceptance by the U.S. of Vietnam as a trading partner, had been held up pending resolution of the case of the missing POW/MIAs.
Covering Up the Iran Contra Scandal
It was also Senator John Kerry, the Illuminati's Fireman, whose committee conducted hearings on the Iran Contra scandal. Kerry and company handled the matter with kid gloves and it was left to a special prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh, to try to get to the bottom of things and smoke out Oliver North, Caspar Weinberger, John Poindexter, Ronald Reagan, Richard Secord, and a host of other "buddies" involved in perpetrating and/or covering up the bribe paid to the treacherous and bloody Iranian ayatollahs as well as the treacherous Israeli government shenanigans.
John Kerry, unquestionably, has faithfully served the elite in tragically shafting our POWs/MIAs. He has covered up the Illuminati's financial crimes and helped the Israelis to hide their role in the Iran Contra affair. In doing so, he has repeatedly had to sell his soul to these Mafia bosses.
If elected President, John Kerry, shown here with fellow Massachusetts liberal, Ted Kennedy, will continue the Illuminati agenda.
A Moral Reprobate
The morally reprobate nature of Kerry was recently well-documented. Shortly after winning the Primary elections and being named the Democratic Party's de facto nominee for the White House, Kerry flew to Idaho for a weekend of snow skiing at a fancy resort. While skiing he was overheard berating a secret service agent assigned to protect him, calling him a "son of a bitch" simply because the agent accidentally got too close to him on the slopes.
At one of Kerry's campaign rallies, in Tampa, Florida, on March 16, 2004, Senator Kerry confronted a polite demonstrator, a Christian woman holding up a sign opposing abortion. The young woman, Rebecca Porter, had an abortion before she accepted Jesus as Saviour. Her sign read, "My Abortion Hurt Me."
So angry did this statement make Kerry, that the Senator immediately went over to several burly men, campaign aides (thugs?). They furiously went up to Rebecca and yanked the sign out of her hands. Then, they tore it to pieces as she and others looked on.
So much for free speech amongst the elite. Illuminati minions like Kerry do not give a flip whether abortion hurts a young woman like Rebecca Porter. They don't care a bit if millions of American families are hurt and must go hungry because parents can't find a job-because good U.S. jobs are being transferred to Red China, India, Pakistan, and Mexico.
Their God is Money
All these men care about is money and power. And, of course, serving their master, their god... the prince of darkness and king of the Illuminati elite.
"Any truth is better than make-believe ...
rather than love, than money, than fame,
give me truth."
--Henry David Thoreau (the American master of Civil Disobedience and
national conscience, who died at the young age of 42 in very good health in1862,
preventing him from adding his voice against the fact and conduct of the Civil War)
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell
Truth is called Hate by those who Hate the Truth.



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