Mexican UFOs - Meteors,
Ball Lightning, Gas
And Balloons

By Frank Warren
Ball lightning, atmospheric gases, meteors, space debris, weather balloons, stealth aircraft, flares etc., have been the initial explanations from conventional wisdom so far as reported by the media of the UFOs sighted by the Mexican Air Force. I think however, that the "strange phenomena" to be observed is that of the media, and how it responds to such unusual events. Moreover, the mostly unnamed scientists that have seemed to easily solve the UFO sighting in Mexico without providing any data to support their theories is another anomaly.
If this wasn't such an important issue it would be comical in the sense that one has to wonder if some of the people interviewed, even read the initial reports in their entirety. If they had, they would know that the pilots were primarily alerted to "unknown traffic" via an "echo" from their radar; it was assumed that this was a plane involved with the drug trade; as a matter of protocol they altered course accordingly in pursuit of the target in order to "record" it with their instruments per their mission of detection and surveillance of suspected aircraft involved in the illegal drug trade.
When they had reached the point of visual confirmation, they were surprised not to be able to see anything with the naked eye; consequently, they activated the FLIR (forward-looking infrared device) which "confirmed" what the radar was seeing. SO to reiterate, a "hard target" was picked up on radar, and then pursued, upon "not making a visual contact" FLIR was activated and supported the radar data.
In the onset their instruments tracked only one object, but that number would rise to a total of 11. Later after breaking pursuit of the objects, they inturn, "changed direction" and followed the Mexican military plane. The instruments show at one point that they were surrounded. Moreover speeds of up to 300 knots were recorded.
In conclusion, the instruments (FLIR and RADAR) offer data of objects of "mass and energy" and their movements indicate "intelligent control." In addition, their reported "speed and maneuvers" eliminates all known man-made craft, along with any suggested atmospheric phenomenon etc. What we have here, is what has been said all along--UFOs, that is U.nidentified F.Lying O.Bjects--this is where the evidence/data leads, no more or no less at this point in time.
This certainly of course necessitates further investigation by individuals who will "look at the data/evidence" and draw theorem from that, opposed to making proclamations based on their respective mind-sets. Furthermore, one would hope that the media would realize the importance of asking "intelligent questions" regarding this matter opposed to peddling "swamp gas!"
Ironically, I think the bigger event is that the Mexican military decided to go public with this story--had this been "civilian sighting" it most likely would have gone un-noticed by the likes of mainstream media etc. Perhaps this will be an example for other governments to step up to the plate and enlighten the masses.
Frank Warren



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