Chemtrails Over Portland, Maine
From Peter Lund
Hi Jeff - They started spraying two days before the last (artificially-created?) weather system hit the area, the same one that caused so much death and destruction from floods and tornados. These sytems stretch from the Northwest to the Northeast and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadien Maritimes up above where I live here in Portland, Maine.
They spawn lines of active thunderstorms two thousand miles long. I don't ever remember ever seeing satellite pictures like that before this spring.
These photos were taken in a half-hour period Thursday afternoon, May 20, 2004 from my backyard. I have been documenting the chemtrail operations here since March 25, 2002 when a single horizon-to-horizon chemtrail turned the clear blue sky a sick murky grey with huge weird-colored rings around the sun in 30 minutes.
This February, a whacko ex-marine neighbor told me he reported me to the FAA, the FBI, and Homeland Security for taking pictures of airplanes and not liking Bush, big corporations, or the New World Order. So watch out for the New Age Nazis. He told me that he reported me "for my own good". No one has showed up to take me away, not yet, anyway....


#1 12:50 PM The second huge "X" of the day is laid out.
#2 1:00 PM The trail spreads out and the powdered chemicals form "feathers" in the wind.
#3 1:01 PM Another jet lays out another trail into the pattern.
#4 1:03 PM The resulting trail.
#5 1:10 Voila! Instant "high thin clouds", as the local weatherfolks like to spin it.Enjoy!

 Thanks for providing such a great forum for planetary awareness, Jeff.

We need it now more than ever.
Sincerely Yours,
Pete Lund
Portlnd Maine USA



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