When "Self-Defense"
Is Indefensible

For the last three days the bombs and rockets have been falling on Iraq, again.
The military, our military not the coalition, is waging all out war on the civilian population of that place that was a nation, and now's it's just a land of hatred, bigotry and all out war, again.
The targets of the high explosives amid a lethal rain of lead, are compounded by withering fire from US C-130 gun ships, backed up by sorties from fighter aircraft and jet bombers: all of this is being directed at armed and hostile people inside Fallujah, and outside Najef. These people are resisting the unlawful US occupation of their country. If that place were in the USA, instead of Iraq, we as citizens would probably be equally opposed to whoever's forces had come to kill us in our homes and towns. That is in the nature of any population that deems themselves to have been a country wrongfully invaded.
The Marines have repeatedly insisted that they are not being aggressive, that all these actions are as precise as possible, and are in any case merely defensive. That's because they are being fired upon and that they (the US Marines) have the right to defend themselves. This is the equivalent of bandits in the night kicking in the door of your house, and finding that you are armed decide to compound this invasion by attempting to kill you. What is galling is that when caught in the act of this outrage, the bandits then say that were only firing in "self-defense."
This piece of slander is what our servile media continues to spew out, regarding what is happening in Iraq as this is being written. It also happens to be an outright lie! There are no other formal military forces present in that country. Therefore there is no reason why the US military could not simply pull back, out of range of the civilian defenders, and simply wait it out. If the US and its sympathizers really gave a damn about the Iraqi people, as the people they say we went there to liberate from oppression-then that is exactly what we would do. But that is not what we are doing there, because we are not interested in those people's lives, only in the vaunted and undeserved reputation of our military force, and the macho image of GWB.
To continue to pretend that we care, while we watch GI's machine-gunning the population is beyond ludicrous.
The United States, as a sovereign power is supposed to use its military force with some degree of discretion, we do not. Circumspection is for weaklings: Besides in this case that would involve the outright recognition that for every action taken, there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. In this case perhaps, the Iraqis reaction, may come to be more than equal to the damage we will have done to that country, in the end.
This goes to the careful and considered use of our military power, so that at the end of the day, the people in country can be united as a people, and not come to see themselves as simply a conquered bunch of American slaves. We did not choose this course. We chose instead to intimidate whenever possible, to humiliate whenever the situation presented itself, and none of this was lost upon the people of Iraq.
What has been lost is any possible shred of goodwill, whether from the Iraqi people or from any of the members of the world community, with the exception of the Brits, and of course the Israelis who will ultimately be the beneficiaries of this thugery that we're calling a war.
Since George HW Bush began his war upon Iraq, the USA has been at war there. That includes the intervening twelve years of sanctions that killed a half a million Iraqi children, plus the 24-7 bombing runs by both the US and the Brits over the no-fly zones that further rendered Iraq to be a virtually defenseless place. While Bush was announcing our bloodthirsty attack, Iraq was actually dismantling the few older missiles they did posses. When nightfall came and the stealth fighters began to drop their loads of bunker-busting bombs, and the night skies over Baghdad were illuminated by the bursting of the ordinance and the hell-fire rain of lead and flames rose over the capital of Iraq, there was virtually no resistance. There was no Iraqi Air Force, beyond the uniforms, because there were no planes, there were no missile batteries of any consequence. There were however some anti-aircraft weapons left over from the 91 war, but they were powerless against the might of our aerial onslaught.
What we were doing on television screens around the world was nothing so grand as defending the freedom of the United States or protecting ourselves from an immanent threat-no we were simply slaughtering what was left of the corpse of the nation we fought with in 1991.
The only party to that attack, by the US, that could have been allowed to claim the right of self-defense was Iraq. And if they had, the world could have never heard it over the sounds of the bombs that were shredding the government and the infrastructure of Iraq, for the duration of our glorious invasion of a defenseless place. That act was a war crime according to the terms of the Nuremberg Tribunal, yet no nation has brought that charge forward to date.
What is going on now should comprise another chapter in the original war crime, because this time we are taking a page directly from the Israelis, in the way that they have been treating the Palestinians since 1948. There are very specific things that no occupying force may do to those who they are responsible for, because they are the occupying power. Israel has never paid much heed to any of that kind of talk, because it goes against the aims of the band of thugs that have hijacked that US territory that calls itself a country.
Now we has adopted their barbarous tactics, and in so doing we have placed ourselves and our interests beyond the reach of international law and the conventions of the civilized community of nations. And none of this has been lost upon a watching world that is repulsed with shame and anger at what has become a daily drubbing of defenseless people by a superpower that is neither Super, nor even much of a power, unless they have their armies to enforce their will upon an unarmed foe. That's the Israeli way: where tanks are rolled out to murder children who throw rocks, but that's not something that a truly powerful nation should ever stoop to be involved in. Watch for this to be coming soon to the people of Iraq.
Our resident in the Tarnished House has said that he has given his commanders on the ground complete control over the unfolding military actions now taking place. Bush did this even though he's been told repeatedly that the situations in these towns in Iraq are far too sensitive to allow our military to simply attack them. Bush has once again overridden common sense and all thoughts of diplomacy, by taking the decision to fire, away from the commanders, and giving it to 1st lieutenants and captains in the field who are mostly only children really. His justification is the protection of the marauders (that would be us), from the terrorist insurgents (that would be the population of the towns). In this he has missed the entire point of the exercise that he says he came to Iraq to perform: namely the liberation of the Iraqi people.
Either Bush is lying once again, about his reasons for attacking in the first place; or he's too stupid to see that by doing this, even though the military situation has never been in any doubt (we will win, because we have the weapons) ­ In the end we will have created generations that will hate us forever. Hourly we add to this number of lives, that we are decimating, solely because those in charge of this war are idiots.
Yet the military and the politicians are not alone on this one. Americans are watching along with the rest of the world, and so far at least, there has been no outcry, no public demand here that we stop this senseless and inhuman slaughter.
Why not? Has there not been enough death in Iraq already? How much is enough?
We have allowed people who have no military experience, with the exception of Colin Powell, and he's been nothing in this but a compliant coward, to take over this nation. Bush never even set foot outside the country before he became president. He knows zip about world affairs, so how is it that this one tiny screwed-up psychopath has been allowed to cause so much death and destruction around the planet? We are complicit in this with him because we watched it all and we said nothing: and still we cannot seem to find the words to call a halt to this obscenity! Why not?
Do not think that the world will ever forget this little war, because they won't, We have allowed Bush & his Bandits to squander the good will of the entire world community after 911. And because, as we discovered only after he came into office (because we chose not to question who he was), that Bush has none of the humanity that makes a man mature. He understands nothing he cannot under any circumstance perceive the life of any other human being. It is this singular fact that makes everything he does so dangerous. Because of this he can never sympathize, he has no conception of what it means to have to work; he has no idea what it means to miss a meal. Bush is nothing but an empty shell brought up on other peoples money, and imbued with nothing but his own self-interest.
We've had presidents before who were less than sterling people-but never anything as horrible as George W. Bush. He's robbed us blind, he's lied about every aspect of everything that his administration has tried to do and he's broken so many laws, that he's made the law itself an ass. And still he sits there smug and goofy, unable even to define the deeds his henchmen do. They're betting on us, to keep silent, to share his glee at the way we crush all opposition to his dictates! Can you be bought that cheap? Think about it please



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