Meteor Was NOT A Hoax
From Peter Davenport
National UFO Reporting Center

Dramatic meteor over Seattle on June 3rd, 2004, at 02:40 hrs. (local).
I suspect you already have seen the news reports, but we had a very dramatic meteor (suspected) pass over Puget Sound this morning. The measured time of the event was 02:40 hrs. (Pacific) on Thursday morning, June 03, 2004.
The object was seen from Vancouver Island, and from multiple points on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington. NUFORC has received approximately two dozen reports from eyewitnesses, including a few in Spokane, and from several in Oregon, as well, so it must have been quite high during the early portion of its entry into the atmosphere.
One witness in north Seattle reported that the event occurred in the northern sky, from his vantage point, and that he thinks it disappeared from his sight before it reached his location, i.e. it did not pass to the south of his position. The same witness, who described himself as an amateur astronomer, stated that he counted the elapsed time between the final flash and the rumbling he heard was approximately 10 seconds. Hence, the object may have reached to within approximately 2 miles of the Earth's surface, which is rather low, relative to most dramatic meteors. They usually either burn up, or fragment, at an altitude above 10 or 20 miles above ground level.
Many people apparently reported to news outlets in the Seattle area that they thought the object had "landed" near Centralia, WA, located on Interstate 5 about 110 miles south of Seattle. I suspect those reports may be the result of optical illusion, but time, and other reports, will give us a better idea on the groundtrack the object followed.
I thought your readers might like the facts surrounding the event. I suspect that it may make it into the national news today.
Peter B. Davenport, Director
National UFO Reporting Center
P. O. Box 45623
University Station
Seattle, WA 98145
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