Teacher Suspended Over
Berg Video Anomalies

From Name Protected
Well after reading your articles on the debunking of the nick berg video I am firmly placing my eggs in the conspiracy basket.
I work as a public high school teacher in Wisconsin. During a conversation a few weeks ago the subject of the Nick Berg video came up. One student, started off by saying that he was glad Bush was there (in Iraq) and that he is eliminating the enemy. I chimed in saying that a majority of those people are not the enemy, just normal people like you and I trying to survive.
Then he mentioned that the terrorists in the nick berg video should all die as well. I told him that the video may be fake. This is where things went in a downward spiral. His response was, "How could it be fake they video taped it." I responded with all the anomolies listed on your website that I could muster at that moment. His response was an assuring look of confusion and doubt followed by him fervently expelling, "But we have specialists that find out if stuff like this is fake!"
I told him, "Look, if you want to believe everything that is spoon fed to you, do so, but you'll never know the world if you confine yourself to a single point of view.
I am suspended until the next academic year when the student will have already graduated.



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