A Classic Case Of Media
Conditioning & Mind Control
'Terrorism', Hate Crimes And Media Fabrications

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Commentary by Moshe Cohen
Hi Jeff,
I am really surprised you posted this article. This 'article' in my opinion is a complete fabrication from beginning to end, classical Ashcroft-FBI PROPAGANDA/misinformation, causing havoc to our American economy. It seems that it was written by Ashcroft/Condi/Cheney to scare the American people, justify 'Homeland Security' fascist Department, and especially to encourage all Americans to spy on each other. Now that we know the Nazi background of the Bush family, one wonders when Bush will use Patriot Act to fill the trains with Americans who do not worship him, and then ship them to Guantanamo?
(Note - We post articles like the one referenced here specifically to nudge our thinking audience to do exactly what Moshe has done: to evaluate, question and challenge these kinds of stories. -ed)
Regarding this disgusting article:
1. We are being flooded with 'warnings' by the Ashcroft/FBI crowd, who never seem to catch any terrorists. (All those suspicious as hell Israeli rental truck and 'moving van' drivers caught in the US were all quickly released and/or given El Al tickets home.)
2. If they can listen to Internet 'chatter', and they can catch every American kid who copy a song, WHY THEY NEVER CATCH ANY TERRORISTS?
3. Being a Jew who is very familiar with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, I can 'smell' how we are being prepared for the next 911. In Jewish circles we have speculated as to where the next 911 will be and to what intensity. As all our monetary system is totally fraudulent and we are facing soon with a VERY massive stock market collapse and depression, we hypothesized that it would be 'logical' and 'convenient' for the Bankers to wipe out New York. Since the bankers would like to maintain their control, the next 911 should be several magnitudes above the first 911 in order to justify declaring 'martial law' and keep control over Americans. Nuking New York would do it. Of course, it will be blamed on 'bin Laden'.
4. We already know that practically all the people who were accused of being 'terrorists' were already released, as they were arrested only because they were Muslims. The FBI and Ashcroft already proved to be liars so many times, what makes them think that we are such fools, we will ever trust them again?
5. "Feds say terrorists -- some within 25 miles of the White House -- will strike this summer."
Oh Really? I could show you terrorists INSIDE the White House.
"...this summer"
Is that another prepared CIA operation? And why do the Feds think the 'terrorists' wait for summer? Do terrorists like summers? In fact, terrorists usually DON'T act in summers as the population is dispersed on vacations! Or, maybe Ashcroft wants to convince us that terrorists would like to avoid casualties as much as possible?
"25 miles"...
Another classic propaganda technique, identical to the "... within 45 minutes intercontinental-nuclear-chemical-messiles" that Saddam was supposed to attack the USA....GIVE ME A BREAK !
6. "Hidden stockpiles of deadly terrorist weapons that Al Qaeda planned to use to murder innocent Americans".....
ANY child/person could be a terrorist. You do NOT need training, you do NOT need weapons and there is no need to go into details here. All Ashcroft's warnings are ridiculous and childish, on the level of The Enquirer.
We all read about the numerouse Israelis with their own trucking companies or hiring Ryder, Budget and other rental trucks which the FBI found explosives residues inside, and promptly put the Israelis on the planes back to Israel.
Why the National Enquirer did not bother to ask Ashcroft if he used these Israelis to place "hidden stockpiles" of weapons around the USA in preparation for "this summer"? If the drivers had been MUSLIMS, they'd be in Guantanamo for years to come. But Zionist Jews are untouchable...the always 'pass go' and they always collect a big payoff.
Americans now do not ask about bin Laden, Americans are now asking what the Israelis and FBI are doing against America.
"deadly weapons" ??
Dear Feds, do you know of any NON-deadly weapons?. The news media taught us over the last half a century that most "hidden stockpiles" are usually hidden by the CIA or FBI , usually to destroy governments all around the world , why do you expect us to believe that this time it is any different?
"Al Qaeda planned" ...
OH, REALLY? Most 'Al Qaeda' stories have been proved to be fakes and fabrications, just like most of the 'bin Laden' stories. How long will you continue to put up with these fabrications? You can fool some of the people some of the time...
HOW LONG will we American Jews tolerate all these hate crimes against Muslims? How long will we keep silently participating with the White House genocide of Muslims in the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu-Ghraib, Guantanamo....etc ?
How do you expect me as a Jew to read all these horrendous fabricated accusations against Moslems - do you think that I already forgot about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust?
" murder innocent Americans".......
So, is the Enquirer hinting that it is OK for Al Qaeda to murder 'non-innocent' Americans? Is The Enquirer abandoning all standards of journalism for money? I would like to know how much was The Enquirer paid to post this insult to America, humanity, ethics and our civilization.
7. "top government sources tell The ENQUIRER exclusively........."
OH, YES? Could it be because The Enquirer will print any BS they are told "exclusively"?, or, could it be that these "top government sources" who lied to us about 911 and Iraq-WMD, did not have time to talk to a more respectable media like the New York Times?
8. "Attorney General John Ashcroft recently issued the chilling warning"........
Ashcroft has NO CREDIBILITY with the American people. ZERO! FULL STOP!
9. "And it has set off a massive hunt for more weapons and terrorist safe houses"........
Oh, really? Gee, and we thought that was what he was doing all along! If that is the case, why did we send the Israelis back to Israel instead of to Guantanamo?
In Guantanamo the BBC documented - 90% of 'inmates' are simple Afghani citizens picked up randomly on the streets or, who had disagreements with their neighbors and were handed to the Americans as revenge. All that, in many people opinions, just to prepare our military staff in torture-training to be used on Americans after the coming declared 'martial Law'.
10. "Many Americans think that terrorism is somewhere 'over there"
EXCUSE ME, Mr Fed, this sound to me as a typical Condoleeza Rice BS-scare tactic, designed to create an American fascist state. THE ONLY terrorists acts I remember in the USA were 911 and Congress-Anthrax, and in both cases it was an INSIDE JOB - nothing to do with Muslims!
11. "Acting on crucial information supplied by Britain's MI-5 and the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad"
AGAIN, we Americans work over 6 months every year to maintain our American defense and pay for our 'intelligence agencies', and now we are told again that we need the Israelis and the British to tell us what is happening in America!!! ???
Did the Feds forgot that they just perpetrated another fraudulant Iraq War, massacring almost a million Iraqis since Gulf War 1, using information supplied by the Mossad and MI-5?
Did the Feds forgot that we just massacre about 1000 Innocent civilians in Falujah as a revenge for them killing 4 American mercenaries who came to kill them in their own city?
Isn't this kind of propaganda an enactment almost word for word of the Protocols Of The Zion Elders?
12. As a Jew who is very familiar with Nazi propaganda, I am urging all Rense readers to read this article very carefully as it is almost a carbon copy of 1930's Nazi hysteria. Just read the titles: "AL QAEDA WEAPONS FOUND HIDDEN IN U.S."..."THEY ARE HERE"..."DEADLY CACHE"..."CLOSE WATCH"..."IT'S UP TO US".
As long as the White House continues to block 911 investigations (just like it did with the OKC bombing and the TWA 800 shoot-down) we are left with NO CHOICE but to believe what MANY independent researchers already proved beyond a shadow of a doubt: that 911 was an INSIDE JOB.
With this in mind, it becomes very clear why Ashcroft is preparing us for the next '911' which will be perpetrated by the bankers again, as an excuse for the inevitable coming collapse of the absolutely bankrupt American monetary system. We should all remember how bin Laden clearly stated that he had nothing to do with 911...and he is NOT shy.
We Jews are at the top of the pyramid, we control the world. There is NO question about it. It is 100% predictable that we will blame the next 911 on Muslims again. AND, the most surprising thing for me as a Jew is how most Muslims leaders are corrupt and are cooperating with us 100% in the massacre of their own people! it is astonishing to me beyond belief!
Jeff, I am too tired to list every lie, fabrication, innuendo, hate crime and more in this idiotic very low class propaganda article, but your readers should be aware of the purpose of this article. And, as all good propaganda articles, it has in the last paragraph a 'conclusion':
And to all my Jewish brothers who are keeping silent, read the Protocols, open your eyes, the Muslims are first, we are next. The 'ovens' are ready.
Moshe Cohen NY NY
Now here is the Enquirer article. Read it, study it, learn from it...
The National Enquirer June 8, 2004
Feds say terrorists -- some within 25 miles of the White House -- will strike this summer.
Hidden stockpiles of deadly terrorist weapons that Al Qaeda planned to use to murder innocent Americans, have been found in the U.S., top government sources tell The ENQUIRER exclusively.
The startling discoveries in upstate New York and New Jersey were the secret reason Attorney General John Ashcroft recently issued the chilling warning that terrorists are operating in the U.S. and getting ready to strike this summer.
And it has set off a massive hunt for more weapons and terrorist safe houses -- some believed to be located just 25 miles from the White House!
"Many Americans think that terrorism is somewhere 'over there,' in the Middle East and Europe, far away from daily life in the United States," a member of the Justice Department's antiterrorism task force told The ENQUIRER.
"That is no longer true. The intelligence information we are getting and the finding of terrorist weapons here in the United States puts the threat of terrorism right at our doorstep."
Acting on crucial information supplied by Britain's MI-5 and the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, members of the Justice Department's special antiterrorism task force uncovered one cache of arms in New York and another in New Jersey that were being readied by the terrorists, said a Justice Department source.
The weapons discovered by the feds included automatic rifles, bomb-making materials and rubber boats.
During the top-secret raids conducted by the FBI, Justice Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and a special antiterrorism unit of the New York City police, the task force also found several maps and papers now being scrutinized at the FBI lab in Quantico, Va.
"Getting the weapons and the maps was a real coup," said the source. "The maps and papers show the terrorists have occupied safe houses in Virginia, within 25 miles of the White House.
"We have been on to these guys for years. The terrorists are difficult to trap. They stay on the move and frequently change locations.
"But the difference now is that they are getting bolder. And the more they show their hand, the harder we will come down on them."
The antiterrorism task force is now concentrating their searches in the mountain regions of New York, New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina, said the Justice source.
And they are working hard to infiltrate terrorist cells.
Attorney General Ashcroft released photos of seven suspected terrorists in his press conference, but the task force knows of and is actively watching another 100 men and women across the United States, said a task force insider.
"Many of the suspects do not realize we are on to them. We even have a man inside an Al Qaeda cell. It is all very secretive. Our man has not yet learned who some of the other cell members are," the insider revealed. "One terrorist cell is not aware of what another is up to."
New information gathered by Britain's MI-5 agents and relayed to the U.S. just weeks ago suggests that Al Qaeda has planned devastating attacks in the coming months for London and Washington, D.C.
But this is no time to panic, said the task force member.
"It is time for Americans to show some real concern, to be vigilant and to inform the FBI or local authorities of any suspicious activities in their neighborhood," the task force member urged.
"If the strangers down the block act strange or are unusually quiet about their activities, then we want to know about them. It is not un-American to inform on suspicious people. It is the right thing to do -- the patriotic thing to protect America." -- MICHAEL HANRAHAN
Published on June 8, 2004



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