I Just Want To Know
By Judith Moriarty
Last night's news showed Senator Hagel of Nebraska, touting the draft. Now the good Senator wasn't talking about his own little darlings going off to war, but ours. His are still young, ages 11 and 13. You can understand his being generous with your kids lives.
I'm really trying to understand all of this. The towers imploded, and the world according to America effectively ended. Not that it wasn't decades in the making, but somehow that cloud of ash, chasing citizens down concrete canyons was the final opening of the nether world. That and bombing the Cradle of Civilization to smithereens to liberate them from evil.
Within hours of 9-11, all kinds of photographs of hijackers were shown, when supposedly no intelligence had been at work for months in Foggy Bottom, D.C? So say the blame game, silly ass 9-11 Commission Hearings. Everyone is at fault but mostly nobody. Not like out in the real world, where you're always at fault no matter the event or crisis. Doesn't matter the travesty. Have you ever noticed that nobody ever gets fired. Not from Kent State, the Move Bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge, S&L heist, Enron etc. They get promoted or raises. Now with supposed intelligence gathering agencies all over Washington, D.C.; they now need more money for super-duper improved intelligence! Like super-improved toilet paper. It's bound to please. Billions upon untold billions have been spent on defense and intelligence these past decades. Billions, and no planes took off to stop these "hijacked" planes crashing their way across America. I want someone on this Commission to ask "Who's minding the store here?" I don't care what Condi Rice says from some script. I have no intention of buying any of the recent "insider" books. Just fluff and nutter distractions. My plumb line is; if they were really earth shattering and truthful, the authors would be dead in some airplane crash or another spur of the moment suicide. I just want to know, how the Super Power of the world, had 19 scruffy looking (so we're told with no airport photographs) mid-eastern men with box cutters, and a few lessons on crop dusters, become so proficient? Imagine how we could cut down on pilot training, seeing how these bozos, with just a few quick lessons, learned to whip these jumbo jets around like they were hang gliders? I think the Commission should look into this cost saving.
I want to know how tons and tons of massive steel girders, concrete, steel reinforcing bars, etc., imploded so neatly like a pile of blocks? Just like TV showings of apartment buildings and stadiums being brought down. It was uncanny. How, when no large building, until 9-11 had ever done that, and certainly not two times in a row? I want to know who didn't go to work that day and why? I want to know why all the steel from a crime scene was shipped to China? Who gave that order?
I want to know why Americans are all seen as terrorists today? With millions streaming across the border (who knows what nationalities) what looney clown insanity has ordered the searching of children, grandmothers in wheelchairs and nursing mothers? Hundreds of thousands coming into the country on work visas, and every other kind, and we (BORN IN THE USA) need retina scans, fingerprints, triple-ID, pictures etc.? Why don't Attorney General Ashcoft, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, the Supreme Court etc., have to go through the same degrading, dictatorial country, indignities? Why should they be trusted more than a three year old kid or a grandma on oxygen? Why? Me? I got a ticket once for going through a stop sign (25 years ago) so said the cop (I didn't). So now I'm at the top of the list as a suspect? Hell the President has more on his record than me or lots of people I know. I don't see him being searched before he gets on that helicopter for vacation or weekend getaways every week.
A draft! Betcha you won't see that until the day after the next 'selection'. And how will that work? Will President Bush who said, "Bring'em On", drive his daughters to the recruitment center? How about all the Senators, Congressmen, and Military Industrial Complex kids? Will they be first to give a good example of "shared sacrifice?" Well will they?
And what if I don't believe in war? That being a "Christian", I don't want to murder or kill anyone? What if I believe that love of neighbor means the Iraqi-the Syrian-the Israeli-the Palestinian-and Texans? What if I belong to the non-warring Christians, that God doesn't talk to every day? Why should I march off to die in 140 degree heat because bureaucrats (in air conditioned clubs) can't run a war? I want someone to tell me what this war is all about anyway? Supposedly 15 guys from Saudi Arabia, and one from Egypt, and a couple others from who knows where else, did the 9-11 dastardly deed. And then we go and bomb Afghanistan. That gets bombed to heck and back, and then all of a sudden it's evil Saddam 'again'. Still evil since '91. First it was the elusive weapons of mass destruction--then regime change--then liberation! And so we tried to bomb the people into democracy, and they didn't get the message. Saddam, with supposedly with all his billions was found hiding in a hole in the ground! Frankly, if he was that far gone, that that's the only place he could find to hide with months of advance warning, he should be in a looney bin! Stupid question but if he had all these weapons of mass destruction to come and kill us, don't you think he'd have used a few when Shock and Awe started? Me, no military person, has been wondering what he was saving them for? His capture was supposed to solve everything. Where is he, when's the trial, nary a word. Like he never existed. What about all the people captured from the silly ass deck of cards? Where are they? Where are the trials?
And now there are thousands of mercenaries (that they call duh, contractors), thousands of reservists and soldiers told; "oops we don't know what we're doing so you'll have to stay on four, six, who knows how many more months?" Right, while all those doing the 'ordering', are off on vacation? Isn't that a bitch? And what if you were one of the ones scheduled to come home a couple weeks back, and because of ineptness and incompetence, from a war being run by over the hill CEO's, you end up losing your arms, your sight or your life? Are any of these tanned politicians or appointed warmongers going to take care of you or your family? I think not. I'll most likely find you under a bridge like so many other homeless veterans I worked with.
I don't believe polls, I don't believe anything on the corporate owned media. Zero. What stupidity has these lackeys from public relations firms, all spiffed up, like pet nanny goats off to the fair, pontificating on the logistics of war? What? These jokers, who get no further than the firm where they pick up their lucrative paychecks, and then to some bar in Georgetown, are going to elucidate on war!! Ah!
I do. I feel like I fell into some mad cartoon on TV and I can't get out. This Nebraska Senator, all sparkling and dressed to the nines, was yakking on about war and war and more war. Why war for 20-30-maybe 40 years! Iraq-Iran-Syria-Cuba-Korea--hey, maybe if it lasts long enough we'll get to Nebraska. Just like the novel 1984. We were always at war.
We're spending approximately $4.7 Billion a month on WAR! Does anybody think this is nuts? People can't afford medicine (thank you Medicare bill, funding insurance-pharmaceuticals-HMOs). Can't afford hospital care? Too bad, if you're not Cheney, the President, or the Senators and Congress people, with their several plans. Pay raises, bonuses, exotic trips abroad (called fact finding missions), months off, health club, sumptuous laden dining rooms etc; they take care of themselves. Us, their employers? Dead or cutting pills in half, selling our blood to eat.
Unemployment in the millions, unemployment benefits exhausted, and what do these dunderheads do? Why endorse Right to Work (for less) and cut out overtime (not theirs) the only thing that keeps people from starving. No matter, it won't be them or theirs. Jobs? Let's see? Wal-marts, McDonalds, a casino, a prison, Home Depot (part time) or driving a garbage truck. The choice is too tough. Now there's a vibrant economy for you. But then, there's the military, for all those farm kids, ghetto kids, and rural America, with it's boarded up shops and mills. Can't compete with someone in China in a slave sweatshop making pennies an hour. That's what you get in Trade Deals worked out by CEO's, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and World Leaders. representation of the people permitted at the table.
I get nauseated every time I hear some ignorant hooper, who hasn't got past the fourth grade in history, spout off about American's should work for less money and benefits! Really? Well, let's start with the robber baron corporations getting billions in tax breaks and subsidies. Let's cut out those midnight yearly raises in Washington, and all the family lobbying jobs. What these uneducated Republicans are saying is, we should all aspire to be Third World countries, with the hucksters working people to death, and robbing the lands of gold-minerals-timber-coal-gas-OIL-and Water. Then give them off-shore banking privileges so they needn't pay any taxes. It really is scary how dumb people can get from watching wrestling, home shopping, football, basketball, and these shyster TV evangelists demanding money for some rag they'll mail out to you for healing. True. Yes-people are mind-numbed beyond learning.
The American Dream? I've heard people yammering, "Ah things have always been rotten you just haven't seen it. There was never good times." Well I'll tell them one thing. Sure there were robber barons--find two men and most likely one was a thief. But they were influencing government, they weren't the cabinet. And I remember when the mills were open and the men went off with their lunch pails. No nursery schools raising kids. Mothers could stay at home and cook real meals. No cameras watching your every move, no triplicate ID, no searches at airports, or road blocks. Mexicans (because of failed NAFTA) weren't streaming over the border by the millions.
People didn't have to leave their hometowns to look for work. An auto worker, could send his kid to college. Rents were affordable, as was food and gas. No Sherwin William Color Coded fear days, and no need to keep that plastic and duct tape handy. Duck and Cover did the trick. No robot voices on the phone, when you call for service, and no talking to someone in India about a service problem. Drugs didn't saturate neighborhoods, and the worst offense in town was drunk driving. People sat on their porches, went on picnics together, and didn't need to worry about some predator kidnapping their kid. Milk wasn't filled with growth hormones and antibiotics. A tomato was a tomato, and not part fish, part gorilla. There were real farms and real farmers. Hogs didn't live in factories, and huge manure lagoons didn't poison whole rivers. Big machines didn't destroy a mountain in a day down in West Virginia, and nobody wore designer anything. Sneakers for $150.00. Cost probably a couple bucks to make in China. This shows you that herd thinking is real. Same with $1000.00 bikes, designer jackets-designer vacations etc. Who needs four homes? Only greedy, self-indulgent-hogs. Best of all, doctors weren't technocrats, taking orders from some HMO drone, in a cubicle hundreds of miles away. He came to the house and you could afford the medicine. I never thought doctors would give up their dignity and concern for their patients so easily.
I want to know why crazy people who know nothing of war, nothing of hometown America, nothing of working for a living, nothing of people in foreign lands, nothing about the non-war God, and nothing about protecting the environment, are being allowed to ruin one beautiful jewel of a planet, that is irreplaceable? I want to know how much money does a man need? I want to know if perverse power is so deranged that it can't think or care of what it's doing to future generations? I want to know how we can escape from this mad cartoon world before these deranged clowns with hatchets kill us all? I sure hope there are aliens and I hope they know we're not all nuts! I hope when they come they let us point out the real crazies. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they're not related to the clowns on the midway ruining the fair for everyone.



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