Crazy Cloud or UFO
In 1956 (Photo)?
Very Unusual Cloud Formation

By Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
From Brian Vike
I would have never thought this in a million years.
A fellow was at your site Jeff and saw the posting of the photo of the what I thought was a weather related condition. The 1956 photo. Well pasted below is the answer for that strange looking formation in the photo.
I would like to thank Mr. Gerard Michaud for assisting in solving this mystery.
I read your article on Rense. What is on the film is neither a cloud or a UFO. It is a film defect called a half moon. In the 1950s wide format film was very common, example 120, 126, and 220 sized films. The film was often processed by hand. To do this the film was wound on a stainless steel reel or a thing called a Patterson film reel. To load film on a steel reel you remove the film from the paper backing, then squeeze the film gently on the sides and clip the film end to a stainless steel clip. As you squeeze you rotate the reel, which sets the film in the spiral groves of the reel. If the film is bent excessively the emulsion/gelatin layer is damaged letting the developing solution effect the film differently that the rest of the film. This is what causes the half moon. Believe me I know. I was at the US Naval Photoschool, in 1976. One of the exercises we had to learn and master is how to load various sized films on the reels. We weren't allowed to proceed further until we did. Back then most of the film from cameras were processed by hand. Can't have an important event filmed and then have it ruined in processing.
Gerard J. Michaud
Photographers Mate 2nd class USN Retired.
My family used to visit the Ocean City shore often in the summer. This picture was taken by an old brownie camera around 1956 in Ocean City new Jersey. My Aunt and Uncle are in the picture and the big guy behind them is my father. They are all deceased now. I was approximately 5 or 6 years old at the time. In the photo I noticed that a few of the people were looking in the direction of the object. When I first showed this photo to my wife she didn't notice the UFO. I told her it might be a UFO and she said she didn't think anything of it because it looked like a wave to her ? It is possible this is why it went unnoticed for all of these years. I do not remember my parents mentioning it. I do not know who took the picture but I may be one of the little boys in the picture looking at the object.


 The gentleman also reported an object he has witnessed back in 1974, his report below.

The only UFO experience I remember is around 1974. I noticed a greenish/blue round hazy light just skimming the low cloud cover. The ceiling was low, approximately 300 feet, and the large lighted object was just above the thin cloud cover. This was in Brooklyn, New Jersey. This area is in the Terminal control area of Philadelphia International. It was not the lights on an airplane.
Growing up in national Park New Jersey which is directly across from Philadelphia International Airport, I know what airplane lights look like. I am also a private pilot and am very familiar with weather systems and various cloud patterns. There was a newspaper article about the sighting in the Woodbury Times, the paper is now the Gloucester County Times. I have lost the article years ago but I will try to get another one. Many people saw the object and lights that night. The time I saw it was approximately 3:00 a.m. Ever since that day I have been fascinated about UFO sightings and would like to learn more now that I have the time. I am retired from the Air Force.
I would like to thank the gentleman for the report and photo.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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