Chemtrails Over Ohio
From Dave
Hi Jeff,
On 6-13-04 and yesterday, I have noticed the aerosol jet pilots have been trying to evade our cams in some kind of stealthy maneuvers. Unfortunately for them, they still have noisy engines and leave a trail behind them which is evidence of their existence. I laugh. But seriously folks, over the last few weeks, the jets have dumped aerosols along the weather fronts in Kentucky and Ohio. We have had major flooding and severe storms after these recent sprayings. There has been millions of dollars in property damage and some lives lost. We experienced 60 mph wind gusts during the last storm that blew a large tree down in my yard. The lightning has been severe too, striking trees everywhere.
During the cloudiness and at night, the jets can be heard overhead. On the sunny patches along the storm fronts, they can be heard but not seen. It is like they fly too high to be seen then drop to spray and then fly back up. I have also videotaped several silver cylinder shaped objects that fly on the clear edge ahead of these fronts. They are just too predictable. I think I have 5 videos of those now.
Here in Scioto County, Ohio we have been cited by the Ohio EPA for having unhealthy air. The citations involved the atomic plant's uranium spill mess, the stove foundry emission violations, and the mess that the coke plant left after it went out of business that left us with 8 spilled contaminants contained in one place that has yet to be cleaned up. It is obvious that these jets in the sky are contributing to this problem. The local industries in our area get fined for causing the bad air and it is mostly these aerosols from jets. I wonder if the EPA can acknowledge the existence of this jet pollution problem and cite them? I have experienced abdominal pain, dryness of mouth, tightness in the throat, generalized weakness, blurred vision and headaches, after and during these occurrences of jets flying overhead that leave trails behind them that slowly become large clouds.
I object to being treated like an animal in a laboratory experiment by having to put up with this poisoning and breath contaminants that make me sick. These jets fly roughly within 10 minutes of each other over a populated area. They are very predictable and photogenic. Just wait for a storm front, listen for the jet engine, wait, then aim your cam and film what is about to make you and your fellow citizens sick.
Please note that the white clouds around the trails in these photos are already sprayed trails becoming clouds.
Dave Ohio



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