Is Chile Creature
A Dover Demon?

From Troy
Could this "non-human" caught on film be a Dover Demon?
The creature in the photograph (assuming it's not a hoax or some sort of film
defect) immediately reminded me of the "Dover Demon" -- the name given to a creature
seen by several witness in Dover, Massachusetts in 1977. There is an excellent
account of it at this link:
And some of the original witness sketches at this one:
The Dover Demon looks very similar in general form to the creature Germán Pereira
has allegedly photographed.
But there are a few more things, other than general form, that make the creature
similar to the Dover Demon. In the article, witnesses of the Dover Demon, Will
Taintor and his girlfriend Abby Brabham, described it as tan in color and "compared
the creature's size to that of a goat". Doesn't the creature in the color image
titled "cap0035" appear to be tan and about the size of a goat?
A very interesting mystery.



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