Bets On 6-11?
By George Paxinos
Recently, a good friend said to me: George, they did 9-11, they did 3-11, now they have got to do 6-11!
Well, we all by now know the many symbologies of the first date, how exactly 11 years after Bush I on September 11, 1990, publicly spoke of a "New World Order" -- the Novo Ordo Seclorum on the back of the Greenback -- the hit on the WTC took place.
We know that between the WTC hit and the Madrid Bombings, exactly 911 days intervened, and can so trace some of the wacky esoteric symbolisms and precepts running the esoteric societies in which the present would-be world-dominators are embedded, can gain some shocking insight into the state of their sick, psychotic symbology, by means of which their psychopathy can be justified to themselves in running a "never-ending generational war" for their own corporate profits, so perhaps it behooves even an amateur, such as myself, knowing but the merest smattering of such stuff, to look rather superficially at what MIGHT be in such sick minds, repressing a shudder, the while:
6-11 falls on a FRIDAY, 11 for the Illuminati, 6 for the Feminine, the Goddess?
Also, Friday is the Nordic Goddess Freya's Day!
What fits a hit on Goddess's Day?
A hit on the Statue of Liberty, perhaps?
WHY was the East Coast navy put on alert? see:
Navy to Deploy Carrier Groups to Test Rapid Readiness
A major exercise soon to be underway will have a large part of the Navy fleet deploying out of Norfolk.
WAVY News 10 has learned the Navy is sending seven carrier strike groups out to sea.
The exercise is designed to test the Navy's new rapid deployment readiness.
Several Norfolk-based carrier strike groups will participate. The USS George Washington is already deployed. Two others, the USS Enterprise and USS Harry S Truman will leave soon.
Other carriers involved in the exercise include the USS John F. Kennedy, the USS John S. Stennis, and the USS Ronald Reagan - which left Norfolk on Thursday.
While the Navy won't say where the seven carrier groups are going, the carriers not already deployed are expected to be gone for only one to two months.
You'll need Real Player to view this video clip.
Well, folks -- what would polarise more the US public, incense them to a greater extent, than the destruction of that one still-standing symbol of what the USA once used to stand for, if only in theory:
Liberty and Freedom, before the Pirate Regime and the Neocon War-Ghouls took over?
What would better distract the American public away from the Administration's own crimes against humanity, now that they are slowly but surely being exposed as premeditative warmongers-for-corporate-profit, premeditative torturers and uncaring of the many dead and terminally genetically damaged through their use of Depleted Uranium weapons, LITERALLY Weapons of Mass Destruction?
What would otherwise so easily facilitate the publicly-acceptable implementation of even greater draconian measures against internet freedom-campaigners, than the destruction of the Lady with the Light?
I know that if nothing happens, I might be looked upon as a fool.
But how would I feel, if I said nothing -- and by doing that, something DID?



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