El Paso, Texas
From Brian Vike, Director
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Another Scoop Mark & El Paso, Texas Experience
Received: March 29, 2004
Dear Mr. Vike,
My son sent me a link to the website regarding scars that are "scoop marks" and asked me to tell you my story.
I actually have two scars on my thighs. My skin is extremely white unless I have been in the sun, so the one on the left thigh is nearly invisible and the one on the right nearly so. The scar on the left thigh is oval shaped, about the size of a thumbprint, and full of tiny pinpricks. It is located high up near my groin and originally was on the inside of my thigh. Over the years (and as I gained weight), the scar migrated toward the front of my thigh.
I have a strange memory about receiving this scar. I remember that I was less than six years old. I was in a doctor's office and he gave me what I remembered as a "vaccination". I was lying on a table screaming as he did the procedure, and something or someone was holding me down. I could see my mother behind the doctor. She was standing still, almost frozen, staring at us and not reacting at all - which was extremely strange since she normally was overly reactive and could not stand to even see me get an injection. Years later I mentioned the incident to her and she denied it ever happened, even when I showed her the scar.
The scar on my right thigh is triangular and featureless, about a quarter inch in length. I have attached a photo of this scar. I have no memory of receiving this scar, although I can remember what caused every other scar I have. My son wrote you and told you about the day we talked about our scars (erroneously stating that mine was on the right thigh). What I find very odd is that he cannot remember that his sister was there when we discussed our scars. My daughter also showed us a scar on her thigh that was identical to ours. None of us remember getting these scars, nor can I remember any injuries my children might have received that would have resulted in this kind of scarring.
When I lived in El Paso, Texas, I often watched the desert sky at night hoping to see shooting stars. I don't recall ever seeing anything that might have been considered a UFO - at least not at night, but I do remember one incident very vividly - and it happened in broad daylight. I was driving on what used to be called War Road in Northeast El Paso in the summer of 1977.
We frequently drove this road to and from our house. My children were both in the car with me on this occasion. An extension of the University of Texas at El Paso had recently been built nearby, but at the time, this road was not as busy as it has become now that houses have been built all along it and it has become a major freeway called Gateway North/South.
I had turned onto War Road from Hondo Pass and as I neared the college I saw a small circular object in the sky. It looked like an oversized Frisbee at first. As it came closer, I slowed my vehicle to get a better look at it. I remember yelling to the children to look at the object, but they couldn't see it from the back seat. The object was traveling slowly across the road, like it was hovering, and it was spinning as it went. Small markings around the edge resembled windows. It appeared to be about three foot across and less than a foot deep at the center axis. I had the vivid impression that there was nothing alive within it, more like it was a remote control device. Suddenly, as though whatever was controlling it became aware of my presence, it shot down at an angle into the desert between me and the college buildings. I stopped the car, intending to go look at it more closely. Just before I got out of the car, however, I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw several cars coming toward me. There was no place to park as there was no shoulder on the road and I had to drive on to avoid being hit.
The area where this occurred was near several military bases, including Fort Bliss and MacGregor Range. When I mentioned the incident to friends, several warned me that I shouldn't tell too many people about it because it might have been a test flight by the military of something created using alien technology. I have no idea what it really was.
My son told you about his dreams and wanted me to tell you of similar ones I had most of my life. I had dreams many times that were always the same. I was in a place that was formed of metal walls. In my dreams I always thought of it as "home" although it never resembled any place I ever lived. I would decide to go somewhere and instead of walking I would bend at the waist, lift my feet and float. I would propel myself by pushing on the walls or grabbing projections and pull myself onward. These dreams occurred when I was a child long before the first space flights and before I ever read any science fiction stories. They continued until my mid-30's.
My son also wanted me to mention that the extensive medical records of my son, my daughter and myself were "lost" from the military hospital in El Paso - Beaumont - within two years of my husband's retirement.
Mr. Vike, I would prefer that you didn't use my full name if you decide to have my story posted on the website. Other than that, you are free to use this information as you wish. I hope you find this useful.
My deepest thanks to the person for their story.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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