Oz Contractor Says Abuse
In Iraq Is FAR Worse
Released Photos Are 'Tame'

ABC News - Australia
A Queensland man who is contracted to rebuild oil pipelines in Iraq says he has seen terrible abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers.
Harry, who will not reveal his last name to protect his family, says recent pictures of American soldiers torturing prisoners are just the tip of the iceberg.
"What you're seeing in the photographs now really is tame," he said.
"You think about it, these pictures [are ones] that they've published on the net to send to their friends, the real stuff that's going on there is far, far beyond this."
He says he has seen far worse while working in Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit.
"I've seen a man who claimed he was a fisherman on the river, US military opened fire on them because they thought they were insurgents, they got one guy onto the beach, I was there on the side of the river, they shot him in the legs so he wouldn't run away," he said.



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