Strobing Night Sky Object
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
(approx 2 megs)
Hello Jeff and James
I just received this report and the photo tonight on May 4, 2004. Included with the report is the photo you see below, plus a 2 mb video clip of the object moving slowly across the sky. As it moves through the sky it changes the most brilliant colors, or for a better word it flashes at a fast rate of speed. The footage is truly amazing. I of course did not send the video clip as it is very large, but if James or yourself can handle the 2 mb file I will be happy to send it along. maybe you can reduce the size of the video file, but I am no expert at this type of thing. In the photo the witness made a large number of still shots from the video clip and this is what you see below in the photo.
Take care
Portland, Oregon
Date: Last week in April, 2004
Time: Between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m.
Hello Brian,
Here is something which you may want to get out to a wider audience in whatever format can be done.
The last week in April skies were fair and clear around these parts, in Portland, OR. On several nights between 9 and 11 pm I saw some apparent star-like objects on the east or west horizon which seemed to strobe in multiple colors. I could remember seeing red and blue strobing lights with white either accompanying or alternating with the red and blue.
While this was, I thought, an uncommon occurrence, I also took some photos with the digital camera. The object did not show much in the photo, even though 10x optical zoom, because the strobing light was not much bigger than a small point of light. On to Plan B.
I also have a 127mm diameter x 1250mm focal length Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope to which the camera can be mounted. With the camera-telescope combination , I can zoom from 31x to 310x power, all of this is optical zoom. At this level of zoom you can begin to see more than a speck of light. I took some regular digital photos, and some short video segments to show the strobing light.
The camera & telescope was on a tripod so did not move (except when I kicked it or made camera adjustments). I have attached the short video here, and also the first 48 video still frames which were cut and pasted into a single image. The top row of 8 images are the first eight frames, the 2nd row the second 8 frames, etc. All told there are about 3.1 seconds of time represented by the 48 still frames, one every 1/15th second.
In the movie, the object appears to move to the upper left. Since it is viewed thru a telescope without any mirrors, it has to be rotated around 180 degrees so as not to appear upside down and backwards. It actually moved to the lower right before me.
This particular object was taken at 9:32pm local time on 4-30-04. The object was on the WSW horizon. I had to constantly track it by moving the scope to the right in small increments. That would make it's path travelled proceeding approximately to the northwest.
In the 48 frame composite photo, the blue outlined frame in the lower right corner is a copy of the very first frame, and I pasted it there as a check for my printer to be sure that it reproduced all the colors. This composite of 48 images has also been resized to 2048 x 1536 to show more detail than the original still frame size of 320 x 240.
There is an amazing array of colors and shapes displayed, much more than could be seen even looking through the telescope. The reason I believe this is so is because the eye-brain connection cannot process all the data so quickly as can a video camera. The brain only reports back what limited data that it can process.
Some questions I have are,
1. What is it?
2. What is it doing?
3. What is signified by the different colors?
4. Is it in our atmosphere (below 200 miles), or beyond it?
5. The object seems to be flinging something off of it. What could this be?
6. There seem to be traces of apparent gaseous matter around some of the frames.
7. How big is it? It covers about 12 pixels of width in the 320 x 240 pixel frame, at 310x power.
8. Has anyone else captured pictures of a similar object?
9. Could it be a satellite?
10. If we knew how far away it was, a good estimate could be made of the object's size and travel rate.
11. What kind of technology can strobe this fast continuously?
12. Whose technology is it?
Thanks for looking,
Thank you to the witness for the report, video footage and still photo.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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