Washington State
From Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
From Lloyd
Washington State
From time to time, I read about someone getting an implant or scoop of flesh taken out of them. So, I got to thinking your readers might be interested in my story.
The idea of implants is not new to me. Several years ago, just after I crawled out of bed and was sitting on the toilet planning my day, I noticed a small triangular patch of skin missing from the inside of my left knee. Only the top few layers of my hide were missingjust enough to get down to the red. At first, I wondered how I could have done that? But the idea left me as I continued to think about how I was going to stir the pot that day and where to stick the spoon. But then, when I stood up and glanced in the mirror, I discovered a bright red mark on the right side of my tummy. It was about 6 inches to the right of my bully button. Having been a student of UFOs since I was a little kid, I immediately knew what it was I had been implanted.
It didn't take me long to remember that sometime in the night I had very briefly woke up and was immediately put back down by a pulsing magnetic sensation on my face and chest. After that, I slept like a rock till morning.
Since that time and back to when I was a little kid, I have had strange things happen. I somehow knew about UFOs before Roswell.
Most recently, I have discovered tiny implants under my fingers nails. They move out as the nail grows. It started with two identical ones under my left thumbnail. They could have been twins. They were perfectly spaced and pushed in about half the length of the nail.
Most recently, I woke up one morning to find a scoop mark on my right upper chestsee picture.
In all my experiences of missing time and a bloody toe and implants etc, I have never suffered any form of pain or trauma. Being somewhat of a technoid, I find it all very festinating. Everyday, I get to feel my implant. Not everybody gets to do that.
In Washington State.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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