World Financial Collapse -
A Capitalist Conspiracy!

By Russell R. Bingman, Publisher
No B.S. News & Commentary
Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved
The most effective way to accomplish a victorious conquest of any people, is to defeat them financially and economically. Everybody in the world, no matter who they are, all have the same common needs: daily bread, clothes and shelter. And depending upon their region, climate and culture, the need for energy for heating or cooling, electricity and transportation - and medical care! All these are the essentials of life, our basic needs, and basic needs should be available to anybody - everybody, at basic prices. But the prices we pay today for life's essentials are anything but basic - they are at a premium, and constantly increasing. Mere coincidence? C'est la vie? Hardly! The ever increasing prices we pay today for life's basics are a clear reflection of the conquest and agenda of the New World Order - capitalism in its true, unmasked form. Capitalism and free enterprise are two totally different systems, and any SOB who babbles otherwise, is a liar or an idiot, or both!
The prices that we're paying at the gas pumps is not an accident . . . nor is it simply because of the escalating world oil prices for crude, now at $40 a barrel, as the state news media propaganda machine keeps explaining to us. Rather, it is a well planned, carefully controlled battle strategy, rapidly achieving it's intended goal - the financial and economic collapse of the world.
I've been writing for over 15 years about the elite's control of the world economy, and that the world economy is based upon petroleum, which controls everything in the world. The ignorant and the uneducated fail to see it, and the propagandist's try to hide it, or mask it over, to look like something else. The carefully orchestrated march of the New World Order elites is right there in the history books for anyone to see, provided they want to see, and have brains enough to bother to look. Free enterprise means exactly that - FREE! And free means "freedom." Freedom is not an institution - it is a state of being, devoid of controllers and rule makers. It is the state of life and living intended by the Creator of the Universe. Capitalism, by contrast, IS an institution, and all institutions have rulers and governors, who carefully control what that institution does, and everybody involved with it. Institutions are not allowed to run amuck, because anything running amuck goes its own way, and cannot achieve the intended goal. And, the intended goal of capitalism is absolute control, of everything, and everyone.
The Merchant Bankers set out upon their conquest when America was first born. But they had no appreciable success until 1840, when the American government got naked and climbed into bed with these Mammonites. All three branches of the U.S. government became nothing more than greedy, insatiable whores, and the American people have been getting sold out ever since, for the ever escalating price of these whores. The value of gold and silver were systematically and deliberately undermined, through various crises, as well documented in history. The specific purpose of these crises and the financial collapse of Wall Street in 1929, that brought about the Great Depression, was solely to put an end to the precious metals economic standard in order to impose the standard of fiat money - worthless cash! And in order to make sure that the American people were fully controlled by this financial institution of greed, the free enterprise system was demolished and illegalized. If you doubt the latter, just look at the legal statutes of the American business code and the regulations of the IRS - all geared to protect big corporate business, but to stifle or eliminate small, independent business. And another element of that institutionalized control was the invoking of the income tax - the sole purpose of which is to feed the coffers and treasury vaults of the Merchant Bankers - the robber barons! Income tax does not pay for one iota of government function. 100% of American income tax goes toward paying the interest on the national debt. America was functioning just fine before the income tax, under the free enterprise system. The whores of capitalism have been busy rewriting history, and putting out their dime novels, to delude the ignorant and the uneducated, into believing fairy tale versions of American history and culture.
Everything in your home or driveway got there, from the point of manufacture, to the store and eventually to your dwelling, by way of the industry of transportation. Transportation, like manufacturing, costs money, and much of that cost is for fuel or energy. The higher the fuel prices, the higher the costs, and ALL costs get passed on to the consumer. The Mammonites have systematically lowered wages, exported jobs to third world countries, and increased prices for their goods or services (irrelevant of energy costs). Like drug addicted crack whores, the majority of the American public fawns at the feet of their enemies - their tales wagging and tongues hanging out like an excited little puppy begging to be held - only these fools and idiots are begging to be dragged down deeper into the muck and mire of the cesspool of capitalism's trenches of enslavement - bigger and more expensive houses - bigger and more expensive automobiles - by performing the simple task of going deeper and deeper into debt. "The debtor is slave to the lender." While the American government has been selling the American people out, it has simultaneously sold them into slavery - the slavery of capitalism and all that it entails. Lower interest rates had nothing to do with getting the economy going - it was all about enticing fools to borrow more money and go deeper into debt. The scam has worked!
In June of 2001, I wrote a headline for one of my print publications, which read: "2001: The Final Countdown Has Begun!" Indeed it had, as the last 3 and a half years have proven, to anybody with their eyes open. Everything from September 11th, 2001 to the present, has been a carefully orchestrated, systematic plan and series of events, to bring not only America (as a nation, which means the people - not the government) to its knees, but the entire world, through economic defeat. The war on terrorism is basically a fraud - a well contrived fraud. It has now cost the American people more than $300 billion dollars just in military expenditures, and another $700 billion to 1.5 trillion dollars for Homeland Security and all of its phony nuances. America's southern border is wide-open, and America's President has kept it that way, to deliberately allow invaders and real terrorists. And now, in order to divert people's attention from what is really going, Lord Ashcroft and Czar Ridge have issued ANOTHER "credible" terrorist alert, and want everybody to look for "seven suspicious characters" that look like Middle East sand surfers. And fools are doing exactly that - with binoculars, cell phones and walkie talkies, they're reporting anybody "who looks like they might be of Middle East descent." We've already seen 3 and a half years of this half-witted, fraudulent crap. Out of the hundreds of thousands of reports, not a single terrorist has ever been found. But a lot of innocent, honest Arabs, Indians and other folks with dark skin, many of them American born, have been falsely reported, assaulted by the Gestapo, harassed, detained, jailed and deprived of their civil rights - all of it excused by the elite, powerful whores of government, and the rubber stamp seal of perverted, corrupted religion - pseudo Christianity, which keeps declaring King George to be the Messiah - our savior from terrorism! IF you're looking for terrorists, stop looking for folks wearing turbans - start looking at the one's wearing sombreros illegally entering the country. La Voz de Aztlan has openly declared its terroristic intentions of taking back the American Southwest, by force! The billions of dollars that King George and Congress loaned to Mexico, has been used to turn its military into a very dangerous, aggressive, fighting machine, and El Presidente` Vicente` Fox openly supports the retaking of the American Southwest, by use of force and his military. He and George have slept together!
The price of the food on your table is going to keep getting higher. The cost of gasoline and diesel is increasing weekly. Your bills are getting higher, your debt deeper, and your job less secure. One morning you are going to wake-up and discover that the country has come to a complete stand-still, because nobody can afford to go to work or go to the store, or pay their bills. Truckers won't be able to fuel their trucks. That morning is closer than you think. And within hours or days of it happening, America's streets are going to be filled with foreign soldiers - UN peace keepers, who won't give a damn about who you are, or your Constitutional rights. They'll take your guns and your life! America's soldiers are gone, overseas, fighting a bogus war - America's police are not here to "Protect and Serve" you - they're here to protect and serve the New World Order, the elite politicians and bureaucrats. If you think that John "Fraud" Kerry is going to save you from George "Weasel" Bush, you better think again! They're blood brothers of the Skull & Bones - just two of the many faces of Satan - two of the many faces of the New World Order, bringing you the world financial collapse - the collapse of your own financial world with it. You better learn how to pray, and pray right - because the time is much later and shorter than you think!



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