Berg Video - How It
Could All Be A Hoax

From Pete Wagner
The crewcut head that appears momentarily, obviously unintentionally, in the right margins of the video is indeed a smoking gun, and smacks of military complicity in what now looks to be a faux beheading.
In light of this, as we recall the scene where Nick Berg's seemingly severed head is shown to the camera, we realize that the neck appears to have been too cleanly cut for what the video would have us believe.
One alternative is that the head was cut off by other means (e.g., guillotine), then cleaned up nicely, but this makes very little sense all other things considered. The more plausible alternative is that the head is a fake. Obviously with a fake head, Nick Berg may be still alive.
This scenario then brings up the issue of the body (supposedly of Nick Berg, headless I presume) that arrived recently at Dover AFB. The question of why the body is at Dover now seems to have an answer. Without a head, possibly only the Berg family could visually confirm its identity. Right now this part of the story is out of the news. But looking back, knowing what we know now, last week's reaction of Nick Berg's father, Michael, as he was told of the video by his other son, somehow outside the front door of his home, and captured perfectly on film by some unknown photographer, has the markings of being staged.
Possibly not, but certainly the Berg family would be following the news about Nick, as any family would in the face of such a tradegy; and thus certainly somebody concerned has stumbled onto the web stories claiming the video to be a fraud; and certainly then the Berg family would be adament about looking into the possibility that their son -- the one with the mysterious background and ties to 911 -- may still be alive, fate unknown to most.
If they were indeed interested as one would expect them to be, they would certainly know now what we know, ...unless, of course, they also know the broader truth, and have been all along players in the fraud. Then their anti-Bush political statements serve as a nice cover. The confirmation of the identity of the headless body at Dover is critical. There are plenty of bodies in Iraq that could have been substituted. I would expect the mainstream news to be soon mentioning something about its positive confirmation via DNA testing to reinforce the fraud in light of the case crumbling under the weight of the evidence. Obviously, we will need to confirm that this DNA test was actually performed and uninfluenced. (good luck on that. -ed) If we can find out that the DNA test is also part of the fraud, then all cameras should be pointed on Michael Berg as the fraud is unveiled.
Pete Wagner
From Charlene Fassa
I agree with Pete Wagner. I think the Berg beheading was a HUGE HOAX. I think BERG was and is a CIA/MOSSAD operative. I believe he's still operating as a spook, albeit with a new identity. This conclusion is based on my intuitive feelings, as well as, after having sifted through lots of information/disinformation, including a careful analysis of the many anomalies of the OFFICIAL video, Berg's background, and repeatedly asking and answering the question: WHO BENEFITS. I'd like to thank-you for your comprehensive, many- sided, and timely coverage of this satanic Psy-Op. Your website is a treasure trove for serious researchers and truth seekers everywhere.
With gratitude,



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