Did Berg Work For
The CIA? - Update

By Nico Haupt
Nick Berg and Oklahoma: Student only in 1999, CIA link?
...According to a reader from Agonist, Iranian web site"target="_blank claims that :
1. The site is in possession of "documents" that prove Berg was a CIA special agent who had initiated widespread contacts with Muslims resident in the US over the past two years, with the aim of penetrating Al-Qaeda.
2. Berg had been very successful in this mission, providing golden opportunities for the CIA and the FBI to deliver severe blows to Al-Qaeda.
3. With start of the Iraq war and Al-Qaeda's activities there, Berg was sent to Iraq under cover of a telecommunication businessman.
4. Based on his past contacts, Berg was able to make contact with a number of Al-Qaeda members in Iraq. His arrest and imprisonment in Iraq was also a CIA ploy to put him in touch with a number of Al-Qaeda members in prison.
5. Following his release, and making use of new contacts he had made in prison, Berg was able to make contacts with key Al-Qaeda leadership circles and its central ops under the leadership of Al-Zarqawi. This was to the point of identifying several key members of the organization.
6. At the same time, through help received from an Arab Intelligence Service, Al-Zarqawi was able to uncover Berg as a CIA agent. He subsequently arranged for his murder.
(ed, INN: The real question is, if Berg was working for the CIA as an Informant and was therefore in touch with Moussaoui?)
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