BBC Lied Again Regarding
Two Dead Japanese Journalists
Exclusive to

Commentary by Toshikazu Yamaguchi
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Mr Rense,
Since the British government assassinated Dr Kelly, the BBC have changed completely and can not be trusted anymore, it is often sounds as a Pentagon spokesman instead of the British organization we used to trust. Hardly a day goes by without the BBC distorting the truth.
I would like to report to you that the BBC lied again yesterday. BBC reported that the translator died in the car with the two Japanese journalists in Iraq today, this is a lie. BBC wanted to create the impression that this was a 'usual' attack on foreigners by the Iraqis. In the opinions of informed Japanese sources this was not an attack by the Iraqis, but a carefully staged assassination by the American and Japanese governments in order to block information coming out from Iraq by our independent Japanese journalists.
The media reported many documented reports of many assassinations of journalists by the Americans, this may be just one more case. It is becoming clear now to many people, with the spectacular timing, that the Americans probably have a special assassination unit.
It is very likely an asassination by the USA ocupying forces or US 'contractors'; as the Americans knew exactly ALL the movements of the two journalists. It was very important for the Americans to assassinate these independent journalists as they were on their way home on next Sunday and their revelations in the Japanese press could have forced the return of all Japanese forces in Iraq back to Japan and the collapse of the Japanese government.
This is NHK-TV detail report:
1. The two Japanese journalists were independent.
2. Planning on returning home to Japan next Sunday.
3. They were forced by Japanese government to get 'paper documentations' at the Japanese military camp in Samawa. So they were forced to drive from Baghdad to Samawa.
4. On thier return from Samawa to Baghdad, they were stopped by an "American road block" and their identification was verified.
5. They were 'allowed' by the American soldiers to proceed to Baghdad.
6. As soon as they left the American road block, a mercedes with four people followed them, passed them, verified who they were, made a U-turn and shot at them. They were killed four KM from the American 'road block'.
7. The Journalists, driver and translator were in the car.
8. One Japanese sat next to the driver.
9. The second Japanese sat behind the driver with the translator next to him.
10. The Japanese embasador visited the car and saw 2 chard bodies, he could not identify them.
11. Japanese embassador enquired in the local hospital as to why the hospital think that the two bodies are Japanese. The Hospital staff responded that the translator told them.
12. The translator now disappered and the BBC try to fool us that he died in the car. The Iraqis, the driver, the hospital and the Japanese Embassy ALL agreed that ONLY two people died.
13. As 'evidence' that the two bodies are the missing Japanese journalists, the translator handed the hospital few Japanese newspapers.
14. The Japanese media disscussed the almost impossible probability that the two Iraqis escaped and the two Japanese died.The way that the four were seated in the car, it is a 'miracle' that both Iraqis were not injured and both Japanese died. This seem to me to be a clear case af a well preprepared assassination.
15. Some sugested that this is an assassination planed by the Japanese government (organised by the Americans at the Japanese request). Why else will the Japanese government force the two journalists to drive a very long drive from Baghdad to Samara, which is now considerd to be the most dangerouse highway in the world, just to pick up a piece of paper, which they could simply fax it?
16. We are very lucky that NHK who is now distorting the truth almost as often as the BBC, did not coordinate their lies with the BBC, and it is easy to see the truth by comparing both 'news' reports.
17. NHK spent an unusual efforts to convince us that that was just a 'normal' blind attack by the Iraqis, and not a maticulessly planned assassination with amazing accuracy.
18. This assassination solved a major problem for the Japanese government. The Iraq issue almost dropped our government, we paid one million US dollars for the release of each of the Japanese abducties. Any more REAL information coming out of Iraq by independent Japanese journalists will bring this Japanese government to an immidiate collaps.
Thank You,
Toshikazu Yamaguchi
Tokyo, Japan



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