Bilderberg Groupies -
Who's Who In US Media

By Uri Dowbenko
Who's working for a One World Government in the United States?
The Media Blackout ensures you won't read these names in Associated Propaganda outlets (the ubiquitous AP or Associated Press, as they so coyly call themselves).
The Bilderberg Group is an invitation-only secretive Global Cabal of Illuminati Gofers, Politician-Minions and Mega-Corporate Honchos who are sworn to secrecy not to reveal the conspiracy which binds them all. Their US based Media Shills include --
* Mort Zuckerman, chairman US News and World Report
* Arthur Sulzberger, editor New York Times
* Conrad Black, chairman, The Telegraph
* Lesley Stahl, CBS 60 Minutes
* George Will, James Reston, Joseph Kraft, political columnists
* William F. Buckley, National Review (also a Skull and Bones member, as is his son novelist Christopher Buckley)
* Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times columnist
* William Kristol, editor/ publisher Weekly Standard
* Peter Jennings, ABC World Tonight
* Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
* George Stephanopoulos, media pundit
When you see their names or read their publications, remember they are commmitted to your demise...



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