David Booth's
April 20 - May 20
Tragedy Window

The following excerpt is from Mr. Booth's 'Final Radio Interview' conducted by Jeff Rense on April 12th, 2004...
D. People, if they want to really start worrying? Start worrying about between April 20 and May 20... the world's going to change, you know, in the next, you know, 40 days.
J. Forty days. Let me ask you to be as specific as you can. Forty... well thirty days, April 20 to May 20. Thirty days.
D. Yup.
J. Ten days from now make it forty.
D. Yup.
J. A lot of people are going to die?
D. Oh, absolutely. Beyond the shadow of a doubt.
J. Man-caused casualties?
D. Absolutely.
J. In the next 40 days, from April 20th to May 20th, a lot of people are going to ...have matriculated out of here.
D. Oh, absolutely.
J. Nuclear? Biological? Earth changes? Volcanism?
D. Then... then we're touching, you know, on something that, you know, that, you know, I'd honestly tell you, you call me back, you got my number, I'll call you back and talk to you. And you know, you never asked me this before, you know that. The other day when we talked, I would have gladly told you then, but then when I tell you, you'll understand why, you know...
J. That's fine.
D. ...I can't talk about it.
J. I respect that. We'll talk. Okay.
J. Is there anything you can see that would change or alter or otherwise subvert what you project to happen over the next 40 days?
D. Oh, no. It's a foregone conclusion and everyone knows it. Everyone knows it. Everyone in this world knows it. Every government knows it, every church leader knows it, every major broadcaster knows it.
J. So I guess then, I'm not going to push, demand, pry or do anything other than have to leave it at this. And people will make of it what they will. And if nothing happens by May the 20th, then you folks can all say, well, he was wrong. And whatever else you want to say. And that's, I'm sure, fine with David Booth.
D. Oh, absolutely. These are scary times we live in.



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