Comet 'Dirty Snowball'
Theory Is Dead
Comet 'Wild 2' Looks Like An Asteroid
From Ted Twietmeyer
Hi Jeff -
Looks like both myself and James McCanney have been vindicated. You may recall how we both went on record some time ago, denouncing the "dirty snowball" theory as illogical and even not possible.
Unknown to me at the time when I was working on my plasma theory about comet tails, James had already worked it out.
What really matters is that the "dirty snowball" theory has finally been destroyed. In the photo, if you look closely you can actually see the plasma jets. The NASA article (link below the image) describes these as peaks several hundred feet high with jets emitted from them.
Project Stardust returned this picture as proof.
is the source for the photo for below:
Complete NASA article that describes how huge it really is at



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