The Bush Regime -
Satanic Degradation

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
Taking a look at the most recent allegations against the Bush regime. Forced sodomy, sexual abuse, torture, just cannot get worse, but it does. Day by day, week by week, the Bush regime is unearthed for what it is: sheer, pure and unadulterated evil.
First it was cajoling, then deception, then skulduggery, then bullying. Then it was lies and forgeries. Then it was insults against the United Nations Organization and the international community.
Then it was a breakdown in international law, then it was a breach of the UN Charter, followed by a breach of the Geneva Convention. Then it was the most shocking act of butchery seen anywhere on earth since the time of Pol Pot.
Then it was torture, sexual abuse of prisoners, the handing out of billion-dollar rebuilding contracts.and the latest revelations are even more shocking. Prisoners forced to sodomise each other, prisoners bitten by snakes, attacked by dogs, sexually humiliated, tortured sadistically, murdered in cold blood. Shot. Not only at Abu Graib, it now transpires.
The reactions from the members of the US Congress, a dictionary of adjectives and expressions of horror, say it all: "the wings of Hell", "sadistic", "appalling", "awful", "you just can't take it any more", ""I still cannot believe that this happened without the knowledge of those at higher levels", "gut wrenching", "cruel and sadistic torture", "terrible", "horrible".
Prisoners stacked in piles of naked bodies, prisoners with their penises in others' anuses, prisoners forced to lick and suck the penises of other prisoners. A man with half his head blown away, lying in a pool of blood. Murdered.
"44 CIA people in and out of Abu Graib" (Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts)."over a period of time". He added that to other US prisons were also involved in the scandal "but the abuses were not as severe".
Let us see. Would one of these be the Bucca detention centre in southern Iraq, where the video diary of a 20-year-old female US soldier has just been discovered and leaked to CBS?
"Not as severe".The soldier states that she has been throwing rocks at the prisoners, who are "scared" of her. She says that two prisoners had been killed by sand viper bites and callously remarks "That's two less for me to worry about".
"Not as severe".the soldier then claims that "We actually shot two prisoners today", one in the chest, who might, she claims, be dead.
"Not as severe". CBS claims that two other soldiers had been discharged in 2003 from this camp for prisoner abuse but had not been charged (this would have brought the systematic policy of torture to light).
Again, the lies, the forgery, the dishonesty, which is the hallmark of the Bush regime. The American public has been duped into believing that George Bush is a good man, a victim caught in the middle of incompetence.
Good men do not tell lies, do not allow lies to be broadcast to substantiate illegal wars, do not purposefully make ambiguous statements to lead people to believe, for instance, that the Iraq war was about terrorism, do not commit acts of mass murder and do not try to cover up cases of torture.
Those who know George Bush say that he is a political animal. Everything he does is politics, everything he says is politics. He has a political plasma in his bloodstream, meaning that he will say or do anything to get votes, even if this means taking God's name in vain.
He is not a good man. He is as vile, contemptible and evil a specimen of humanity as any other member of his clique of elitists who are bleeding their country dry and stealing the resources of the world.



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