Photo Of Alleged Alien -
Looking Like A Hoax!

Brian Vike
James Neff
We thought we'd call up an older example from 1999 where we discovered a particular UFO photo fake where darkness was used to mask out a larger "staged" reality...

It is also very likely the alien used in the photos in this feature is a 3D model which can be articulated into almost any position or stance, rendered with realistic lighting and easily planted into a digitial image. Notice the extreme similarities between a commercial rendering of the alien model and the one in the photo... the angle of the eyes, shape of head, pointy chin, length of neck, even the bulbous shoulder.
From Ted Twietmeyer
Beyond the photoshop analysis lies an even more obvious fact. Neither the photagrapher nor the subject in the photo supposedly know the alien is there. Now, study the photo for centering and composition.
You will note that the actual center of the image is exactly between the person standing there and the "alien." The person standing there, is just to the left of center. The "alien" is perfectly just to the right of center.
So, you might then say they wanted to include the vehicle in the photo. Why would anyone include the BACK end of any car as part of the subject matter of a picture? Makes no sense at all, except that they wanted to be certain the so-called "alien" was also in the frame.
All I can say is amateur hour...



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