'We Expect Further
Cases Of BSE' - Veneman
(USAgNet) -- U.S. Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman says she is expecting more cases of mad cow disease to be found in the United States, as meat inspection systems are improved. The Secretary says she can't predict how key buyers of U.S. beef, like Japan, will react.
Japan was the United States' biggest beef customer before a single mad cow case in Washington State. Now Australia is the main supplier as the U.S. works to restore Japanese confidence, which Veneman admits could be tough.
"We anticipate that we may find a few additional cows and we are prepared for that," Veneman said. "Certainly, we've discussed this with our trading partners, in terms of a very robust system that we are implementing-in terms of surveillance in this country."
Veneman hopes America's trading partners will recognize the U.S. is aggressively trying to find and limit new cases of mad cow disease.
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