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From Santiago Yturria
Dear Jeff,
As part of the investigation, the FLIR representative for Mexico, Mr. Gilberto Rocha, was interviewed by Jaime Maussan regarding the images recorded by the FLIR STAR SAFIRE II aboard the Mexican Air Force Merlin airplane during the March 5 , 2004 incident over the Campeche area.
NOTE: The comments and opinions expresed by Mr. Gilberto Rocha are his own personal points of view based on his experience and knowledge of the FLIR STAR SAFIRE II operational functions and do not necesarely represent FLIR Systems, Inc. opinion and points of view.
Question: Mr. Rocha, you just have reviewed some images recorded by the Air Force during an antinarcotics operation over Campeche on March 5, 2004. What is your opinion about them.
Answer: These are interesting images because they are not common. I will try to explain myself. The human eye perceives certain light frequency that the sun emits. Beyond this frequency the human eye has not the capacity to perceive those images. The infrared source or the infrared rays can only be detected with the FLIR or with special cameras that can detect the infrared radiation.
The equipment that the Air Force is using has the capacity to detect visible images and infrared images. The images that we saw from the Air Force footage correspond to objects that emit temperature, they are emitting heat and they are emitting radiation to the exterior and the camera is reading this.
These images may have low resolution because of the distance that we are meassuring but represent round shaped objects that can not be compared to any known object that we have been looking for in the air space.
Question: Could these have been any kind of aircraft ?
Answer. No, because the conventional aircraft have the temperature very well defined in their turbines and in the front where friction withis registered therefore they could not be seen as rounded lights.
If we could have a closer image of the objects, perhaps we could have a better definition of the shape of these objects but due to the information we have, these objects are round shaped and we cannot consider them as airplanes.
Question: Any posibility for an helicopter ?
Answer: No, it's the same case: the turbine and blades would be the point of highest temperature defining the shape of the helicopter and it would be always a known shape not of a round-shaped object.
Question: If these objects are not any known aircraft what do you think they are.
Answer: In the strict sense of the word avoiding any distortion or confusion these are objects that fly and we can not identify.
Question: Is it posible that the FLIR could have been giving us false information, that these high temperature readings were inexistent?
Answer: Negative, because in the images we are seeing clouds that have a higher temperature that the ambient average temperature, and we can see the cloud silhouettes because the FLIR is detecting their infrared frequency.
The objects that we are seeing are the points of higest temperature there. Personally, I have never seen anything like this. My experience with these cameras is completely industrial, we analize a whole variety of industrial appliances as well as the electrical industry but for me the case of the mexican Air Force is an unsolved case.



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