Israeli 'Movers' Freed,
Back In Miami
Andy of Mayberry Meets the New World Order

By Daniel Hopsicker
According to law enforcement officials at the scene the rented moving van used by two Israelis involved in the high speed chase near the tiny Appalachian hamlet of Mars Hill, N.C. last week tested positive for drugs, the MadCowMorningNews has learned exclusively.
While the FBI dismissed the finding as a 'false positive,' local law enforcement officials regard the test as highly accurate.
The dogged persistence of local law enforcement in Tennessee, even in the face of Federal indifference, finally paid off when the Sheriff of Unicoi County learned that the liquid the Israelis threw from the van during the hot police pursuit can be used "as a culture, for growing some kind of bug."
And even as the incident 'disappeared' officially, there was word of a possible New Jersey connection to the case, which wags have dubbed 'The Mystery of Mars Hill.'
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