The Coming Deep Freeze?
By Ted Twietmeyer
The film "Day After Tomorrow" is an exercise in creating another disaster film of global proportions. Unbelievable in scope, it is designed for entertainment. Or so it would seem. But a film critique is not the purpose of this article (although resisting the indulgence is very difficult.)
Many films have a direct relationship to 'public education.' Not what children receive in government training camp schools from September to June, job retraining or for people with disabilities. Were are talking about special SERIOUS adult education - flushing out the mind to prepare you for 'new' concepts- like freezing to death is a good thing, and we may even deserve it. One of the biggest myths is that subliminal pictures and sound are required to accomplish brainwashing. Subliminal audio can now be more effective than ever before with high fidelity sound. To believe subliminal audio or subliminal images are required, is far from the whole truth. And in fact, somewhat old-fashioned. Psyc-warfare has moved far beyond that.
Force-feeding is done very cleverly, by coercing the public into PAYING to get force-fed. Part of the strategy is to put a monetary value on getting it. For example: put an unwanted piece of furniture by the curb with a sign on it "free." No one will take it. But put "$50.00" sign on the chair and it will be stolen away in the dark of night. So it goes with films- people want perceived value.
Another example: If the public were told in a TV promo ad:
"This film has government-sponsored educational content for your own good. You must see it because you're part of the great unwashed masses who are stupid and ignorant, and you are in need of brainwashing. The purpose is to change your paradigm to our way of thinking. Its good, its freedom. Admission is free."
No one would go see it. But hide the educational agenda, put an admission charge on it, throw in enough gratuitous sex and violence and the public will beat a path to the theater's door. Brainwashing is only effective IF the public doesn't know its happening. A veil of secrecy is also required for the actual production company using front corporations. Again, the brainwashing won't work effectively if you know its happening.
Movies also employ the Gestalt theory. This assists the globalists in changing your paradigms and that of the masses. [4]
A few years ago, I heard a live interview with a marketing man who left the CIA controlled Hollywood. He stated that every script must have agency approval. He stated that there are scripts that will never be made into films because they won't approve them.
The same man also added, 'there are scripts the government has paid to be made into movies as well.' He declined to give very many specifics, and an element of fear was in his voice. Anti-drug based films and TV shows are one example. This problem-reaction-solution approach has been used for more than one hundred years. Already public knowledge is that the government intentionally created the drug problem in the first place, by giving LSD to the hippie community in the 1960's. The war on drugs eventually had to be declared, with new movies and TV shows used to help fight it. [1]
A so-called government software program that helps writers with script layout, is also available to produce the required film script format called "Final Draft.". [2]
Since Hollywood scripts are approved, controlled and edited, no wonder Michael Moore has had so much trouble with Fahrenheit 9-11. The feds don't want patriotic-based 9-11 investigative journalism injected into America's mainstream. Lets NOT cloud any serious issue like 9-11 with facts.
1. Perhaps one of the first such events, was the infamous Pentagon report [3] released in early 2004 about anticipated serious climate changes. This was a great piece of psyc-warfare with gloom and doom taken to the extreme. Wars, riots, famine, looting, killing and other sundry extracurricular activities that accompany empty wallet and store shelf disease. The collapse of society is another topic it focuses on at length. So do recent films.
This report told covered just about everything imaginable.. To give it the air of authenticity it was officially released by the fed. One might call it The Thrill Factor. This works every time on the unsuspecting, yet trusting public. Remember the infamous "Pentagon Papers" of the early 70's. ? Would they get any attention at all if they didn't have the magical name "pentagon" in them as well ?
As John Q. and Susie-Q Public believe- 'Leaked information must be real '
2. The "Day After Tomorrow" movie was released with endless promos and announcements. It was necessary to convey the "must see" mentality to the public to get them and pay for their brainwashing.
3. This past Saturday on Sci-Fi channel another euro-film titled 'Post Impact' was aired about earth life after a comet impact. A production-rushed, 'one-take' picture that was badly written with mediocre special effects. Bad timing (people react to being shot, THEN you hear the shot) and overall a very pathetic script. But I don't want to be a film critic here.
Like the other film, its sole purpose is to give you a message. So much dialogue is stressed about cold, it makes you want to go unplug your fridge. But remember that quality isn't important- only the message is. That's all that counts.
You may ask, how does all this tie together ?
Simple- ALL THREE items are about cold, cold and more cold. 'Post Impact' claims a comet impact in Europe causes weather change, with snow at least two stories deep. And both plots have close parallels as I'll show below. Despite the special effects, just look upon these films as being an adult version of one of those "Moody Educational Films" you saw back in grade school. The films that were part of your initial government training camp brainwashing.
Here is a comparison of the two films, that "just so happened" to come out about the same time (in less than two weeks.) This comparison is for important plot highlights.

Day After Tomorrow
(In theaters now)

Post Impact
 (on Sci-Fi channel 6/12)
Premise Weather becomes brutally cold down to -150F, because of a change in the sea currents. Permanent snow cover for all northern latitudes. Global warming is the cause.   Comet causes permanent weather changes in Europe. New United States (NUNS!) rules earth. An orbiting 'secret' microwave satellite is used to destroy the comet. At least it was secret, until the media tells the public they tried to use it on the comet which of course didn't work..
Suffering People hiding out from the sudden winter. The -150F descends with little warning, causing flash freezing of everything when it decends.   People hiding out from the sudden winter. Many get frozen trying to ride it out.
Violence Weather is the villain. Flash-frozen helicopters crash. Many people also are flash frozen.   People hiding out from the sudden winter. Many get frozen trying to ride it out. Bullets fly and people die. Standard terrorist line where they take control of the orbiting microwave weapon for their own agenda- they intend to fry the middle east for charging $100.00/gallon for gasoline.
The Good People Mexico allows(?)countless Americans over the RioGrande, in return for forgiveness of Mexican debt to the USA.   A handful of the standard issue, black uniformed government employees re-gain control of the satellite control station.
Travel Travel from one city to another by type vehicle. Breaks down and star characters must travel on foot. Great hardship, no frostbite.   Travel from one city to another by stars of the film, using a snow-cat type vehicle. It is destroyed and star characters must travel on foot. Great hardship, no frostbite.
Ending  For no apparent reason storms stop, snow begins to melt. No explanation given. The End.   The orbiting secret weapon is used to microwave the atmosphere, and the sun appears giving hope to all. The End.
What's the great message here ? Sudden, brutal cold that can strike with no warning. The thought of all this happening is a terrible in itself- permanent cold, frozen people in the millions, cities buried under ice and snow. So we have the official Pentagon report [3] and two movies intended to show us just how bad things can get. And they do manage to do this, despite bad acting and pitiful scripts. Makes one wonder what the next Mr. Freeze movie will be.
We were presented with a scenario that global warming will cause global cold in "Day After Tomorrow" because modeling showed too much fresh water in the Atlantic current. Computer modeling can only attempt to prove that a given scenario may occur. Yet all computer models come right out of someone's head using software written to test the theory. This means there is a predisposition to achieve a certain outcome, which must take into account ALL the variables that can influence the modeling results.
Predisposition is really an unavoidable consequence of modeling. A great example of this was the chaos theory that made a big splash years ago.A scientist said that "a butterfly's wings flapping on one side of the earth, will affect the weather on the other side of the planet." What rational person can believe it ...
Does that cause thousands of people clapping outside at a concert or a play, make weather forecasting impossible ? Could it be labeled a terrorist act now, too ? Watch out- clapping will be outlawed next.
So clap silently.
One could say after looking at these three things that the govt. game-players never sleep. And they don't want you to sleep, either. It might be 90F outside when you read this- but better keep a blanket handy at all times... just in case...
[1] CNN Media Awareness: Drug messages into movies:
[2] Government*Video - Scriptwriting software eases process for video professionals to write scripts that conform to defacto standards:
[3] Pentagon Report Summary
[4] Gestalt Theory: More than 200,000 posts on the internet about Gestalt theory. Here is one brief description. Gestalt theory has grown into a field of its own. Below are two summaries of the theory. The important sentence is the one I've changed to caps. Doesn't it feel good to know you are considered an 'open system.' ?
From Gestalt theory is a broadly interdisciplinary general theory which provides a framework for a wide variety of psychological phenomena, processes, and applications. HUMAND BEINGS ARE VIEWED AS OPEN SYSTEMS IN ACTIVE INTERACTION WITH THEIR ENVIRONMENT. It is especially suited for the understanding of order and structure in psychological events, and has its origins in some orientations of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ernst Mach, and particularly of Christian von Ehrenfels and the research work of Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Köhler, Kurt Koffka, and Kurt Lewin, who opposed the elementistic approach to psychological events, associationism, behaviorism, and to psychoanalysis.
Individual elements are not relevant, but the whole of everyone determines what we are according to Max Wertheimer: <> "The fundamental 'formula' of Gestalt theory might be expressed in this way. There are wholes, the behaviour of which is not determined by that of their individual elements, but where the part-processes are themselves determined by the intrinsic nature of the whole. It is the hope of Gestalt theory to determine the nature of such wholes. With a formula such as this one might close, for Gestalt theory is neither more nor less than this." (Max Wertheimer, 1925: Über Gestalttheorie [an address before the Kant Society, Berlin, '7th December, 1924], Erlangen, 1925)



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