CA Spanish Radio
Stations Promoting
Illegal Invasion

From Radwick
Listening to KPFK-FM, 90.7 today (have to know what the lefties are up to) I heard about a lawsuit filed with the FCC by Essential Information Project Coordinator Jim Donohue against Clear Channel radio stations because of the shabby character of Clear Channel hosts - false information, false award gimmicks, misinformation, etc.
We could sue against Telemundo, Univision, even RadioVisa (the Spanish language station that took over KPLS-AM when George Putnam was kicked out. Telemundo, Univision, and RadioVisa announce all kinds of assistance to illegal aliens, immigration attorneys giving advice, and now all are announcing the rally in Ontario to get huge numbers of people to protest against the immigration sweeps. They announced all Gil Cedillo's rallies to aid and abet illegals by demanding driver's licenses. Helping and encouraging illegal aliens to continue their unlawful presence - encouraging lawbreaking. Let's see this suggestion announced by all you guys who have websites.
From CD
John and Ken contend that the FCC, instead of going after talk show hosts for saying some bad words, should go after the Spanish stations that are telling illegal aliens how to lie, what to say to avoid being picked up in the internal sweeps being currently done in San Bernardino and Riverside. Good idea!
Bad words can be avoided by turning the dial, but they are telling people how to lie so they can continue to break the law and avoid deportation, which they deserve. And can't be soon enough to my way of thinking.
A caller to the show had called in to tell them that one Spanish station was doing this, telling the illegals to just say that they are "naturalized" and other stuff, so the BP will let them go.
1. Send to John and Ken, station names and what they said, if they are doing any such anti-American act.
2. Pass this on to your mailing lists and all others.
Let's get this campaign going with the FCC. If they do not respond, then we need to let the world know.
They are OUR airwaves and should not be used to bring down the very country that grants them the right to broadcast over OUR airwaves.
From Carol DeLis
Re: Getting the FCC to go after Spanish stations that tell illegals how to evade the Border Patrol, (i.e., what to say to the BP on the internal sweeps in Riverside/SB) and that advise them in other ways that are anti-American.
Please post on your website the relevant emails, addresses, phones, of the FCC, and/or wherever else we should send complaints.
And start a list of call letters of stations that are offending. I will help with my contacts, get you more stations, what they are saying, and then distribute info on your campaign. It's time!
How about KPLS? Remember what they were doing about SB 1160? The lies?
And how they trashed that woman, Lupe Moreno, giving out her home phone? Because she translated their lies into English for the rest of us.
Clearly the Mexican stations don't want "gringos" to find out what they are really doing to undermine and destroy us, to take the land back in their Reconquista invasion.
I hear all the time from people who say that the Spanish stations, both television and radio, are helping illegals to milk the system and avoid the Border Patrol.
In fact, there is a station (probably there are several) in Texas that broadcasts where the Border Patrol is going that night, broadcasting into Mexico so that the illegals can come in by another way! To me that's TREASON!! They should have their license yanked!
cc: To many others concerned about this issue, and who are in a position to help, by providing Spanish station names and specifics of what they are saying, and by distributing this email.



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