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By Judith Moriarty
While the real business of the world takes place per the Bilderberg Meeting and the G-8 in Georgia we are to be dutifully distracted with the untimely death of President Regan on the eve of D-Day.
Thankfully these world leaders will all be on hand for the funeral services. Interesting the protection and security afforded world leaders any time they meet. A security force of some 20,000 will be in place from Sea Island to Savannah. No packages or mail will be delivered.
How appropriate that these leaders--constructing the global plantation--will be meeting at Sea Island, ranked as one of the nation's most expensive zip codes. Homes here range from $1.5 million to $20 million. The main meeting room resembles a rustic lodge with its stucco walls and exposed pin-beam ceiling, lit by chandeliers of wrought iron. Glass doors with mahogany frames offer a beachfront view. Guest rooms come with electric towel warming racks and mini-bars with bottles of Courvoisier. The men's locker room contains its own lunch buffet and fully stocked bar. Here is where the world's wealthiest nations are setting economic policy at the expense of the poor. President Bush Sr. honeymooned here and has visited on numerous occasions. No Super-8 for these folks.
No one on duty when the towers imploded. No planes took to the air as planes went crashing across the nation on Sept 11-01. But Sea Island will have U.S. Coast Guard patrol boats with armed crews and mounted machine guns. A state of emergency has been declared in six Georgia coastal counties. Phew--at least we aren't left totally unprotected. Advice to the herd is to stock up on plastic sheeting and duct tape.
While all this sumptuous dining, golfing and dividing up the spoils of the world goes on, we get the Deification ceremonies of Regan. Regan a public relations made hero for the masses. A two-bit actor who played his scripted part to the max. One of Regan's first acts as President was to empty out our institutions. Regan fired the air traffic controllers when they asked that air traffic control systems be modernized. Well 9-11 saw to that debacle. Seems they still aren't up to date?
Regan who remarked in 1984 that homeless people are homeless by choice. Regan who stated that the plague of AIDS was brought down by the Lord because illicit sex is against the ten commandments. Hope he had a chat with Clinton! Environmentalist that he was, he opined in Aug 1980, while on the campaign trail that "trees cause more pollution than automobiles" When he arrived at a rally someone had decorated a tree with a sign "Chop me down before I kill again."
"What planet is he living on?" President Miterand of France asked Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. "During Mr.Reagan's trip to Europe...members of the traveling press corps watched him doze off so many times--during speeches by French President Miterrand and Italian President Alessandro Petini, as well as during a on-on-one audience with the Pope...that they privately christened the trip "The Big Sleep" Mark Hertsgaard.
"An amiable dunce". Clark Clifford (former Defense Secretary). "Poor dear there's nothing between his ears." British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher "His errors glide past unchallenged. At one point...he alleged that almost half the population gets a free meal from the government each day. No one told him he was crazy. The general message of the American press is that, yes, while it is perfectly true that the emperor has no clothes, nudity is actually very acceptable." Simon Hoggart, The London Observer.
"A tree's a tree. How many more do you need to look at". Governor Regan when opposing expansion of Redwood National Park. "All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk" Ronald Regan. (In reality, the average nuclear reactor generates 30 tons of radioactive waste per year).
"I've said it before and I'll say it again. The U.S. Geological Survey has told me that the proven potential for oil in Alaska alone is greater than the proven reserves in Saudi Arabia" Ronald Regan ( According to the USGS, the Saudi reserves of 165.5 billion barrels are 17 times the proven reserves 9.2 billion barrels in Alaska).
"Why should we subsidize intellectual curiosity?" Ronald Regan campaign speech. "It's silly talking about how many years we will have to spend in the jungles of Vietnam when we could pave the whole country and put parking stripes on it and still be home by Christmas." Ronald Regan-1965. "I know all the bad things that happened in that war. I was in uniform four years myself". President Regan in an interview with foreign journalists. ( In costume is more like it. Regan spent WWII making Army training films at the Hal Roach Studios in Hollywood)
"If there has to be a bloodbath then let's get it over with". Governor Regan--in how he intended to deal with student protestors at the University of Berkeley. "A faceless mass waiting for handouts." Ronald Regan describing Medicaid recipients. "We were told four years ago that 17 million people went to bed hungry every night. Well, that was probably true. They were all on a diet". Ronald Regan.
"Politics is just like show business. You have a hell of an opening, coast for a while, and them have a hell of a close". Ronald Regan
I suspect with the sainting of Regan--our very own cowboy (well pretend cowboy) hero this week, we will see very little of those being beaten and clubbed in Georgia demonstrations. Such as it was when people by the thousands demonstrated for their jobs and their children's future in Miami in November '03. There was no coverage of the thousands of armed men with clubs, shields, stun guns, rubber bullets, flak jackets etc. Flak jackets for Miami "soldiers" but parents/wives of reservists buying them for their loved ones!! The enemy? Students and the elderly protesting FTAA. Instead, we got the round the clock antics of the specter from Never Never Land for our infotainment. And so it goes--because the people love it so. The real heroes/heroines in society will never make the news. They won't get a week long funeral nor a public relations blitz. They're the farmer-social worker-teacher-soldier-truck driver-nurse-doctor-laborer etc. They live on back rural roads-in ghettoes-and rusted mill towns. They won't buy this latest stage show--but sadly many will. A state of physic numbing has many shutting down and out. Their lives whittled down to safe secure spheres or cocoons. They will stay within the narrow corridors of cultural conformity hoping it will all pass over. The mourning of a pseudo-cowboy whose best part was that of President is an acceptable public gathering. There will be no Swat Teams beating back mourners. They'll all be in Georgia.
From Ainsley Broussard
Dear Ms Moriarty,
Perhaps you receive far too many emails to properly remember me from a month or so ago. I try not to bother any journalists, be they internet scribes or otherwise. However, your articles from time to time really hit home with me. The last correspondence you received from me was over an article you did on the Iraq prison abuse scandal and the coming draft.
In any case: the above titled article in the subject line has likewise struck a cord with me. I was born and raised in Savannah (Chatham County), Georgia. I live in Liberty County, Georgia; about 25 miles or so from Savannah. I commute everyday to work to Savannah. There is a small town between my county of residency and Savannah, called Richmond Hill. It is in Bryan County. I have given the brief geographics because where I work, where I live, where I have family and friends...all these counties have fallen under Governor Purdue's State of Emergency declaration. I am 55 years old and like I said, I was born and raised in Savannah. I have never seen anything like what is happening down here.
Because my job requires me to frequent the downtown area of Savannah, I found myself by job requirements to be downtown this afternoon. I cannot believe...literally cannot believe this is the same quaint, bustling Southern town of my birth. Because of the barricades, police, Federal and military precense from midtown to the river, there is very little civilian/pedestrian activity. No automobiles other than the vehicles of the lawful constituted authorities. (I could debate how lawful and how constituted..but that is another email). From midtown Savannah and expanding in both east and west directions, you encounter not just regularly armed local, county and State law enforcement.
The typical Feds and the military are carrying automatic weapons and are on street corners, sidwalks, parking lots of commercial buisnesses, in front of private homes in the Historic District. Concrete barricades; check points, yellow tape abound. To drive or walk anywhere downtown reminds me of rats trying to circumnavigate the proverbial "maze".
I am a single Mom and and have been for eight years. I was on my own from my late teen years. I am not wilting Southern damsel, I assure you, Ms Moriarty. Like Scarlet in the carriage, driving through Shanty Town to her Mill, I am a tough old bird and well capable of handling myself. I do not scare easily.
Ms Moriarty, for the first time in my 55 years of existence, I am afraid. I will tell you what downtown Savannah and our outlying communities remind me of. Baghdad and the villages of Iraq, where you see our soldiers and security personnel standing or patroling about. That is exactly what Savannah, Richmond Hill and several other satellite communities remind me of. The police are all in back combat type uniforms and the combat boot was standard local police attire long before the G-8.
My son works in one of the Malls and he said the parking lot today had twenty police cars with law enforcement patrolling on foot. This Mall where my son works is twenty miles from downtown Savannah. This has been going on since last Friday. Because I live in a small, rural town outside Savannah that has nothing between it and little Richmond Hill but a lot of woods, wild deer, marsh and alligators and is as dark as the day before would think my family and I could get away after work from all this frightful and intimidating Globalist militarism. Not so...Saturday evening last, my two sons were returning at about 11:00PM from a double date and encountered out the middle of nowhere....a road block.
My eighteen year old observed local sheriff's deputies, Georgia State Patrol and the unbiquitous Federal Agents. Cars were being halted...11:00PM on both sides of this four lane highway. My son produced the required driver's license and insurance paper and was let go; but not before he and his younger brother were asked to pull over to the side of the road; step out and the Fascist gendarmes searched my son's car! The cops found nothing...of drugs...But it is the indignity and intimidation of not being able to come and go quietly (at the posted speed limit) in the middle of my God forsaken rural route, backwoods, sticks residence without daily having to encounter this black uniformed, combat booted, automatic weapons carrying shades of Nazi Europe constablry that has me up in arms.
You know why, Ms Moriarty? Because I am an American. I attend church. I have taught my two sons to be good citizens. They attend a private, small Christian school. They do not drink or smoke and are home by the curfew I have given them....or else. Both are Honor Students. Never been in trouble with law. Good boys, Ms Moriarty. I am afraid in my own home; in my own country and it is not fear of Al Quadi. I am afraid of my own goverment and my own law enforcement. I am talking about real fear..that forboding. Why should I have to come and go about my daily affairs (working to pay taxes so Bush and the First Estate can make war on whom they please and confab on one our islands that I can only dream of visiting) afraid? Why should my son have to pass military weapons bearing cretins just to be a normal teenage boy?
Did you know, Ms Moriarty, in Savannah (which is 80 miles north of the Sea Island gathering of the G-8) there are humvees on street corners and in grocery store parking lots with machine guns mounted on top?!
I will conclude by saying this: I cannot help shake the feeling that with no visible protestors and certainly no rioting yet, I cannot help but feel as do a few other people, that all this show of weaponry, black uniforms and stamping boots with the hard sneer on the countenances of "our" authorities, is meant not for the Anarchists and the radical, but is for me; my sons; my friends and the law abiding citizens of these our several counties. How else can one account for the Baghdad/Fallujah backdrop and drama being played out day and night on the streets of a town 80 miles distant from Bush and the Global Mafia?
I would get photos for you to prove what I am saying; but these goons are extremely camera shy.
I would like to avoid being shot or clubbed or worse....stripped and sodomized and dog-leashed on orders of our Goverment.
Heil Hitler in Dixie...apparently...
Ainsley Broussard Dunn



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