Assessing The Threat
The nation's insecurity agencies are back with more warnings, no substance, and more empty threats. But that's nothing new. That has been the case since these agencies were created "to protect us."
What do we know? We know that the same people who failed us on 9-11 are still in the same jobs they held on that day. We know that Donald S. Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense was responsible for the Air Defense of the nation on 9-11, and that he did not act to stop the attacks after they had begun. Rumsfeld has still not accepted responsibility for all the additional deaths that happened after the fall of that first tower.
In addition to his failures in Iraq,
Rumsfeld needs to be charged for Dereliction of Duty in the face of the enemy, for his failures on 9-11-01. The President should be charged for deserting his post in the face of the enemy and the Vice-President, who was apparently the acting president during the attacks, should be charged with dereliction of duty in a time of war. None of that has happened, or is about to happen. That's some of what we know.
We know that the FBI is thoroughly incompetent, and has failed repeatedly throughout the term of the Bush presidency, to act in any meaningful way to protect the people of the United States. We know that despite huge cash infusions, both the CIA and the FBI have yet to get their collective act together, to correlate intelligence, or to act upon any of that information, which they supposedly receive. However we'll never know this for sure, as all of this is SECRET.
We also know that Homeland Insecurity is nothing more than a hot-air balloon, whose only purpose is to glide slowly though the bureaucratic wasteland and pretend to care while secretly spying on half the population and angering the rest of us with their tiresome warnings that contain no substance and even fewer specifics. Basically this agency has done nothing to make anything better, and many things to make millions of lives infinitely worse.
After having spent many billions of dollars of the public's money to create these "agencies" where does that leave the nation? We're actually worse off now than we were before 911. Then the local police, fire and emergency services, were aware and alert to what needed to be done-and the people of those communities kept them staffed and ready for whatever came along. After 911 with the middleman of Homeland Insecurity, we've seen layoffs of firefighters, police, highway patrol officers, along with the closing of hospitals and the downsizing of emergency personal nationwide. The money is sitting in the offices of Homeland Insecurity, because Ridgepole hasn't yet figured out how to spend it.
The resident in the White House has assured us that it is his job to insure that Americans are protected; yet he has refuses to do any of the things that would make America and Americans much safer than they are today. There is not enough money in the universe to protect every man woman and child here from every eventuality. However changing American foreign policies to conform with civilized behavior and international norms of respect for others would go a long way toward insuring a better life for everyone, Americans as well. Instead having made it all up as they went along, and still having no real plan at all, George says "We WILL stay the course!" Translation: we will continue to bully anyone in our way, and we will never give up our "right" to the spoils of war, the oil and the military bases, as well as the contracts for re-building all that we've so carelessly destroyed. And, we will crush anyone who does not agree with George.
The reality then is that because of the actions of this president, no American can be safe anywhere in the world-not even here. The president of the United States has many responsibilities, first and foremost is the protection of this land and its people.
His policies throughout the Middle East have intensified the fighting in every corner of that ancient region. He and the Butcher of Beirut have turned what was a developing roadmap for peace into the beginning of an all-out-war. In situation after situation Bush has shown himself to be incredibly unqualified to lead anyone anywhere. His grasp of world affairs would be laughable if it weren't for the life and death outcomes for so many millions of people. This man and his administration have brought death and destruction everywhere they've looked-is it any wonder that the vast majority of the world has come to hate everything we now stand for?
Regime change needs to happen here and now, in the United States of America. As George sees things, the whole world is wrong and he is right. That is simply false. George and Dick and Don have brought fear and terror to the world, pre-packaged in American flags, complete with slogans and political rhetoric, generously seasoned with promises. What we delivered were lies, deceit, broken promises, torture and intimidation: on top of nation breaking, infrastructure-ruin, and complete insecurity for one and all. Finally we brought with us a new kind of disregard for the humane treatment of prisoners.
All of the above we blamed on what happened to Americans and others on 911. Yet the administration has stonewalled all attempts to examine the events of that day, minute by minute: Because if that had been done, they'd all be awaiting trial for treason.
That was a civil crime, yet Bush said this was not a crime but an act of war. And his every action from that day forward was built on that sole justification, which to date he has never explained-in fact it's still all classified as secret. SECRETS are what is wrong with this administration. People have no faith in a government whose only answer to all questions is, "That's CLASSIFIED." There is no longer any trust between this government and those it presumes to lead. There can't be, because this government does not trust the people, and we know that because we've lived with this for almost four years now.
Where do we go from here, crippled as we are, by those who say they're leading us? They're "in charge" all right, but they're taking this country straight to hell, with a smirk, a leer, and a shrug of shoulders that have never done an honest day's work in their entire lives.
When a general in the field fails at the only task he's been assigned, he's not usually retained to repeat his performance in the same slot for the next event. Why haven't we replaced the people that allowed 911 to happen to us? Why haven't we actually investigated the criminal acts that took place that day?
Why have we allowed our military and the resident to ignore the Geneva conventions, over a war that we entered with no proof at all that anyone in Afghanistan actually did anything to us-ever! All we had was the word of a proven and congenital liar, he happens to be the president of the USA, but that does not excuse us from the responsibility to demand that this man be held responsible for his actions-especially when he sends the sons and daughters of this nation into war, basically on his word alone. He needs to answer for his actions-to the world, not just to us.
The people in our insecurity agencies do not inspire trust, or belief, as they evidence no concern whatever for real people at all. To them we're just another bureaucratic problem to be solved-but they're not equipped for that task, or motivated to complete it. John Ashcroft and Tom Ridge have done nothing to earn their pay since the day they were appointed.
The FBI, the CIA, and the NSA, have all been acting like shabby half-interested government slugs, instead of like investigators who are serious about their jobs.
However we have not demanded anything better, from any of the collection of failures that now represent us, in whatever capacity.
For far to long too many Americans have allowed themselves to be led around like dumb animals buy a bunch of incompetent bureaucrats, whose only concern has been keeping their safe jobs no matter how much damage that might mean, to those of us who pay their salaries!
We got the government we deserved. This case is a perfect example of what happens when people fail to care, do you think that can ever change?



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