Thank You
For George Bush

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Every morning I wake up and I thank the Lord for giving us George W. Bush.
How fortunate we are to be blessed with such a leader. Without him, we would have continued in our world of total ignorance. Instead, he has exposed himself and his neo-con wunderkind as the lying sacks of monkey sh*t they really are.
All of the deep dark secrets of this experiment called the United States of America, which simmered underneath the surface, have been exposed to the blinding light of day.
He has revealed how the corporations truly run our form of government.
He revealed that the two party system is actually just one party with two arms, both beholden to corporations, constant warfare, subversion of foreign governments and Israel.
He exposed the suspected right-wing conspiracy was not a theory but a fact.
He confirmed the fact that the basis of the United States, the Constitution, is not a concern for these people, making them the most despicable traitors since the inception of the country.
He also exposed a large portion of the American people to be the most weak-kneed, intellectually-lazy, propagandized slave society in the world.
And he proved that standing up for peace is certainly a lot more difficult than standing up for war.
Again, a very sincere thank you to George W. Bush.
God has certainly blessed this nation.



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