Bo Gritz To Canadian
PM Martin: Release
Ernst Zundel

From Ingrid Rimland
Good Morning from the Zundelsite:
By now, I have collected about 1500 letters and testimonials of endorsement of Ernst Zundel, but few are as sharp and to the point as this one. It was written and faxed to Canadian Prime Minister Martin by Bo Gritz, a well-known name to many:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
RE: Ernst Zundel -- Political Prisoner
Sir: I have served with Canadian paratroop officers, e.g. Col Gil R. Bellavance and Capt Kenneth R. Crichton on extremely challenging special operations missions of long duration and found them to be among the bravest and most patriotic officers I've ever known. General Westmoreland featured me as "The" American Soldier in his memoirs. I've always viewed Canadians as dear family. For these reasons and my profound respect for your nation, I cannot understand why Ernst Zundel is being mistreated as your prisoner?
While I spent the better part of four years fighting Communists in Southeast Asia, you allowed Americans to settle in Canada in violation of U.S. law. Jimmy Carter forgave them, as did I. With such an eye toward liberalism, how can citizen Zundel be treated as if he is under the heel of Hitler, Stalin, or Mao? Even the misfortunes of Abu Graib seem more inviting than what Zundel is enduring. Why?
Has Zundel committed any crime of violence? Has he stolen or destroyed any property not his own? Has he cheated anyone out of their fortune? Is he a habitual criminal with no hope of redemption? Why is he denied simple human rights accorded even those guilty of murder, arson, and rape? Sir, we can expect twisted minds which rule North Korea and such examples already given, who place no value on life, to mistreat people, but not in Canada!
I know Ernst Zundel. I've met him both in Canada and the USA. I don't share his political enthusiasms, but he isn't a person of violence; he speaks well and seems to be intelligent. I know Zundal takes issue with accepted holocaust data. I believe if even one person wrongly suffers at the hands of government, those responsible should be held accountable -- which happened at Nuremberg. Must it be repeated in Canada?
Release Ernst Zundel and stop the disgraceful treatment.
Most Respectfully,
James Bo Gritz, Commander U.S. Special Forces (ret)]
HC-37, Box 472
Sandy Valley, Nevada 89019
fax 1-702-723-1356 -- email



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