Filers Files #26 - Threat
From Taurid Meteors

Filers Files #26 - 2004 Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President of Skywatch International
June 17, 2004, Webmaster: Chuck Warren --
The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists. Taurid Meteor Stream Approaching, Mars - The Tubes, Upstate New York - Daylight Objects, New Jersey - Oval and Lights, Pennsylvania - Light Flies Formation With Plane, West Virginia - UFO Seen Only With Sun Glasses, North Carolina - Disc, Florida - Falling Red Balls and a Flying Triangle, New Mexico - Multi-Colored Craft, Arizona - Bright Moving Lights, California - Cylinders and Light, Canada - Disk and Globes, Portugal - UFO Photographed, Italy - Numerous UFO Reports, Slovak - Crop Circles Exhibit at National Museum, and New Zealand - Meteorite.
Taurid Meteor Stream Approaching
I have received dozens of e-mails concerning the possible threat of a meteor impact on Earth. Someone impersonating Dr. Gartrell a scientist from Australia has made a series of dire impact predictions on the Internet for later this month. Dr. Gartrell denies he made the predictions and said. "There is always a finite possibility of the impact of space debris and I am certainly in favor of the work being done on early-warning systems, but I have no knowledge whatsoever of any ... imminent threat. I have never met any of the people who are making such claims on the Internet."
Comet over Japan May 9, 2004
I thought it would be interesting to determine if there is
any realistic threat to Earth? NASA reports that the
closest comet approach will be on June 26, 2004, by
Comet 1998 SF36, at .0137 or about five times the
distance of earth to moon (e=m). One of the facts
known about comets is that they tend to divide or fragment
and some debris might hit the Earth.
David Booth who wrote the controversial book 'Code Red: The Coming Destruction of America, 2004' predicts, "A large dark planetary object will come up from beneath the Earth and collide with the South Pole. There will be huge explosions on the West Coast of US."
Based on the available evidence it is my opinion this will not happen. However, the facts are according to the famous astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle that the Earth has been hit regularly by large meters. There were mass extinctions 94.5 million years ago, a mass extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and another extinction of life 36.9 million years ago. Studies indicated that impact craters on the Earth and on the Moon show sustained and violent bombardments taking place about every 30 million years. The sun and its solar system move through the far edges of the Milky Way periodically in a circular pattern. The Milky Way contains millions of comet fragments or meteors that could destroy life on Earth at almost any time.
Twice each year Earth passes through the Taurid meteor stream from the 24 June to 6 July and again from 3 to 15 November that contains billions of meteoroids and fragmented space debris. The meteors radiate from an Epsilon Tauri and Taurus. Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe claim there were impacts around 10,000 BC causing the ice Age to end, others at 7000 BC, 5000 BC, 4000 BC, 2500 BC, 1000 BC and 500 AD. Archeological excavations indicate that from 2500 B.C. to 2000 B.C. formerly well-established civilizations collapsed or disintegrated under bombardment from Taurid meteors. These disasters occurred in the Aegean, Anatolia, The Near and Middle East, Egypt, North Africa and Asia. Egyptian records indicate a climatological upheaval and abrupt desertification of previously lush agricultural lands. During this period many of the pyramids were built and their shape and size would make great bombardment shelters to protect the pharaohs. The red planet Mars passes through the sky near Taurus and it is interesting to note that the Arabian word for Cairo means Mars. The Great Sphinx in Cairo and the so called Bent and Red Pyramids of Dashur were painted red because of their association with the Mars.
We are entering a particularly dangerous period as waves of galactic material swamp the entire solar system. We are dangerously close to the upper limit of the cycle of about 39 million years when severe impacts occur. The sun is now penetrating the remains of a disintegrating giant molecular cloud that is a star-forming region of the Milky Way. Essentially we are entering or within a part of the galaxy that indicates that a bombardment episode is imminent and that the impact rate may be exceptionally high. We are presently at the inner edge of the Orion spiral arm where there are likely to be more meteoroids and comets. Astronomers claim a disintegrating comet exploded in the air above Tunguska, Russia on June 30, 1908, flattening 2,000 square miles of forest. On June 22 to 26, 1975, our Moon was splattered with a sustained barrage of ton sized boulders. The facts are there is a potential danger as we ride on spaceship Earth and many UFO reports during late June and July may turn out to be space debris. Although a major impact is very unlikely, we can count on running into the Taurid meteor stream later this month.
NASA states, "There are no known Near Earth Object's (NEO) on a collision course with the Earth. There is a possibility that an as yet undiscovered large NEO may hit the Earth, but the probability of this happening over the next 100 years is extremely small." NEOs are small objects-asteroids and certain comets-that orbit in the solar system relatively close to Earth and could one day collide with Earth. The NASA declaration makes me extremely nervous because dark fragments could be headed this way. In March, NASA activated the Sentry, a new system to monitor NEOs and assess their threat to Earth. Our atmosphere will protect us from most space debris, but impacts are likely to be heard and smaller meteorites will likely get through.
This summer the world's top scientists will meet to plan defenses against an asteroid bombardment that could wipe out a city or disrupt a country's infrastructure. The scientists will plan ways to divert and discover ways to combat collisions from space.
Last December, Britain's Royal Astronomical Society hosted an international meeting of astronomers on the asteroid impact threat. In January, the world's astronomers petitioned Australia's government to build a special asteroid-detecting telescope. In March, NASA activated a "Sentry," a new system to monitor near-Earth objects (NEOs). Brian G. Marsden, with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts claims, "We've had a couple of close shaves during the past few months," An asteroid caused public jitters when discovered March 12. Named 2002 EM7, it came from the direction of the sun-an astronomical blind spot where objects are hidden in the sun's glare. Astronomers didn't detect 2002 EM7 until four days after it came within 288,000 miles of Earth, which they regard as a close encounter. In September, NASA will conduct a "Workshop on Scientific Requirements for Mitigation of Hazardous Comets and Asteroids,"
The point is that there are dangerous asteroids, meteoroids, and comet fragments heading toward Earth. It will be interesting to watch the skies, but most of the debris passes by during the daylight. Only infrared cameras are likely to pick up the fireworks. Often as the meteors enter our atmosphere an explosion can be heard and occasionally large meteors can be caught on camera.
Mars - The Tubes
Professor David Southwood, European Space Agency Director of Science states, "One of the main targets of the Mars Express mission is to discover the presence of water in one of its chemical states. Through the initial mapping of the South polar cap on 18 January, OMEGA, the combined camera and infrared spectrometer, has already revealed the presence of water ice and carbon dioxide ice."
Scientists claim where there is water there is life and based on this assumption and my experience as a photo interpreter, I believe there are strong indications of intelligent life has existed on Mars.
A JPL satellite image.
shows tubes near a large crater where water leakage is apparent. The letters "RID" are also evident just below the tube indicating some kind of artificial structures on Mars and intelligence.
In the center of the image are glassy semi-transparent linear features with a cylindrical shape that are tube or tunnel like. These diameters range from 140 yards and greater with somewhat regular supporting arch structure. The tubes are mostly buried but occasionally are uncovered. (25.63 N 37.5W)
At numerous places on Mars these strange tube like structures may indicate a transfer system for large amounts of water from the polar caps, or other sources of water such as found in craters. We have spotted water collection systems within the craters. This tunnel system would also likely contain an underground railroad, boats, or a method for moving bulk cargo. Each spring millions of gallons of water melt at the polar caps and may be transported through the tubes to underground municipalities. The tubes could also be used to launch Martians off the planet since rockets are a wasteful method of going in to space. Rockets expend much of their energy in lifting themselves and their fuel rather than lifting cargo. Electromagnetic craft using the tubes could reach high speeds underground and catapult into space. This approach is well suited to Mars because its gravity is less than half of the earth's. An ideal site for gradual acceleration is on a steady upward slope. An electromagnetic train could reach speeds of thousands of miles an hour underground and gradually climb some high point and shoot out into space, accelerate and continue on to Earth.
Even today, UFO's are photographed regularly by the NASA Mar's Rovers indicating unidentified space craft are being operated over Mars. The Russian Phobos II satellite using infrared technology discovered large sources of Mars underground heat indicating a city the size of San Francisco. Many of the monuments on Mars may have been built as a warning to us that the inhabitants were aware of impending disaster and then built exceptionally large structures to the provide both a warning and a record of their civilization.
Upstate New York - Daylight Objects
A house wife writes that she noticed people were saying that they were taking pictures of the clouds and unseen strange objects were appearing in their photos. She decided to do some experimenting and went out with her camera three days ago, and started to take random pictures of the sky. She says, "On June 7, 2004, when I got in to look at my photos I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Not only did one 'object' appear, but sometimes two were in the photos. Everyday I have been taking photos, and everyday I am seeing what I call "silver orbs" and "flat silver objects." These things are not there when I take the photos but show up on the photographs. I have seen so many other pictures just like mine now, that there is no denying that there are allot of these up there. Thanks to Brian Vike
New Jersey - Oval and Lights
FORT LEE -- Right after the five military jets flew by going southwest at 4 PM, an oval shaped, black, heavy-like object was observed heading northwest on May 31, 2004. The jets made a huge sound and the witness saw a strangely tilted object that might have been a big balloon or an advertising aircraft. However, this craft was not floating; it was flying and had a heavy metal feeling. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
MANVILLE - The witness noticed a moving light in the sky that brightened and dimmed and occasionally darted around on June 3, 2004, at 11:15 PM. The witness states, "From my porch, I saw a light that seemed to move slightly and change in brightness and drifted to the west. Then it darted very quickly to the side, then back. As the hour passed it seemed to drift northwest, the light got smaller, but still varied in brightness. Around 12:12 AM, it finally faded out of sight still moving west. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Pennsylvania - Light Flies Formation With Plane
COLLINGDALE - The observer was lying in bed watching the planes in the sky and a large bright white light appeared a short distance behind an airplane on June 2, 2004. There are three planes that have the same route fairly close together and he always watches them pass. The first was at 11:11 PM, the second at two minutes later, and the third at 11:20 PM. The observer states, "I was watching this last plane coming towards me and all of a sudden a very bright circular looking light appeared not far behind the plane." This was not another plane, because it was too close and had just one very bright white light. It flew formation with plane for a few seconds and then it stopped for a second, dimmed a notch, then a second later it dimmed another notch, a second after that it just went out." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
West Virginia - UFO Seen With Sun Glasses
BECKLEY - On June 3, 2004, the witness was traveling north on I-77on an overcast day when he spotted a UFO through the lens of his sunglasses at 12:23 PM, that appeared as a bright star. Directly in front of the car was a bright round object at 45 degrees off the horizon moving west about the speed of a small prop plane. The sunglasses are probably polarized. He reports, "I looked over the glasses to try to see a contrail, but the object disappeared, but when I looked through the glasses, I could see the bright object again." I looked over my glasses for the second time and could see only sky. With the sun behind me I could see the object through my glasses! Is it cloaking, ET or terrestrial? As far as I know, I am the only one to see it." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
North Carolina - Disc
MOSHEIM - Mr. Mark W. Repass says, "At first I thought I was seeing a large meteorite traveling horizontally across the night sky on June 2, 2004, at 11:15 PM. But then I noticed there was no trail and it was symmetrical and solid. It was traveling south at a high rate of speed like the military jets do when they fly the treetops around here, but it was dark. There was only one light and no flashing lights the way aircraft have. From my perspective it was about twenty percent the size of the moon and gained altitude and flew around the tip of the mountain to the south the way a military jet would, then made a left turn and disappeared. It was very fast and very smooth. It had no flashing lights and made no sound and was too fast for a helicopter." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Florida - Falling Red Balls and a Flying Triangle
WEST PALM BEACH -- On June 2, at 11:55 PM, the witness walked outside and noticed a bright object to the southwest that was getting really bright and then dim to the point where he couldn't see it. He grabbed his binoculars and saw six or seven small red balls of light shooting downward out of this larger light. It was very much like a UFO documentary. Balls of light were dropping and shooting out of this object. The witness called several news stations, but nothing had been reported. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
MILTON -- Two witnesses were sitting on their front porch talking at 10:40 PM, on June 5, 2004, and observed two shooting stars and then another star moving slowly in sky. The neighbor noticed two more lights behind it and these formed a flying triangle. There were no clouds this night and the object was traveling slowly east and remained in the triangle position for five minutes, then each light blinked off one after another. No aircraft was noted in the area, and it was moving ever so slow. Thanks to
Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research
Ohio - UFOs Videotaped
Fostoria - George Ritter continues to video tape UFOs over the nearby farmer's fields. A MUFON investigation team visited George last Sunday.
Left is frame one of the UFO videotape. Frame 2 at right taken 1 / 180 of a second
later. The UFO has moved into the trees.
A 20,000 year old French cave drawing by homo sapiens recorded their life styles and conquests by painting amazingly accurate pictures of animals such as bison, horses, antelopes, and mammoths--that were almost universally found in the area. But in addition there were unknown symbols known as Tectiforms, that are painted in such a way as to indicate they are flying in the sky above the other figures.
Illinois - Circular Object
Chicago - A small white circular object hovered in the sky on June 1, 2004, at 1:30 PM above the city. The witness says, "I was sitting on my back porch and noticed an object floating by in the sky, that moved slowly and then hovered for about two minutes. It was round and white, and it was small in size. It stood still and then started moving upwards and disappeared." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
New Mexico - Multi-Colored Craft
MANZANO MOUNTAINS -- The witness reports we have a farm east of the mountains and see unusual aircraft that show multiple colors and fly at the altitude the military generally uses. There are many more colors than normal. We milk the cows at an odd hour in the evening due to my boys playing little league and see these craft several times an hour between 9 PM and 11 PM. We are on a major flight path for the Albuquerque and Kirtland Air Force Base. We have been having a number of sonic booms here as of late where we can't see the plane. That speaks to me of two possibilities. Either they are moving so fast we won't be able to see them, or they are camouflaged to match our blue sky, so it wouldn't surprise me if these craft were military in nature. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director
Arizona - Bright Moving Lights
CHANDLER -- Zeke Jimenez, 17 years old, was outside observing the Moon on June 3, 2004, with his brand new telescope and saw two stars in the southwest that looked like very close bright planets at 9 PM. He aimed his telescope at the objects and when he looked back up one of the objects started to fade away. He states,"That's when I knew I was looking at something out of this world when the first UFO faded away." He called his sister but the last UFO then it started to fade away also. By the time my sister came out it was already gone. All this happened probably within 30-60 seconds. My heart was pounding because I have never seen anything like that in my life before. The objects were really bright ten times brighter than any planet. Through the telescope he saw a dark circle with a really thin line of light from the Moon." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
California - Cylinders and Light
MODESTO -- At 9 PM, on Memorial Day, May 31, 2004, while glancing up at Canis Major, the witness saw an out of place luminous object twice the magnitude of Polaris. The witness states, "Immediately I knew that the object didn't belong there and brought it to the attention of two nearby friends. As they looked the object void of contrail or trailing "burn off" bolted to the east for about a second coming to a full stop within the Sextan's Star Formation. It stayed almost perfectly still for ten seconds, then in a "wobbly" manner descended, and dramatically decreased its intensity and magnitude to a faint pinhead object just over the house tops. This was a magnificent white light that along its decent jettison a gold colored object, which remained stationary for about four minutes until we lost site of it. The main object was so intensely bright we could not discern its shape, but it was probably spherical or round. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
ORINDA - A recording engineer who works in Berkeley was driving on Highway 24 West, approaching the Caldecott tunnel in slow traffic when he saw a cigar-shaped silver UFO on June 2, 2004. It was flying north of East Bay Hills of at 12 PM. It was not shiny metallic, but silver and had no wings or tail. It flew north until the hills blocked the view. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
SAN FRANCISCO - Another witness saw a cylinder shaped craft on June 11th, 2004, around 11:30 AM, while walking to his home in Potrero Hill. He states, I was looking at the Bernal Heights Hill, south of San Francisco when I saw a shiny object in the sky that caught my attention." What struck me as odd was it seemed to be diving too steeply toward the ground. Then I noticed there were no wings on the object. A passing thought that occurred to me was that it might be some strange metal capsule dropped from somewhere. It looked like a missile in how it was moving and shape. Then almost immediately one of those planes with the long contrails quickly flew in the direction of where the object has last been seen. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director
Canada - Disk and Globes
WHITBY, ONTARIO -- Around 7:50 AM, the witness was walking to school on June 3, 2004, when he saw a disc that seemed to have two wings on its sides. It flew at a constant speed at only 250 feet altitude in a horizontal direction. It then climbed at about a 40 degree angle and disappeared. The witness states, "I know what a plane looks like, but this craft gave me chills."
VERNON, B.C. On Saturday night June 5, 2004, the first flash was so bright it appeared to lighten the close surroundings at 11:15 PM. It was flying under 8000 feet just over the building when a halogen white flare appeared, pulsed once and vanished. Then low in the northwest sky a few miles away another halogen white globe flared that was visible for a few seconds, dimmed, and then vanished. About ten minutes after midnight, 8000 feet over the airport a white light became visible in the cloud as it descended to just under the cloud. It was bigger than the small planes that fly there. It brightened, then dimmed back to a light the brightness of Jupiter, started to ascend back into the cloud then vanished. Through the scattered clouds the witness could see two golden globes heading both north and south at different times. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director, HBCC UFO Research
Portugal: UFO Photographed
Monte Novo - A UFO was photographed on Monday, May 31, 2004, around 2:30 PM, by Eduardo Silva, 25, of the Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ) as he performed a water quality survey on the waters of Monte Novo. Two engineers and two students were together but did not notice the presence of the object until they checked the images picked up by the digital camera. The Portuguese Air Force had followed the tracks of a "spindle-shaped" object which had crossed the national air space. On Monday, Colonel Barbosa of the Armed Forces High Command explained that they were currently "cross-checking information from the radar images and eyewitness accounts." The reflection of the sun on the apparently metallic object agrees with the shadows of the trees shown in the photo. Source: Ruiz Chaves Carlos Varela Correio da Manhã - http: Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic
PORTIMÃO -- On June 1, 2004, the witness saw what appeared to be a comet with a long very bright conical tail at 11:15 PM. Suddenly, it started moving very fast in zigzags to the southwest with a reddish point and it disappeared leaving a long bright tail behind it, that lasted for a few minutes. It was not a comet, it was not a meteorite, it was not space debris, because debris or meteorites don't circle and don't stop in the air. This UFO was seen in various places in Portugal and was on TV and in all the press.
Twenty people saw a big light on the horizon flying from south to north for 500 km over Portugal on June 1, 2004, at 11 PM. All the people that saw the phenomenon report that the UFO was traveling with a strong light, and with a strange tail of smoke. The trajectory was never consensual, the speed also. The last sightings were around 500 kilometers far from the first ones. The sighting was covered by Portuguese television, radio stations and newspapers. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Italy - Numerous UFO Reports
MILAN - It looks like Milan has become the favorite destination of both UFOs and
strange lighting effects. In a fortnight span, we received almost ten reports from people witnessing aerial phenomena, plus one regarding a triangular Crop Circle in Mazzo di Rho. On June 4th, 2004, V.R reports, "A noisy object slowly flew above my house at midnight, heading northeast and that wasn't an airplane. It emitted bright white lights and a loud noise and disappeared beyond some palaces. Thanks to Roberto Malini and Federico Dezi
Slovak - National Museum Crop Circles Exhibit
BRATISLAVA - The Slovak National Museum recently opened an exhibition entitled Crop Circles displaying the pictograms and agro-symbols that unidentified flying objects have left on Slovak territory. According to the exhibition's organizers, witnesses have seen round, disk-shaped UFOs at the site of 85 percent of the crop circles here, as well as abroad. The exhibition displays all the pictograms from Slovakia that have been registered by the Trnava UFO club. Miroslav Karlík, the club's chairman says, "The Trnava club has registered nine locations where crop circles appeared, and 178 reports on UFO observations in the Trnava region between 1992 and 2003."
Captured on a videocassette and in pictures by amateurs, the display also features photographs from the Bratislava region. Another part of the exhibition presents the cases of pictograms found in England in the areas of Stonehenge, Crabwood, and Chilbolton. The country is famous for its large number of these formations. At the beginning of the 1990s, around 300 pictograms were found there annually. The exhibition runs until July 25. Thanks to Zuzana Habsudová http: clanok-16397.html
New Zealand - Meteroite
WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A grapefruit-sized meteorite smashed through the roof of a New Zealand house, hitting a couch and bouncing off the ceiling before coming to rest under a computer. The 1.3 kg (2.9 lb) chunk of space debris dropped out of the sky and plummeted through the tiled roof of the Auckland home Saturday. "I was in the kitchen doing breakfast and there was this almighty explosion," owner Brenda Archer told the Sunday Star-Times newspaper. "It was like a bomb had gone off. I couldn't see anything, there was just dust." Archer's one-year-old grandson had been playing nearby minutes before it hit. It is only the ninth meteorite found in New Zealand and the first to hit a home. The Archers, who are following expert advice by drying the rock out in their oven, plan to sell it or give it to a museum. Experts believe the meteorite, a chunk of an asteroid, could be worth more than NZ$10,000 ($6,290), the newspaper said.
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