What Will The End
Of Society Be Like ?

By Ted Twietmeyer
This essay is divided into two general sections.
The first will cover several ways how most of the life on earth (not all life) may suddenly die. The second part, will cover just what it could be like. If you have ever lived through an ice storm or snowstorm or other calamity when the power was out...that was mild compared to this.
This is full of doom and gloom, and disturbing facts. Don't blame me if you have nightmares tonight.
There are a plethora of reasons why the end of our life as we know it could come to pass. A coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun, a meteorite of sufficient size, and of course the ever present possibility of nuclear war. Its really a myth that the nuclear age ended in 1989 with the fall of the iron curtain. Missiles are still pointed at Russia, and Russian missiles are still pointed at us. In fact, a documentary a few years ago stated that most missile target coordinates are unchanged. And why not ? The theory of M.A.D. still prevails, because it is really an immutable fact. As the expression goes, "the names have changed, but the music is still the same."
The big differences between global thermonuclear war, and a solar event or meteor impact will be that a meteor won't have radiation with it. An event from the sun, if severe enough can cause high radiation levels. But unlike a global atomic war, radiation from a CME will virtually cover the entire earth. And it might actually be worse in some respects than a nuclear war, but not as long lasting.
Asteroid and comet threats are perhaps the worst threat planet earth has. The control-freak families who decide everything on earth including wars and world economies, must be frustrated over anything they can't control. Asteroids cannot be bought out, threatened, shot at, kidnapped or intimidated. They just keep on coming like a freight train without brakes. As of this writing, there were 589 asteroids that have been categorized as either continent killers, or earth life killing objects. There are tens of thousands more which are also tracked. The determination is of course, based on their size and mass. Iron is the most common component of an asteroid. One of the big problems, is that there aren't enough full-time astronomers to track them all and look for new ones.
Asteroids are mostly made of iron. This is known from those meteors that make it to earth. And you think an iron skillet is heavy ? Imagine a million of them coming into the atmosphere, at speeds of 14,000 MPH+. Very bad for your car's paint job, and even harder on windows and roofs.
These objects collide with one another in space with an unknown frequency, in ways we do not fully understand or can predict. It is also believed they can cluster together as well. When this happens, radar from earth may not be able to ascertain if one huge asteroid is actually a collection of smaller rocks. Every object has gravity, and in space even very small gravity fields can cause clustering.
These NEOs (near earth objects) are constantly tracked, but its impossible to detect them all. Most of the time, astronomers don't know about them until they are close enough, or often not until it has passed by the earth and can be detected easily. Worldwide, there are only a handful of NEO watchers. Its quite amazing,. that a threat much worse and far reaching than any terrorist could ever dream to make, receives the least amount of money. The Hopi speak of a "gourd of ashes falling to earth from the heavens" (simplified quote here. The words "gourd" and "ashes" are the words they used in a story handed down over many generations.) Today we call that a meteorite.
A coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun will if severe enough, will destroy satellites. There are different types of CMEs. Some don't do any damage, yet others can cripple or temporarily stop a satellite from working. A CME at higher energy levels can ionize the atmosphere sufficiently to bring down power grids. One such event happened several years ago in the Quebec area of eastern Canada.
Their grid was down for several days, because the high voltage insulators were arcing (shorting out) and tripping circuit breakers. All that grid operators could do is wait for conditions to improve. And there are levels of severity beyond that, too. Loss of human life is possible because the jet stream could be depressed by the force of a CME, down near the surface of the earth. Normally above altitudes of 30,000 ft, this is not a mild breeze- the jet stream moves at velocities of 200 Mph or more.
So, with all that said, lets look at what the end might be like. The common denominator in all these scenarios, is the end of the infrastructure as we know it. Ever been in an ice or snow storm where you live ? Remember what that was like ? Any open store was packed, where people can be seen grabbing bread from another's hands when it was the last loaf on the shelf..
When people get scared the survival instinct kicks in, like protective programming. Now in our global disaster example we are not talking about a simple storm. In a storm scenario, everyone knows (even the food grabbers in the stores) that in a few days the power will be back on, and all will be well again.
People know they will be able to fill their cars again and continue driving when the effects from a regular storm are over. An ice storm or snow storm are minor inconveniences. Ice storms usually happen right near freezing temperatures, so one can actually do without heat in their home. And of course, everyone will live happily ever after and things will return to normal....
Now, lets examine another situation. A meteorite impact on land is far worse in the long run, than one in the ocean. Computer models have predicted what an impact on land will do. It will blast enough dust and dirt into the high atmosphere to block out sunlight for 6-8 months. Originally scientists believed it would last a year, but the impact on plants is what is most important.
An ocean impact forces the water to absorb a large part of the energy. Tidal waves of huge proportions will be generated, but the sun won't be blotted out. But the people living along the coastal areas, will be. Although the loss of life will be in the millions, many scientists believe it won't threaten the very existence of humankind on earth. These tidal waves will be the biggest ever seen in recorded history. Some predictions state these waves can reach up to 100 miles inland. Its very difficult for anyone to imagine a wave one mile high, but it can happen. This wave will wash out everything within its reach. All the coastal cities around the world will be in grave danger of being washed away from such an impact. Its also believed that the resulting shockwave will circle the planet twice. See (<> for what an earthquake-generated tidal wave can be like.
With an impact on land, three days without any sunlight will cause loss of most ALL plant life. Including trees, crops, grass, plankton...well, you get the idea. Here's some information to look at about a land impact at
Submitted here for your edification, is what you might call a "Catastrophe Calculator" at if you would like to see just how bad things will get. You can enter in various parameters for your location, including the size of an impacter to see what will happen.
If you are of the faint of heart or sickened easily, this is your last warning. It gets worse from here.
There will be several kinds of survivors. The first are those who live through the initial event and are happy and well off, because of food and shelter and being in the right place at the right time.
Then there will be those in shock, and that will be replaced by fear later. And then there will be those injured, who may never get medical attention. Hospitals everywhere will either be destroyed, or those still in operation will be swamped with emergency patients. Lines will extend into parking lots and down the road.
Remember that the key word here is survival of the human race. And this one fact will be the driving factor for any surviving law and infrastructure. A ruthless form of martial law will rule. And if the meteor hits land- you will have martial law declared and enforced in near total darkness for months. Worse than any nightmare you can imagine. Get caught out on the streets during curfew, and you will be shot.
In the following sections, we will explore how you will be PLUNGED HEAD FIRST back 200 years without electricity. And unlike a storm where you know the power will be back on at some point- this is worse because IT WON'T BE COMING BACK ON, if at all, for years. And because everyone will know it, panic and desperation will set in.
Recall my mentioning an ice storm ? For those of you have not lived through one, here's what its like if you live in a rural area as I do, where the impact is even greater when power goes out. You quickly find out your not as self-sufficient as you thought.Your well pump won't run without power. Therefore, the only running water you have is what's left in the pressure tank. This is usually only a few gallons. When its gone, its gone. The first time that happened, I created a backup system so our quality of life won't suffer the next time it comes along. If it isn't a summer storm, then it will be a drunk driver hitting a pole, or a power equipment failure at a substation.
Flushing toilets is something people never think about. But without running water, it better be planned and limited. Of course, that creates its own problems. And when the telephone poles come down with the power, the internet and telephones will become a faded memory. Cell phones won't work either. I've been telling people for years now, DON'T just save a link to that important information- PRINT IT OUT. Don't even bother to put in your HD to "read later." Because without power- later will never come. And you can read books without electricity during the day.
Open the fridge out of habit- and its dark. The sudden realization of all your food spoiling comes to mind. The news on the car radio is not good- that power will be out for up to a week (for an ice storm or other similar event.)
Have an electric stove? Forget it. Useless. If you have a gas stove, these appliances today all have electric igniters. So the gas on the burner comes on, but it won't light. Matches or a BBQ lighter fixes that. Gas ovens today are designed so the main gas feed won't come on, until the pilot is lit. Do NOT do this, but people manually have lit the pilot down in the broiler, and when the safety sensor gets hot the main burner turns on. This is dangerous if your arm is still inside, so don't do it. Yet these are minor inconveniences compared to other problems. In the case of a global catastrophe, dead appliances will become useless. Like that washing machine and dryer that cannot run anymore.
Go to the gas station to fill your car. No gas because the pumps don't run without electricity. You can find an open station, just by the long lines at the pumps. Perhaps you won't run out while waiting in line... If so, you'll be pushing your car to the pump. I've always wondered WHY most gas stations don't wake up, and install a generator to keep the pumps running. They could charge $5.00 a gallon, and people will still pay it. The great American love affair with their cars continues. But I won't pay $5.00 a gallon !
Gasoline brings us to the "woodstove connection." Why? Because people use gas powered chainsaws to create kindling. Oops- can't run your gas or electric chainsaw can you? You're no better off now than your neighbor with the electric furnace. People think wood will always be available. But what happens when the trees are destroyed ?
These life saving institutions will be able to function for a while. Most of them are required by law to have backup generators. Remember that up until the mid 1900's, hospitals reused most of what they had after washing and sterilizing. Those days have been replaced by glorious plastic. Use it once, throw it away and bill the patient for it all. Great for preventing the spread of disease as we all know. Bad news when the supply trucks don't come anymore. And there are the drugs that will quickly run out, too. And in the case of real nationwide disaster no matter what country you live in, the military will take control of all of it. It could even come down to euthanasia for patients who have too many injuries.
This is the part that really brings people to their knees. How many really know what REAL hunger is ? You can only live about three days without food and water. What happens to the body during starvation ? Our bodies are marvels of engineering. There is an automatic survival mechanism inside you. When you don't have gas in your car, it stops point blank. But your body without food goes into survival begins to use itself to keep your organs functional. It consumes fat first, then muscle. When that runs continues on to other parts of the body. The survival mechanism doesn't stop until the organs shut down. These and other recorded effects were found during semi-starvation testing under controlled conditions, are found at
As long as you intake enough fresh water (without parasites - forget that creek, river or lake near your home) you'll live for weeks. But it won't be pleasant. After just a couple days, you begin to hallucinate. You start seeing double and cannot focus. You can even have auditory hallucinations because your brain can't function correctly or focus right. It gets worse from there. It can take a year (or more) for the food distribution pipelines to fill again AFTER the crops come in. What most people don't know, is that supermarkets today operate with little more than THREE DAYS of food in the store. Just go ask one of the local store managers.
Stores *assume* that a truck will always arrive to re-stock the store. And that brings us back to gasoline and diesel fuel - those tractor trailers don't move, unless their two 40 gallon tanks are filled. The fine men and women that drive those rigs are not fools, and are not about to start out on a trip not knowing whether a filling station will be open somewhere.
Now, you haven't lived until you been to a store when an ice storm or blizzard has happened. You reach for that loaf of bread- and someone else will literally snatch it right out of your hand. I've seen this happen. Why? Because the instinct for survival is very strong in humankind. Deep within all of us are animal instincts to live, and when "push comes to shove" people will do anything to live. Even laws won't matter anymore when the survival mode kicks in.
The solution to the food problem is to grow your own. But you will NOT be able to do that outdoors.
One main reason is lack of sun. The other is, it will be stolen from you just about the time its ready
to harvest. So, gardening outside will be impossible. You will either need to grow it indoors or have enough dehydrated storage to last you for perhaps two years.
If you think you can run to the store fast enough to get what you want, think again. The US Army
several years ago, began a quiet planning program for takeover of the stores. The small mom and pop stores they don't care about. Its the big chains that will become food distribution centers. And the men and women assigned to guard and screen store customers will be armed, and will shoot to kill anyone who attempts entry on a day they aren't assigned to come in on. In other words, a strict rationing system.
Just where does that water in your tap come from if you don't have a well ? ALL treatment plants rely on electricity for the systems they use. They may have backup generators and storage tanks, but at some point, perhaps in a few days or weeks, these will run out. No more baths, dishwashing, cleaning, showers, or even something to drink.
Needless to say this will skyrocket. No other film could more accurately illustrate this, than the 60's movie called "Omega Man." If you haven't seen it, go rent it if you can. You will see what cities will become. Sure, there will be the military patrolling the streets in tanks. But that won't be enough. Want proof ? Look at Fallujah, Iraq today. Only one city, and we cannot secure it. Now imagine trying to restore order to all the big cities across the united states.
Bush has said he'll "put foreign troops on the streets." Now that's for a major terror attack. Yet minor, compared to a global catastrophe. Killing for just a candy bar will take place, as people become more and more hungry. Those living, will be envying those that died. They will feel there is nothing to live for, and they may be correct in many ways. The very fabric of society will unravel in just days.
Any country's border is only as good as its defense. Imagine you work for the government,
and do border patrol. It doesn't even matter which country. When global catastrophe hits, NO government will stay solvent. Suddenly you will realize that you are just as unemployed as that steel worker from Indiana. What will you do ? Say the heck with it, and go home to your family. The borders
everywhere will be unguarded. Millions will cross over into the country and join in the looting and
People laugh at this. I took one camp name at random two years ago from a list on the web and paid
it a visit. Ft. AP Hill in Virginia (estimated capacity 45,000.). Its no laughing matter when you visit one.
These are REAL. And when those that are starving go to the government for help, this is their final
destination. These camps will exist for several reasons- one to punish looters and those that break martial laws, to organize work groups, and extermination. Look at the great purge of the old Soviet Union. The details about this (purge is a nice polite name for MASS GENOCIDE) are at
among many other places on the web. Out with the old, in with the new....slaves, that is.
Think about the country and what it could become because of a global catastrophe- millions of telephone poles down and all the cables. High tension towers flattened. Thousands of water lines and water treatment and sewer facilities destroyed. There are other plans for the camps according to govt. documents, including using them as execution centers. And Christians are on the list for pickup among others. Here, on, is a list of camps state by state:
Here are photos of the camps that *don't exist* :
Millions or perhaps billions of unburied corpses and wounded laying everywhere. City buildings will become mausoleums for the unprepared dead. Disease will become rampant, as the plaque from the decaying bodies will spread through animals and insects. It will boggle the mind, just thinking about where to begin. There will be people still alive, so wounded and hurt that death will be welcome to them. They will even beg for the end to come. Who will give it to them ? An injection, or a bullet ?
The military has what they call "portable crematoriums." The question will be - do they have enough
of these ? Not likely, because the race against time will be about preventing the spread of disease.
There won't be enough body bags for the dead - I'll leave that part out.
This could take 100 years. Look how long it took to give electricity to all of America ? Decades.
And that's when the sun came out each day to work in and all the supplies were available. There won't even be enough trees left to replace all the telephone poles and towers. This will probably result in people living in compact cities. Bush gave an order shortly after the Sept. 11th event that these were to be built, to house (as I recall) about 2 million people each. This was for the evacuation of a major city. Oops- wait a minute- isn't the population of NYC or WA, DC several times that number ? I guess that tells us how many they expect to live (or more to the point, ALLOW to live.) If anyone has seen one of these under construction, please write me about it. More than 10 years ago, Reagan and other presidents signed executive orders to permit organizing the general population into labor groups and work camps.
So, in the final analysis, all those that survive and are allowed to live, and those in hospitals that
get well and are released...everyone...will become a permanent slave to the New World Order.
You may ask "How can you say that ?" Simple, because the world's richest that tell all the governments what to do, have protected facilities to live in and to rule from. Case in point- Dick Cheney who almost all the time "is at an undisclosed location." Word is out that this "secret location" is located in Pennsylvania. Wait a minute- isn't that the state that Homeland Insecurity's director, Tom
Ridge is from ? Wasn't he governor of that state ? Coincidence of course. Out of 280 million Americans in the US, Bush appointed him. Just another coincidence.
Now, don't think I want this kind of living hell to come upon us. In no way do I want this
to happen, but it CAN happen. Preparing for it isn't all that hard- just get out of the city or have a place to go, with food, fuel and water for at least a year. At least have a backpack ready to put on and leave. Hopefully, you won't ever need it.
But if you prepare now, you won't have to go begging at that camp with the barbed wire and ask to be let in. And the smart people out there, know that gold, silver and platinum will always have value, even when paper currency becomes worthless.
At this URL is a list of the Executive Orders that are the basis for many of my comments above. Look
at Executive Order 12919 in particular- where the government grabs everything:
From Starfleet
Don't worry, the solution already exists. Very simple, emulate Camp Century and Bilibino. Hardened them against all possible cataclysms. Nuclear power and mini-nuclear power plants, dispersed and hardened, and their power distribution also hardened, will provide all the power and heating needed. These three sites will provide an idea on how to survive any catastrophe and harden any facilities that needs to be protected.
If our claims seem bold to you, read on and catch a glimpse of the only luxury home system to experience (and survive) a simulated nuclear explosion, major earthquakes, tornadoes, severe winter storms and gas-fires.
_position%3D9>Camp Century - The Ultimate Guide to Thule Air Base - Camp Century. Camp Century. Camp Century was the Army's 2nd Ice cap facility. So named because it was 100 trail miles out on the ice ...
%2FBilibino.htm>Bilibino - Nuclear Reactor Maps: Bilibino. ...
After this, work will be continued following the same scheme to extend operation time of Unit 2. Bilibino Overview. Bilibino 1 ...




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