Deliberate Anomalies
From Jim
Hi Jeff,
It is a sad thing, deeply deeply sad, for a young man to have his head cut off for the sake of someone else's politics. Anyone who could look at these pictures and videos without feeling profound revulsion must have a few cards missing from their deck.
So it takes a certain amount of fortitude to take a really good look at these nasty images to get to the many anomalies in the first place, but that is the task of a detective isn't it? Unfortunately, in today's news environment, every one of us who wish to be responsible citizens must also become a detective.
Because of the prevailing culture of lies, deceit and treachery, everyone of us with an active mind must continually examine and question everything put before us by the mass media. Still, the strain is difficult for a sensitive mind to bear. To every parent, every child, every person who has lost a son, a brother, a daughter a mom or a dad, a grandparent, on any side in the terror wars of the past few years, my heart goes out to you.
It would be nice if we could just point to one person and say "hey, he did it all." But we can't. Yes there are certain persons who have done much to bring about this situation. The international bankers for instance, are greatly to blame. So are their puppets in Washington and Tel Aviv. But the bankers only have money because you and I continue to pay our mortgages and rents every month.
Because we shop at the super stores where they buy and sell, because we own stock in the system.
It would be nice if we could just find the right scapegoat to blame for all this mayhem wouldn't it? If we could pin a list of crimes onto the neck of some hapless village idiot from Texas who has a hard time getting the lid off his beer bottle, and who has been known to choke on a pretzel. And he is greatly at fault for thinking he can tell the players without a program. But in the long run, he is just a patsy too, another dummy with someone pulling his strings, who has never had to do a days honest work in his life, and wouldn't know one if it bit him on the ass.
How many gallons of gas did you put in your car or truck this week my friend? All are guilty. Some more, some less, but the way the war works is that hundreds of thousands of young men and women join up with the army, and then they practice shooting deadly weapons, and they abandon their own better judgments, and then they go and murder people on orders because they have lost all their self possession. And they have all those weapons because some other folks went to college for years to learn how to invent them. And yet more folks worked for decades in arms factories building these infernal machines, even though laws in every state of the union forbid the making of infernal machines. But if some nebulous bunch of criminals get together and call themselves the US Govt. then all of a sudden what is criminal behavior for you or me, is high virtue with holy water on it for them.
This is the same Govt. that holds an indefinite prison term over your heads if you fail to pay into their protection racket kitty. Hello? Yes, they steal the portion of your pay that the landlords (agents, along with the real-estate racketeers, of the Banks.) don't take. If a robber comes up to you and takes your pay from your pocket at gunpoint on the street, you can call a cop. If your landlord decides he wants a new Mercedes, and bumps your rent up again this month, and you live in a town with 0 to 1% vacancies, just you try to call a cop. Hell, when the cops do show up it will just be to evict you. That is part and parcel of what I mean by the evil being spread around fairly everywhere.
So why is everyone so surprised that the Berg beheading tape is so obviously flawed? Joe six-pack, that famous American cartoon character who none the less makes up almost half the electorate, will swallow it whole without even giving it the usual catfish mouthing first. So it works for him you see.
He is going to be enjoying watching this video. It is must see TV, for him it is just an extension of what passes for reality. Jill six-pack right there by his side, voted for Bush in 2000, and loves Jesus and looks forward to the second coming again tonight if you follow me. So for them, what we see as defects, are just the stamp of honest amateurs at work blowing off a little more steam. They don't care who did it, any more than the good citizens of the prairie cared who the Indians were they shot and raped and butchered at the Little Washita back in the late 19th century.
But you and I have a different view of things, because we are more humane in our hopes, and more aware in our fears.
* We see the orange jumpsuit
* We see the yellow Abu Graib prison walls
* We see the government issue white plastic chair
* We see the miss-match between the face and the build of the man in the video and Bergs family's snap shots of their missing son.
* We see the men in black, fat and lazy, well-fed and insolent,
* We see the one on the far left standing at military parade rest.
* We see that this is a tape made with at least two cameras, one on standard time, one on the 24 hour clock.
* We see the light tone of the skin of the hands of some of the men.
* We see the wedding ring on the left hand, the sinister hand, the hand that Islam reserves for toilet functions.
* We notice the voices in the background not sounding like Arabs.
* We have read of the death last year of the man being blamed for doing this foul deed.
Yes, my friends, we are not so foolish as to swallow these lies whole.
* We are aware that once you have someone's voiceprint, you can digitize it, and run it through a voice generating software program, and put any words into their mouths you want.
* We have heard native speakers of Arabic tell us that the voice on the tape does not have the accent they would expect from the man who is being blamed.
* We have read of the weird association of Mr. Berg with those the Govt. has named as being part of the 911 hijack plot. Hijack plot? Hello? Well ,you and I both know that is a whole other can of worms there, isn't it now?
But no one seems to have caught on that all these discrepancies - and more - that are in this video are there for a reason. They want you to know who did it. They, yes that THEY, the same old THEM as always. Bob Dylan said it long ago, "...the executioners face is always well hidden..." But THEY are more than willing to tip their hand to us today, because they don't care if we know, and they want us to know that they don't care. They are as much as telling everyone with a brain in their head, "Hey you with a brain in your head, watch this!" They are really saying "Get out the way you summer patriots, we can do you as easy as we can do this Berg dude!"
Feeling a little chilly around here? Still got the guts to join me in my protests? They can only keep thumbing their noses at ya if you let 'em.
Hitler had a crew like this, he called them Die Raben. They were SS officers. After the war, WWII the CIA hired most of them to work in South America. Looks like their bastard sons are still alive. Tell me again, how many brave American men lost their lives to give Hitler an invitation to blow his own brains out? And who else do we know who lives in a bunker? What do you think its going to take to turn this thing around?
So, if you were disgusted by the this video like I was, but still had the integrity to look into the details of it, then you ought to be bright enough to get the subtext of the intent of those loose ends. Add this to what you now know about the 911 cover-up, and get a glimpse of the MO of our enemy. Now, who could have done a thing like that, and why? Not much of a mystery, really, is it?



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