The Real Dr. Gartrell
Comes Forward

From Darth Sidious
I thought you guys at would like to have this. I got it off Apparently the real Dr. Gartrel has come forward and said he is NOT 'aussie bloke". I don't know about all you folks out there but I'm getting real tired of all this "end of the world" crap that's going on now. Anyway here's what is on the site...
At the time of writing, one of our research staff received the below from the real Dr Grant Gartrell:
"Thank you for your inquiry and your scepticism. I don't consider that any apology is needed for your contacting me. I have just returned home from a week interstate caving to find my answering machine full and more than 60 emails awaiting me. It has taken me most of the night to find out why.
"Thanks for the kind comments about my forays into the parliamentary arena. I would like to think that I wasn't wasting my time then.
"What appears below is what I have sent to a couple of places where this stuff seems to be breeding.
"Further to that, I have never made any submissions to any parliamentary bodies on impact threats or any other aspects of cometary debris.
"Several people have recently contacted me, and thus have drawn my attention to claims being made in my name concerning the prediction of imminent cataclysmic cometary impacts.
"Please be advised that I have no knowledge of the identity of the person "Aussie Bloke" who claims to be me.
"I am very displeased to be caught up in a hoax in this way, and while I do not regard myself as a vindictive person, I do not think that I would be too upset at this moment if a small "personal sized" heavenly body fell out of the sky and flattened "Aussie Bloke", or at least knocked some integrity into him.
"I am one of the authors of an article on meteors which appeared in the Australian Journal of Physics in 1975, but, although still interested in it, have not worked actively in that field much since that time. I am currently a berry grower with a serious interest in cave exploration, cave science and cave tourism development and management, as well as the landcare movement and the promotion of sustainable agriculture and horticulture.
"There are a number of claims made by "Aussie Bloke" in his hi-jacking of my persona that are plainly incorrect and make it quite clear that he does not know me as well as he would like others to believe.
"I would like to state categorically that while I have no doubt that over geologically significant periods of time there have been significant impacts on earth by space debris, and that there is no reason to suppose that similar events will not occur from time to time in the future, I have no knowledge whatsoever of any such immediate or imminent threat, or any related conspiracy. I have never even met Chicken Little, and I have already started planning travel arrangements for conferences I expect to attend in several years time."
Kind regards,
Grant Gartrell
From The Lamb Report
The Real Dr. Gartrell Comes Forward
Hi, Jeff... in response to this article, I must say that the disinfo jockeys have done a masterful job steering the world's attention OFF any and all cataclysmic information sources out there. Well done! I have to hand it to them--the hoax played well, but failed to last though the end of June, which was the original plan, thanks in part by some astute truth seekers out there. However, I believe the real hoax is just beginning--that is, the meme that EVERYTHING IS FINE, now well-implanted in the Internet psyche.
We do have unprecedented Naval operations underway with several countries involved...the US operations embark on a long 3 month mission, to practice for some sort of cataclysm... the latest "label" for US operations is "Blinding Storm." But this won't be scrutinized anymore, for fear of being labeled a nutbar.
I have been studying the information, and seen sources that point to a coming cataclysm or cluster of impacts in the near future... you can be sure this information will never get out now.
Why is it so important for the governments of the world to quash this sort of information? Well, for one thing, if people really thought this was the end, the last thing they would do is go to work or behave in normal, pre-determined would truly be an orgy of chaos... it is a profound question: "What would you do if this were you last day?"
Some might go crazy, others might go on shopping sprees, others might drown in drugs and alcohol, some might settle old scores, but no one would stick to their routine. They would stop everything. Unpredictability is not something the powers that be (PTB) desire. It would be a breach of national or international security, and we do know that the folks who run things can NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN, even if today IS the last day!
Well, kudos to the power elites! No need to worry about the public panicking--they won't even look at it now. The focus in on other things, and will remain there no matter what threat the earth faces in the short or possibly medium term.
Now, as for "end of the world"--few really believed this Aussie Bloke thing was the "end," even if accurate. Most took this with a grain of salt and a sort of wait-and-see attitude. This is why it was cut was not as successful as they had hoped.
So the tactics changed--and so now, with this stunning admission by a flummoxed Dr. Gartrell, the chess pieces suddenly re-align.
Having been burned again, the Internet public will cease their research, and sharing their data on such tomfoolery. Chicken Little's beak is sufficiently duct-taped, and narry a whimper remains.
Most people want to say regarding this hoax, "I was never fooled! ha! I knew it all along! I don't get taken in by hysteria. I am too intelligent for that!"
Ah, but the game continues... the real hoax has more fierce than ever. So when and if the END comes, the lambs will eagerly go to their own slaughter.
Chalk one up for the PTB.
Zeph Daniel
The Lamb Report



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