The Jews Don't
Want To Know

By Barry Chamish
Phone call received June 19, '04 from the wife of a fellow Rabin researcher and committed truthseeker.
"I don't want you sending my husband e-mails anymore." "Why not?" "Because you're writing that Jews are murdering Jews to get out of Gaza. It's a fantasy. It can't be." "It is." "Then I don't want him to know."
I have just spent nine days selling books at the Hebrew book fair in Jerusalem. I met the general public by the thousands. The wife of an author comes up to me. Her husband is selling his book, Al Nakam, at a nearby booth. The book is about his days as a fighter in the Irgun. The book's title refers to his old nickname in Arabic: The Avenger. She flips through my books, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin and Save Israel, and says, "I think my husband will want to read these. I'll be right back. She takes the books to his booth and quickly returns.
"He doesn't want them. He says he is too angry and frightened by the implications." "The Avenger is frightened?" "He says if it's true, he doesn't want to know?" "The Avenger doesn't want to know?" "He isn't avenging so much these days."
A minor but telling incident from the fair. I offer two American teenagers my books to read. They refuse, explaining, "Oh, we don't believe in conspiracy theories."
"That's it? Why the Hell not? What do you believe in then?" And here was the answer: "What they tell us."
Now, I'm not complaining about sales at the fair. Next to my booth was Maariv's and its manager told me, "I don't think there is another writer in Israel, not A.B. Yehoshua, not anyone, who could open a booth like you did and actually compete successfully with the corporate booths." Yes, I have lots of people who advocate my work from their wallets but we are few and the vast majority of Jews have stopped thinking. How did we become so superficial? Are we all hypnotized?
Which brings us to the most difficult moment at the fair. The sister of the late Ariel Weiss came up to me and said, "How could you write the lie about how my brother died?"
Here is the toughest part of my work. Her brother was killed in action two weeks after the Jerusalem Post published a morale-boosting major article about how his mother brought meals from local restaurants to his unit in Nablus. She recounted the goodness and I was immediately concerned. The Post chose to publish the location of the soldier and his picture. That is forbidden by the IDF. Two weeks later a minor riot erupted in Nablus and he was killed. This was part of a pattern of black ops aimed at maximum demoralization. The next day Islamic Jihad took responsibility for his death by name. The sister continued, "I don't believe it." "It was in all the papers, including the Post." "It wasn't." "I only wish you could believe how much I feel your pain. I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm trying my best to stop the murders of our people." "By shaming us?" "There is no shame. None. Only the murderers have to be ashamed. Unless you try to see, you'll never avenge your brother."
I truly don't want to confront grieving families anymore. This wasn't in the job package. The only comfort, if one can call it that, is that others who have suffered tragic losses are overcoming their sadness and accepting reality and responsibility.
Sherrie Mandel has not done so yet, but I met her neighbor and close friend at the fair. Koby Mandel was brutally murdered and on the day of his burial, his sister's room was shot at. I insist this was not a coincidence but part of the pattern of demoralizing black ops.
The neighbor, a little lady with restrained moxy, leafed through Save Israel. She said,"I'm not buying it. I live it and don't want to know any more. I was there beside the family when the Mandel shooting took place. It was much, much weirder than you wrote. We saw the bullets coming. We followed them from my house and saw them make a curve to the Mandel window. How can you see a bullet? We traced its path."
But the lady did buy Save Israel right after she told me this story. I wrote down our conversation and decided I would not write it up. This eye-witness testimony had to be impossible.
Dr. Kent Barshov came to my booth and I told him about the eye-witness from Tekoa. He answered, "It's been in the papers lately. Israel developed a guided bullet. It exists. It sounds like they tested it in Tekoa."
I took one evening off from the fair and gave a speech for Root and Branch at the Israel Center in Jerusalem, called, "The Secret War Against The Jews."
The audience recounted the rabbis murdered: Rabbis Dickstein, and Binyamin Hertzman were added to the sad list of my previous article. But two rabbis from the Hebron area were singled out because the murderers went right to their homes. They were targeted. We spoke of Rabbis Shlomo Raanan and Eliahu Horowitz. Rabbi Horowitz's mother-in-law was in the audience. Her daughter Dina was murdered along with her husband. She spoke out, "I came tonight because I know Eli and Dina weren't victims of random terror. They were chosen because they were prominent and influential religious leaders. How would the Arabs have known where they lived without help?"
We spoke of Yehuda Ben Yosef, murdered by an IAF helicopter missile. His father contacted me shortly after. He asked if I could help get to the bottom of his son's murder and I replied that I'd do everything I could.
Dear Barry,
As you mention in your article, my son Yehuda was killed under mysterious circumstances while driving in a security vehicle on the hilltop by Male Chever. I am trying to piece together information that might prove that it was murder and not another IDF screw-up.
Very truly yours, Baruch Ben Yosef
An Israeli veteran of the military took my contentions seriously but did not accept that all of the murders were part of the demoralization plan to rid Judea, Samaria and Gaza of its Jews.
However, he did concede on some of the incidents, including the explosion of the APC in Gaza after the Likud Party referendum rejecting Sharon's pullout. He is one of several military analysts who wrote stating that it is against IDF regulations to transport heavy explosives on a troop carrier:
The exceptions: I am aware of three exceptions, there may be more. Minister Zeevi, Kahane and Ben Yosef. Whenever a car is hit by bullets, the bullets fly around and hit more than one person. Rav Kahane and only he was targeted and killed on the spot. His wife next to him died also but I remember it said because of the facr the car went of the road and into the rocks after the driver died. The children in the back were not hit by bullets.
A clean job, but one problem: Kahane was not supposed to be on the road at that hour. Did somebody listen in to his telephone calls and heard about the change of plans ? And did this person activate the shooters ? The first answer is of course"no doubt". The second ? Not impossible at all. Ben Yosef posed a danger to the Establishment, the way he and a fellow guard were murdered, is more than unusual. As if they were lured in a trap. No doubt the special unit was given false information. Otherwise they would have stopped fire the very moment they identified a marked security vehicle. It reminds me of Dr. Goldstein who may have been lured into a similar trap.
Sure Zeevi made a mistake by taking the same room the same day every week. And sure the Arab personnel in the hotel knew his identity and passed the information on. But no doubt most ministers and MPs behave more or less the same. Besides Ghandi was just minister of tourism, a pretty old man, and not one of the more powerful ministers. You spelled out the reasons for taking Ghandi out, but the Arab attackers did not know them. Again we must assume Jewish operators and Arab gunmen like in Kahane's case.
The first APC was not a setup, the second one was. The first one as I explained before was one of at least 6 explosions all over Zeitun, prepared months before. All others failed to pierce the APC's. We do not know whether those vehicles carried explosives too. The second APC is different. The army discovered a tunnel under Philadelphi and prepared to drill a hole into the tunnel in order to explode it. The PA soldiers knew exactly where the tunnel was and where the Israeli would drill a hole. They may have guessed that there were explosives on board of the APC as usual (it seems), but as said their new weapon would have caused the instant death of all on the spot even without the explosives. Even soldiers outside the APC would have been slain because of the exploding petrol tank of the APC. I wonder whether there was really a tunnel there or even the info on that was part of the setup.
An attorney wrote that the wave of Yesha murders is a statical impossibility:
I believe it. I have mentioned that nearly 3% of the Israelis killed in the course of the Oslo process have been rabbis living in Yesha. Other leaders who were not rabbis bring the percentage higher than that. The whole population of Yesha is scarcely more than 3% of the total of Israeli Jews. Most of the leaders mentioned were killed by snipers, not randomly in bombings. They were specifically targeted. Quite a few families have been hit twice. This does not happen randomly.
Of the murder of Tali Khatuel and her daughters on the day of the Likud referendum, a reader noted that the media was clearly invited for maximum effect:
I was watching CNN when the female journalist reported her taxi or automobile she was driving in had been repeatedly shot at in Gaza. They drove away as quickly as they could. She further stated she saw a car coming in the opposite direction. She didn't warn them that they were driving into an ambush. The driver in the car turned out to be Tali Khatuel and her four young daughters.
There IS a black war being fought to drive the Jews from their homes in Yesha. It is being conducted by outsiders with the active cooperation of Israelis. And these Israelis are murdering other Israelis to get their political way.
And the Jews don't want to know. For those who do, carry on. What follows is the deep, ugly truth and it is apparently too much for the lazy minds of the Jews.
Sharon is the tool of the UN and the international powerbrokers. Period. Spain and its Jesuit royal establishment is calling his shots. I can't recall how many times I've proven this but let's go once again. From Sharon's own bureau's press releases: (Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, yesterday afternoon (Friday), 11.6.04, received a telephone call from UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan who congratulated him on securing Cabinet approval for the disengagement plan. UN Secy.- Gen. Annan said that Prime Minister Sharon had undertaken a significant and courageous step that could potentially move the region forward. Prime Minister Sharon thanked UN Secy.-Gen. Annan for his remarks and updated him on the details of the plan. UN Secy.- Gen. Annan added that the international community was prepared to render assistance and contribute both efforts and resources in order to assure a successful implementation of the disengagement plan. The two men agreed to closely cooperate toward this end.
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, this evening (Wednesday), 9.6.04, spoke with European Union High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana; the two men discussed the approval of the disengagement plan. EU High Representative Solana noted that the EU has congratulated Prime Minister Sharon on the approval of the plan and added that the EU both supports the plan and is willing to render such assistance as may be necessary vis-?-vis its successful implementation.
Prime Minister Sharon invited EU High Representative Solana to visit Israel. The two men agreed to cooperate in order to bring about the success of the plan and the diplomatic process.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon this afternoon (Tuesday), 8.6.04, telephoned Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and congratulated him on his recent election victory.
Prime Minister Sharon updated his Spanish counterpart on recent developments regarding the disengagement plan and the need to fight and defeat terrorism. Prime Minister Sharon invited Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero to visit Israel.
Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero expressed his support for the disengagement plan. The two men agreed to cooperate on advancing the diplomatic process in the region.
Rabbi Marvin Antelman's expose of the Sabbateans, To Eliminate The Opiate Volume II, contains a chapter called, The Holocaust - Sabbatean Burnt Offerings. G.Z. is a security worker. He acted as Shimon Peres' bodyguard in Toronto. He reports that Peres boasted to him, "I built Israel and I can burn it if I want."
A correspondent sends further proof that Peres is Sabbatean:
Now I don't remember if I told you about Peres at the bar mitzvah in Netanya. My source was Dr. Moshe Leibler, my neighbor in Kochav Hashachar. Moshe was at a bar mitzvah at which Peres was also a guest. The gabbai called Peres up for an aliya. To the great surprise of everyone there Peres pronounced the brachot b'shem hameforash, reading the Divine Name as written. The gabbai tried to correct him, but in typical supercilious Peres fashion, Shimon the Vulture answered, "I know exactly what I am doing". I was later told that pronouncing the Name of G-d in this fashion was the practice of Shabbetai Zvi.
Rory Lindsay reminded me of a fact I had known but had not absorbed properly. When the Sabbatean Labor Zionists named their first city Tel Aviv, they were not honoring the Jews. Tel Aviv is mentioned in the bible by Ezekiel as a city in Babylon where the Jewish slaves were quartered. Tel Aviv was named to honor Babylon, not Judea.
And it is these Sabbatean "peacemakers" who are so offended by the religious revival emanating from Yesha that they will shut it down, no matter how many Jews have to be murdered until they get their way.
For those Jews who choose survival over ignorance, the following information will lead to life-saving knowledge:
The Source and Development of the Shabbatean Exposition on the Recission of the Mitzvot", Hananel Mack points out that permitting prohibitions was a major component of the thought and practice of Shabbetai Zvi. This midrash provided the principal ideological basis for understanding the conversion after 1666. The author of the letter, apparently a student of Nathan of Gaza named Avraham Pereyz, saw the midrash on Psalm 146 as an organic part of Midrash Tehillim, and so attributed the idea of permitting prohibitions to the Talmudic sages.
However, let us be resigned that not many Jews will make the effort of getting to the complicated truth. Dying is easier than knowing.
A well-placed reader called today. He said he had important information about Turkish soldiers being trained to remove Gaza's Jews. His associate is serving in the basic training camp for immigrants. A group of Muslim soldiers from Turkey are being trained at the camp. They are battle-hardened soldiers who once served in Uzbekistan.
An institute in Seattle has booked me for a lecture in late August. They are being generous about my air fare. So, if you are somewhere on the American West Coast and would like to book me for late August or early September, please notify me quickly.
I'll be putting together a new book. In the meantime, as usual, you can order my English books, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, Israel Betrayed, The Last Days Of Israel and Save Israel! by writing me at
Could it be that the beheadings of late are just an excuse to drive the world deeper into a planetary war? You decide.
Berg decapitation video was filmed inside the Abu Ghraib prison.;article=55481;title=APFN



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