Two More VERY Suspicious
Berg Video Anomalies

From Timothy Jenkin
Lansing, Iowa
Dear Jeff,
I am writing to you with utmost urgency. I find this Video of Nick Bergs Killing by alledged Arab terrorist groups most disconcerting for many untold facts and observations.
1) The Time set on the Video is indicative to 24 hourtime and most Videos have a 2 stage setting one in regular standard time, ie: am-pm and one for 24 hr. time or MILITARYTIME!
My Question: Why would Terrorists find it relevant to set their time to Military Time? Would it be more likely that a US intel or military person or officer would have their video camera set to Military Time out of reflex of training? My answer is YES!
2) Why is the man on the far left standing at Parade Rest??
This seems further evidence the raises suspicions that these men were NOT Arab faction Terrorists! Parade Rest is also - and would be a REFLEX action - that is TRAINED into Military personnel and becomes a HABIT!
I find this Video Very, Very argumentive and points a STRONG finger at the US Intelligence communties complicitcy in the berg death.
Timothy Jenkin
From MC Anderson
Dear Jeff,
I enjoy the website but I feel compelled to respond to one particular email that is just plain silly. I am referring to "Two More VERY Suspicious Berg Video Anomalies - From Timothy Jenkin
Lansing, Iowa - 5-15-4"
The writer refers to Military Time on the Berg video as the Mother of all Proof. I just want to point out that the entire planet, with the exception of North America and a handful of other nations, uses the 24 hour clock. Which basically places suspicion firmly on the shoulders of roughly 6 billion people.
Best Regards,
M.C. Andersen
Copenhagen, Denmark



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